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Season 3

13 Jan. 1982
Dead Men Do Tell Tales
Monty Wiseman, a dodgy travel agent, pays Terry to collect a coffin from the airport and store it at Arthur's lock-up. It soon becomes clear that something very fishy is going on when a coroner demands to see the body for an autopsy and the coffin is moved to Terry's flat.
20 Jan. 1982
You Need Hands
Terry gets his hand broken in a fight whilst collecting a debt so Arthur temporarily employs a new minder in Vernon, to help him guard a consignment of diamonds that he is shipping out. In fact the consignment turns out to be drugs, placing Arthur in danger and requiring Terry to come to his assistance.
27 Jan. 1982
Rembrandt Doesn't Live Here Anymore
When Terry gets a job as a security guard at an art gallery Arthur sees yet another golden opportunity to make money - forging old masters. He manages to find an extremely competent forger but along the way is blackmailed by an art dealer anxious to get in on the act.
3 Feb. 1982
Looking for Micky
With Terry looking out for him, 'Mad' Micky Dixon goes on the run from prison in order to protest his innocence over his latest conviction. The press are interested in finding Micky. Arthur is also interested as he is intent on making money by selling Micky's 'exclusive' story to them.
10 Feb. 1982
Terry is hired to house-sit for the former sixties pop sensation Frankie Farrow whilst Frankie is appearing at a Las Vegas night-club. However after meeting Frankie's brother Derek he discovers that Frankie is a washed-up has-been touring the working men's clubs. He is also a bankrupt as Terry finds out when bailiffs arrive at Frankie's 'dream house' to repossess his belongings.
17 Feb. 1982
Another Bride, Another Groom
Arthur is organizing the limousine for his niece Trina's wedding with Terry as the chauffeur. To Terry's annoyance Arthur decides they must use the car to get rid of a load of pornographic magazines he has bought believing them to be books. The owner of the magazines and a corrupt policeman out to blackmail Arthur give chase.
24 Feb. 1982
The Birdman of Wormwood Scrubs
An old lag who is a chum of Arthur's is released from prison determined to recover the remains of the loot from a bank robbery. However, the retired policeman who sent him down, a prison warder and various other interested parties join in the paper chase.
3 Mar. 1982
The Son Also Rises
Muriel Standen calls upon Terry's services as a bodyguard when her teenage son John is beaten up by local thugs and Terry ends up taking the lad to and from school. John's father Ted is a wealthy property developer and it soon transpires that his ex-business partner, recently out of jail, is behind the attacks on John as he feels cheated by Ted.
10 Mar. 1982
Why Pay Tax
Terry agrees to accompany a bookie named Barry to an empty car-park where Barry is going to hand over the winnings to a punter. Too late, however, Terry realizes that he has been caught up in a scam, as a witness to a fake robbery for insurance purposes.
17 Mar. 1982
Broken Arrow
Arthur encounters Dafydd, a young Welshman who is a superb darts player and enters him for a contest, where he gets nobbled. Undeterred Arthur decides to manage Dafydd and enter him for a darts competition financed by himself with a win-win situation for him. Unfortunately very few people want to enter and Arthur has trouble in getting together the prize money.
24 Mar. 1982
Poetic Justice, Innit?
Terry's girlfriend Debbie is now working as a mobile hair-dresser but unfortunately the first house she visits gets robbed. Debbie is a witness to the robbery but the police suspect that she and Terry may be the perpetrators. Meanwhile Arthur prepares for jury service to the horror of his arch-enemy DS Chisholm.
31 Mar. 1982
Back in Good Old England
When Jack 'Oily' Wragg, a villain who has fled the country, returns to London, Terry is in two minds as to whether to welcome him or not. That is, until it transpires that Wragg has come back to try and re-group his old gang for one more heist.
7 Apr. 1982
Arthur takes possession of a BMW imported from Germany but his car lot is raided and the car proved to be part of a drug importation racket. Whilst Arthur is interrogated by Inspector Klingmann Terry sets out to locate the delivery driver, leading to a punch-up on a bus.

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