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11 Jan. 1984
Rocky Eight and a Half
After watching a pirate boxing match Arthur suggests to Terry that he should get back into the ring and fight Jackie Wilson. This was the man whom Terry last fought several years earlier, losing his licence when he deliberately threw the fight.
18 Jan. 1984
Senior Citizen Caine
Recently-widowed garage owner Cecil Caine asks for Terry's help in protecting his interests. He wants money moved out to thwart the V.A.T man but he has left the business to his greedy children who are all out for themselves. Terry's principles are at odds with Arthur's desire to get himself a cheap Rolls Royce.
25 Jan. 1984
High Drains Pilferer
Terry is working as a driver for Mickey 'The Fish' Metcalfe, who is not a man to be trifled with, so that when a sneak thief of Terry's acquaintance climbs through a window and makes off with Mickey's girlfriend's jewels it is down to Terry to retrieve them.
1 Feb. 1984
Sorry Pal, Wrong Number
Arthur's latest money-making scheme, in partnership with veteran con artist J.J. Mooney, involves a race tipping scam with an imaginary office. They hire a postal address and use three public telephone boxes, which it is Terry's job to mind, making sure they are free. However, things go horribly wrong when Mooney has a heart attack.
8 Feb. 1984
The Car Lot Baggers
A group of gypsies are suspected of intimidating a car-dealer friend of Arthur's but they come to Terry's rescue when the real villains turn out to be supposedly respectable businessmen. Arthur is pursued by a merry widow to whose funeral parlour he hopes to sell hearses.
15 Feb. 1984
If Money Be the Food of Love, Play On
When the lovely Dee Collins arrives in the Winchester, with her friend Greg, having flown all the way from their native Australia, everybody is captivated by her charm, especially Arthur, who agrees to help her trace her missing fiancé. She is, of course, not what she seems and the supposed love of her life is a fellow villain whom she is pursuing with a vengeance.
22 Feb. 1984
A Star Is Gorn
Pressurized pop star Zack Zolar fakes his own death and Terry tries to protect him from his ruthless manager and producer, both of whom seek to exploit him by releasing his 'posthumous' last hit. The recording somehow ends up in Arthur's lock-up and, inevitably, he too wants to get in on the act.
29 Feb. 1984
Willesden Suite
Having been invited to speak at the Rotary Club where Terry is the security guard, Arthur sees the chance to better himself by providing the catering for a local hotel. Terry, meanwhile, helps a young girl from Liverpool who wants to be a model but is ripped off by an unscrupulous photographer.
7 Mar. 1984
Arthur decides to cash in on the fitness craze by opening his own aerobics suite named the Daley Work-out staffed by moon-lighting casino staff but runs into trouble when his business partner's wife and daughter disappear. Inevitably the project is forced to close whilst Terry plays marriage guidance councillor to the Anglo-Italian Mancini family.
14 Mar. 1984
Get Daley
Arthur is the sole witness when a punter drops down dead after being threatened by the illegal bookie Albert Wendle, to whom he owed money. Arthur is questioned by Chisholm but released. However whilst in hospital for a minor operation Arthur is threatened by Wendle and it is fortunate that Terry is able to persuade Chisholm to arrest him.
21 Mar. 1984
A Well Fashioned Fit-Up
Terry is engaged to act as minder for the fashion collection of buyer Ronald Shyver, guarding his warehouse overnight but as he has another appointment Arthur agrees to take his place. Next morning the entire collection has disappeared leading Terry to suspect a scam to cheat Zoe, the collection's designer.
5 Sep. 1984
Goodbye Sailor
Arthur plans to make a killing by buying some cheap tobacco from a sailor coming over from France and sends Terry and young Arnie down to the coast to meet the prospective sellers. When Arthur joins them he learns that two respectable sailing club members are the actual importers and the party sets out in a yacht to make the deal. On their return they are intercepted by a customs launch and the spoils thrown overboard though Arthur is quick to retrieve then when they are washed up on a beach.
12 Sep. 1984
What Makes Shamy Run?
Shamy is a young Indian who has owed Arthur money for a while and eventually gets round to paying him. Unfortunately the £20 notes he gives Arthur are forgeries, a fact which comes to Arthur's attention when he is accused of trying to spend them in the Winchester Club. In the meantime Shamy is heading for the airport and a flight back to India.
19 Sep. 1984
A Number of Old Wives Tales
Arthur and Terry are initially surprised that the apparently confident and successful businessman Clive Cosgrove should be so apprehensive about getting married. Until, that is, the truth dawns on them. All of Clive's business concerns are run by manageresses and he is already married to all of them.
26 Sep. 1984
The Second Time Around
Arthur's friend Ruby Hubbard, an authoress, returns to London to write a new book and to sell her house, only to find that Barney, her ex-husband, has sold the house behind her back. She seeks Arthur's help in recouping the money whilst Terry and Ruby's secretary come up with ideas for the latest book.
3 Oct. 1984
Second Hand Pose
After he has got himself stuck in an industrial meat freezer cabinet whilst working for Arthur, Terry decides to leave his services and help his friend Charlie in the second hand business. Unfortunately for Terry, whatever he does Arthur is never far away.
10 Oct. 1984
The Long Ride Back to Scratchwood
Ever on the look-out to make money, Arthur buys two thousand tickets for an England-Scotland match at Wembley from ex-Liverpool footballer 'Benno' Benson, and drives North to Scotland with the long-suffering Terry and eager apprentice Justin to sell them to Scots fans. The tickets are, however, forgeries as Benno is a con-man and a van-load of angry men are in pursuit of Arthur and his travelling companions.
17 Oct. 1984
Hypnotising Rita
Arthur and Terry help Dr. Sudbury, a hypnotherapist, and his teenaged fiancee Rita, who is an heiress about to inherit £25,000, escape her disapproving family who say the doctor has hypnotized Rita into falling for him so he can claim her money. Terry, meanwhile, becomes a hit with the ladies when he becomes a steam-cleaning operative.
31 Oct. 1984
The Balance of Power
Arthur stands as an independent candidate at the local bye-election but the seat holds the balance of power for the whole borough and his rivals use dirty tricks, landing him in custody. Can Terry's journalist girlfriend Julie spring him in time for him to address his crucial campaign meeting?
26 Dec. 1984
Around the Corner
Arthur's get-rich-quick schemes are, as usual, going nowhere fast. He invests in a racing greyhound which he calls Daley's Deal but it is a non-starter. Furthermore his efforts to make a profit from some dodgy video recorders obtained from Tasty Tim attract the attention of several members of the police, with the resultant pursuit ending with a bang.

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