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20 Jan. 1979
Griffith stars as a junkyard owner who builds a space ship from his scrap pile in order to retreive valuable parts left on the moon by American Astronauts.
29 Jan. 1979
Dark Island
The Salvage 1 crew become stranded on a remote island off the coast of Africa and are menaced by a gigantic ape.
5 Feb. 1979
Shangri-la Lil
While searching for the B-25 bomber he flew on Doolittle's raid on Tokyo, Harry discovers an old Japanese soldier who is still fighting World War II.
12 Feb. 1979
Shelter Five
When an earthquake traps a small girl in a bomb shelter, the Salvage 1 team tries to rescue her before after shocks collapse the remaining structure.
26 Feb. 1979
The Haunting of Manderley Mansion
The Salvage 1 team befriends a alien creature from Andromeda who has crashed on Earth and assumed Harry's shape. The alien needs Harry's rocket to escape Earth's gravity and resume his journey home.
5 Mar. 1979
The Bugatti Treasure
The Salvage 1 team finds a 16th century map that supposedly points to the location of Cortez's treasure in the Mojave Desert
12 Mar. 1979
Golden Orbit: Part 1
Harry is hired to launch a satellite into space using his private rocket, but the U.S. government attempts to scuttle the attempt. Meanwhile, Skip, recently rehired as an astronaut, faces deadly cold in outer space when the heater in his space capsule malfunctions.
19 Mar. 1979
Golden Orbit: Part 2
Harry plans a return to space to salvage a communications satellite, Telcom, that's loaded with gold. While Klinger impounds the Vulture, Skip is trapped aboard an malfunctioning space station, and only the Salvage team can rescue him.
2 Apr. 1979
Operation Breakout
An African dictator threatens to place Klinger before a firing squad unless Harry gives him Salvage 1's homemade spaceship.
16 Apr. 1979
Harry befriends a mobile robot who, unknown to the Salvage 1 team, has runaway from a secret army base and is programmed to kill anyone who poses a threat.
14 May 1979
Up, Up and Away
Harry survives a plane crash in a remote canyon but must face crooks determined to retrieve counterfeit currency from the wreck.
21 May 1979
Energy Solution
Melanie plan to develop a method to create crude oil literally backfires, resulting in a raging underground inferno.
21 May 1979
Confederate Gold
While trying to locate gold from the Confederate States of America, the Salvage 1 team is captured by greedy townspeople and forced to work for the locals.
4 Nov. 1979
Hard Water: Part 1
A rival salvage company's attempt to tow an iceberg results in disaster.
11 Nov. 1979
Hard Water: Part 2
Harry and the Salvage One team try to direct the iceberg out of the shipping lanes, but the U.S. Navy is determined to blast the berg to smithereens.
Round Up
The Salvage 1 team tries to round up a herd of wild horses before local ranchers can slaughter them.
Harry's Doll
Melanie hires a scientist to save Michelle's injured horse from blindness with laser surgery.
Dry Spell
Harry and the Salvage 1 team are hired to bring rain to a drought-stricken farming community.
Diamond Volcano
Harry treats the gang to a trip to Hawaii where they find he has other motives. He has arranged for a mining operation into the side of an extinct volcano to retrieve diamonds formed by extreme geologic forces long ago.


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