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Season 4

26 Sep. 1982
Don't Rain on My Charade
When Melanie's mother comes for a surprise visit, Trapper learns that Melanie has kept their divorce a secret from her for the last six years. Gonzo suggests that a doctor should work as a nurse for a week to get a better idea of the problems they are having, and he gets volunteered for the job.
3 Oct. 1982
Truth and Consequences: Part 1
Trapper John and Gonzo discover the vineyard they bought was a scam, finding both infertile soil and evidence of criminal behavior in a basement.
10 Oct. 1982
Truth and Consequences: Part 2
Trapper John and Gonzo are captured while at their vineyard. A representative for survivors of nuclear radiation exposure tries to get help from San Francisco Memorial.
17 Oct. 1982
Three on a Mismatch
Trapper falls for a hospital scrubwoman, while Slocum falls for a patient.
24 Oct. 1982
The Object of My Affliction
Jackpot recommends surgery for a man who suffers from Munchausen syndrome, a psychological disorder which leads him to fake symptoms.
31 Oct. 1982
You Pays Your Money
A miserly industrialist with an obsession for anonymity badgers the hospital staff.
7 Nov. 1982
The Ransom
A bitter former hospital employee takes Riverside hostage and demands $1 million ransom.
21 Nov. 1982
Thanks for Giving
On a foggy Thanksgiving, Slocum hits Trapper with his car. As John fights for his life, staff members recall (in flashbacks) reasons they have to be thankful for his friendship and help.
28 Nov. 1982
The Good Life
Gonzo and Shoop send Trapper on vacation to Geneva Springs. While Trapper substitutes for a small-town doctor, Riverside is fired and a former patient of Trapper's needs heart surgery.
12 Dec. 1982
Getting to Know You
Talented neurosurgeon Russ Brandis enduring a deadly disease and fits of rage he shows are due to the drugs he must take. The surgeon's personal problems are uncovered as Riverside and Gonzo try to recruit him for the hospital staff.
19 Dec. 1982
Russians and Ruses
A Soviet diplomat is admitted with pain from a liver tumor.
2 Jan. 1983
Life, Death and Vinnie Duncan
Vinnie Duncan, Gonzo's good friend, leads a fund campaign for rare-disease drugs.
9 Jan. 1983
Baby on the Line
A baby admitted to the hospital for a urinary tract infection turns out to be a hermaphrodite, sparking a battle between the parents over which sex it should be.
16 Jan. 1983
It Only Hurts When I Love
When Gloria Brancusi learns that Andrea, the orphan girl, has come back to the hospital as a patient her first reaction is to run away. Gloria has second thoughts after deciding to adopt the troubled orphan.
23 Jan. 1983
Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow
An emotionally troubled musician is released much too early from the hospital. Nurse Shoop suffers a hearing loss.
30 Jan. 1983
Forget Me Not
A brilliant surgeon begins suffering from bouts of forgetful and disoriented behavior.
13 Feb. 1983
The Spy Who Bugged Me
Gonzo's professional confidence and bedside manner are affected by a malpractice lawsuit, after a young patient asserts that he has begun to feel worse after an emergency operation. A patient is mistaken for a hospital inspector.
20 Feb. 1983
Pasts Imperfect
A woman from Riverside's past is obsessed with him.
13 Mar. 1983
Gonzo's mother introduces him to her new boyfriend, a sportswriter his age. Gonzo is not happy about the situation.
20 Mar. 1983
Blue Genes
Trapper fears an epidemic after the leader of a research project becomes mysteriously ill.
27 Mar. 1983
Friends in High Places
When Gonzo starts dating a high society woman she tries to convince set up his own private practice and into selling the "Titanic" to Jackpot.
3 Apr. 1983
South Side Story
Gonzo rescues a woman who was injured on some broken stairs inside a rundown apartment building. After he traces the ownership of said building to SFM, the board decides that the best solution is to tear down the building and build condos in its place.

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