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29 Oct. 1979
Gunfight at the O.K. Laundrette
Terry McCann, an ex-boxer who has served a prison term is working for dodgy car salesman Arthur Daley. Alfie Cavallo, a friend of Arthur's, asks for the loan of Terry's services when he goes to collect the takings from one of the laundrettes he owns. However, Alfie and Terry walk in on an armed robbery by a trio who claim to be the Independent Rastafarian Army. Alfie is shot and the two men are taken hostage along with elderly customer Mrs. Mayhew. An overnight siege takes place. Because of his form Terry is suspected by the police of being an accomplice but he proves...
5 Nov. 1979
Bury My Half at Waltham Green
Terry is hired to look after George Wilson, who is fresh out of prison and anxious that the other members of his gang do not find out where he buried their ill-gotten loot. Rose Mellors, whose husband Charlie was one of the gang and is still in jail, comes after Terry and vamps him for information. However, George is only a decoy planted by Arthur, who hopes that Albert Stubbs, the man who really buried the loot, will open up to him.
12 Nov. 1979
The Smaller They Are...
Small-time crook Scotch Harry steals a suit-case from an airport, which contains a lot of money. The police are after him and Arthur agrees to broker a deal for its return, minus his expenses. It turns out that the case belongs to a less than friendly gang of international counterfeiters, who also join in the chase.
19 Nov. 1979
A Tethered Goat
Terry starts work as the bodyguard for Bassam Sayin, a Lebanese businessman and diplomat, but the two men do not get on, and, when the safe house in which they are staying is raided by gunmen, Terry's view that Bassam is not as respectable as he claims is increased.
26 Nov. 1979
The Bounty Hunter
When Jo, a young widow and old friend of Arthur's, is swindled out of her late husband's insurance money by con artist Freddy Fenton, Terry demands that he return it to her, and when Freddy claims that he too has been conned out of the money, Terry arranges to hold his Rolls Royce as a hostage until he repays Jo.
3 Dec. 1979
Aces High and Sometimes Very Low
Professional gambler Maurice Michaelson is barred from the casino where he has broken the bank and he is later robbed of his winnings. He sells Arthur his car for stake money and, minded by Terry, prepares to get rich again in a big poker game.
10 Dec. 1979
The Bengal Tiger
Mr.Mukerjee, who runs a newsagent shop frequented by Arthur, has received death threats and had a brick thrown through his window. When Terry goes along to act as his minder, he discovers that this vendetta may well be down to the fact that he has promised his daughter in an arranged marriage to several other men.
17 Dec. 1979
Come in T-64, Your Time Is Ticking Away
Arthur is running a mini-cab business with a partner but when their drivers are attacked and the cars vandalized, Kevin, the partner, is reluctant, for tax purposes, to involve the police. Terry comes in as a driver, working undercover to identify the culprits and find out why Kevin is anxious to buy Arthur out of the business
7 Jan. 1980
Monday Night Fever
Arthur is much taken by would-be singer Sharon Dobbs, who is a pretty girl but no great vocalist. He gets her a gig at a club run by dodgy Chris Lambert, who welshes on their agreement, and when Terry refuses to teach Lambert a lesson, Arthur turns to Vic Piner instead. As Piner is a well-known psycho it is down to Terry to get involved after all, to prevent a murder.
14 Jan. 1980
The Dessert Song
Having saved Charlie, a Greek-Cypriot, from a beating, Terry learns that Christina, Charlie's cousin, is also being threatened by her brother-in-law, who wants to take over their Greek restaurant. Terry goes undercover, working in the restaurant to catch the bad guys.
21 Jan. 1980
You Gotta Have Friends
When some bearer bonds belonging to gangster Bobby Altman go missing, he immediately suspects the courier Billy Gilpin and sends his heavies after him. Billy turns to Arthur and Terry for help and, whilst Terry manages to get him out of town to Brighton, Arthur has to talk his way out of things when Bobby takes him for a ride.

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