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Season: 1
Year: 1979

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Night of the Wizard

22 September 1979
Sloane must stop a wave of terrorism being committed by five female androids who are powered by plutonium.

Robert Conrad ... Thomas R. Sloane

Dan O'Herlihy ... The Director

Ji-Tu Cumbuka ... Torque
Erik Cord ... Sherman

Christine De Lisle ... Krista (as Chris de Lisle)
Chris Marlowe ... Alexander

Roddy McDowall ... Manfred Baranoff
Diane Stilwell ... Sara
Jack Tyree ... Melrose

Season 1, Episode 2: The Seduction Squad

29 September 1979
Sloane and Torque investigate why people associated with U.S. defense projects are sabotaging various facilities. It turns out they're being programmed by Denton, who is using beautiful women to program them. The agents know Denton has a major plot and are running out of time to find out what it is.

Robert Conrad ... Thomas R. Sloane

Dan O'Herlihy ... The Director

Ji-Tu Cumbuka ... Torque

Lee Purcell

Anthony Eisley ... Herbert Davis (as Tony Eisley)
Ronnie Carol

Laura Johnson ... Joanna Ross
Donna Kei Benz (as Donna Benz)

Robert Culp ... Edward Denton
Hank Brandt ... Lt. Gen. Warren Lucas

Sybil Danning ... Angelika Braden

Robert F. Hoy ... Brand (as Bob Hoy)

William Joyce ... Admiral Lloyd Carter

Curt Lowens ... Clement
Karen Purcill ... Kelly
Benito Prezia ... Benito

Michele Carey ... The Voice of Effie (voice)

Len Lawson ... Blaine
Mavis Neal Palmer ... Betty
Sally Marr ... Rose

Michael Saucedo ... Little Boy
Gerry Okuneff ... Commander
Heather Hobbs ... Girl
Monique Owen ... Model
Teri Hafford ... Model (as Terri Hafford)
Therese ... Model

Season 1, Episode 3: Tuned for Destruction

6 October 1979
Sloane must prevent a rogue general from launching an attack on a third world nation.

Robert Conrad ... Thomas R. Sloane

Dan O'Herlihy ... The Director

Ji-Tu Cumbuka ... Torque

Denise DuBarry ... Corporal Comfort

Sandra Kerns ... Alice Baker
Frank Michael Liu ... Tiger Person
Laurence Haddon ... Carl Updike

Rosalind Chao ... Soom Nuk
George Dickerson ... Kartel Agent
Karen Purcill ... Kelly
Patrick Culliton ... Capt. Schturm

Michele Carey ... The Voice of Effie (voice)
John Macchia ... Sentry
Peter Schuck ... Radio Officer

Geoffrey Lewis ... 'Wild Bill' McEnvoy

Season 1, Episode 4: Masquerade of Terror

13 October 1979
A master of disguise, who works for Kartel, whom Thomas placed in prison, escapes. Kartel wants him to steal a weapon, but first wants them to bring his girlfriend to him. Thomas, knowing this, gets to her first. When the guy finds out, he kills the Kartel man and sets out to get her and Thomas.

Season 1, Episode 5: Demon's Triangle

20 October 1979
Sloane goes after a modern day pirate who forced down a plane which was transporting defence secrets.

Season 1, Episode 6: The Venus Microbe

27 October 1979
Some scientists are working on a microbe that was found on the Venus probe when it came back from there. Now it can destroy all life when released. One of the scientists steals the container but in doing so he releases some of it. So the lab is sealed and all the scientists inside have only a few days before they have to blow up the lab. Thomas deduces that KARTEL is the one behind the theft. And they also deduce that they wouldn't take something they couldn't control so there must an antidote. But the scientist who stole the microbe stole the formula for the antidote too. But when they decide to test the antidote on the scientist himself, it doesn't work, it seems that part of the formula is missing. So they have to find it. Thomas also learns that a woman was following the scientist. he finds her and learns she a P.I. who was following him because his wife was wondering where he is. She tells Thomas that the scientist went to a gambling place which is owned by a man who works for KARTEL. Thomas goes there and meets the man who knows why Thomas is there so he tries to get rid of him.

Robert Conrad ... Thomas R. Sloane

Dan O'Herlihy ... The Director

Ji-Tu Cumbuka ... Torque

Monte Markham ... Jonathan Cambro
Alex Henteloff ... Dr. Charles Franklin
Darrell Zwerling ... Dr. Eckhart

Robert Ellenstein ... Dr. Davis

Morgan Fairchild ... Melissa Nelson
Karen Purcill ... Kelly O'Neal

Ava Lazar ... Hostess
Zacki Murphy ... Charlene Hutton
Susette Carroll ... Dr. Jessica Barnes

Rita Wilson ... Kathy

Michele Carey ... The Voice of Effie (voice)
Jim Galante ... Felix (as James Galante)

Vaughn Armstrong ... Snyder

Season 1, Episode 7: Collision Course

17 November 1979
An investigation into a murder which occurred at an observatory leads Sloane to plot to crash a comet into the earth.

Robert Conrad ... Thomas R. Sloane

Dan O'Herlihy ... The Director

Ji-Tu Cumbuka ... Torque

Eric Braeden ... Crane
Nancy DeCarl ... Denise

Pat Klous ... Elsa

Michael Alldredge ... Church
Martina Deignan ... Barbara Wilson
Eldon Quick ... Dr. Ellman

Ben Wright ... Mr. Harbridge
Glenn Sipes ... Hunt Club Manager
Karen Purcill ... Kelly
Richard Lockmiller ... Emmett
Roberta Lee Carroll ... Girl Missile Thief
Lawrence Bame ... Truck Driver

Michele Carey ... The Voice of Effie (voice)

Vince Flaherty ... Mat

Dick Durock ... Guard (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 8: Samurai

24 November 1979
The President of a country who is an ally of the U.S. comes to the country for a visit. He's been receiving threats from someone who wants him to resign so that they can put their puppet in his place. Thomas is assigned to him and knows that it's KARTEL who is threatening him. Later the man's daughter's been kidnapped and Thomas recognizes the man who took her. It's someone who has a grudge against Thomas. Thonas knows that in addition to doing KARTEL's bidding, he plans to use her to get Thomas to come to him so they can have a battle to the death.

Robert Conrad ... Thomas R. Sloane

Dan O'Herlihy ... The Director

Ji-Tu Cumbuka ... Torque

Mako ... Tanaka
Nancy Conrad ... Carrie

Nate Esformes ... Carlos Casal

Earl Boen ... Prentiss
Maria Richwine ... Maria Casal

Richard Narita ... Sato
Elisabeth Chauvet ... Carlotta
Karen Purcill ... Kelly

John Lone ... Lion Dance
Bill Ewing ... Tanaka's Man
Jenny Neumann ... Young Lady

Michele Carey ... The Voice of Effie (voice)

Gerald Okamura ... Henchman Guarding Maria (uncredited)
Bill Saito ... Tanaka's guard with gun (uncredited)

Tadashi Yamashita ... Sparring Partner (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 9: Sweethearts of Disaster

1 December 1979
Thomas is sent to observe the testing of a new laser. He sees another agent doing the same thing. Later some women steal the laser. Thomas tries to stop them but fails. But he manages to damage the gem needed. In order to draw the ones who stole it out, Torque poses as an African who is selling a similar one. And sure enough someone comes to buy it but so does the agent Thomas saw at the testing. He lets the one who has the laser get it. But when he refuses the buyer's check, they steal it. But Thomas follows them hoping to recover the laser.

Robert Conrad ... Thomas R. Sloane

Dan O'Herlihy ... The Director

Ji-Tu Cumbuka ... Torque
Andrea Howard ... Anna
Ted Hamilton ... Bannister
Lisa Shure ... Vicki Bennett

William Beckley ... Manager
Maurice Marsac ... Dr. S. Boule
Karen Purcill ... Kelly
Barry Cahill ... First Jeweler

Jennifer Starrett ... Paula Weston

Michele Carey ... The Voice of Effie (voice)

Season 1, Episode 10: Lady Bug

8 December 1979
A KARTEL agent has devised a plan to destroy the American wheat crop with killer locusts.

Robert Conrad ... Thomas R. Sloane

Dan O'Herlihy ... The Director

Ji-Tu Cumbuka ... Torque

Edie Adams ... Chandler
Barbara Rucker ... Dr. Chris Bishop

Stefan Gierasch

Martin Kove
Roger Callard ... Jeff Morton

Robin Eisenman ... Ingrid Hansen (as Robin G. Eisenman)
Patti Pivaar ... Monica Honeywell
Karen Purcill ... Kelly
Michael Bond ... Executive Secretary

Michele Carey ... The Voice of Effie (voice)
Ed Crick ... Driver
Jerry G. Velasco ... Guerilla Leader

Season 1, Episode 11: Architect of Evil

15 December 1979
Pendergrast, a man who works for KARTEL is under surveillance. The agent keeping an eye on him overhears him talking about his great plan and now that he has the blue crystal he can go forward. But a sat burglar breaks into Pendergrast's estate and steals his crystal thinking it's a gem. The agent is then instructed to get the cat burglar but Pendergrast's men shoot the agent. Thomas is told of what happened and he tries to find the cat burglar and does but he doesn't have the crystal. Thomas then poses as the burglar and let's Pendergrast grab him. They learn that the cat burglar gave the crystal to a girl who upon seeing something odd about gives it to a scientist. Pendergrast makes Thomas steal it. Thomas gets it and Pendergrast gets away. So Thomas has to find out what Pendergrast is planning and stop him.

Robert Conrad ... Thomas R. Sloane

Dan O'Herlihy ... The Director

Ji-Tu Cumbuka ... Torque

Michael Pataki ... Worthington Pendergast
Lori Lethin ... Helen

Vonetta McGee
Adrienne Larussa ... Serena (as Adrienne LaRussa)

John Aprea ... Harry Helms
Eric Server ... Twilliger
Linda Fontana ... Terry
Robert Phalen ... Weems
Karen Purcill ... Kelly
Robert Herman ... Scott
Lew Brown ... Marvin

Michele Carey ... The Voice of Effie (voice)

Season 1, Episode 12: The Shangri-La Syndrome

22 December 1979
Sloane must recover the formula for a hormone which can be used in cloning an to induce rapid aging which has fallen into KARTEL hands.

Robert Conrad ... Thomas R. Sloane

Dan O'Herlihy ... The Director

Ji-Tu Cumbuka ... Torque

Jo Ann Harris ... Joanna

Daphne Reid ... Dr. Karla Meredith (as Daphne Maxwell)

Susanne Reed

Dennis Cole ... Hans Kruger
Julio Medina ... Premier Santana
Lester Fletcher ... Hotel Manager (as Lester C. Fletcher)
Tony Epper ... Penfold

Alberto Morin ... Chauffeur
Karen Purcill ... Kelly

Barbara Trentham ... Reporter
Gaye Nelson ... 1st Nurse

Michele Carey ... The Voice of Effie (voice)
Amy Nelson ... 2nd Nurse
Anthony Peck ... Reporter (as Carmen Pecchio)
Cormac O'Herlihy ... Masters

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