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Season 3

17 Sep. 1981
Photo Finish
The Hobo tries to keep a horse race fair when two thugs and a charming stranger try to fix it, by sabotaging the chances of an up and coming jockey.
24 Sep. 1981
The Secret of Red Hill
Big Foot has been sighted in a forest near a small town. The police don't take the sightings seriously, but the Hobo and a reporter seek it out.
1 Oct. 1981
Wolf Hunt
The Hobo decoys hunters away from a wounded wolf and her cubs.
8 Oct. 1981
The Day of the Fugitive
Hobo tracks a man suspected of having the plague, but in doing so, earns the suspicion of authorities, who are very determined to contain and eliminate the threat.
29 Oct. 1981
A business man is framed for a murder, which the police fall for, and the Hobo conducts an investigation of his own.
5 Nov. 1981
War Games
During a military training exercise, a soldier is wounded trying to warn a civilian out of a mine field. Together with the Hobo, they find refuge in an old building that the civilian's father is tasked with blowing up.
12 Nov. 1981
The Hero
An intellectually handicapped man in a deerstalker and the Hobo discover a dognapping ring.
19 Nov. 1981
Hidden Room
Hobo discovers a man and his mute daughter are being blackmailed into performing fraudulent séances for bereaved victims.
26 Nov. 1981
Fussin' & Fightin'
A harmonica player resorts to skulduggery to oust a rival in a traveling country band.
3 Dec. 1981
The Locket
The Hobo finds a recluse, old man who has become estranged from his granddaughter--his only family. The Hobo seeks to find her and lure her back to her grandfather.
10 Dec. 1981
The Hobo discovers someone trying to sabotage an air courier service, using measures that turn deadly.
24 Dec. 1981
Music Box
A little girl fantasizes about being a ballerina, like her mother, who is reluctant to have her daughter repeat her experiences.
21 Jan. 1982
Mail Order Bride
Hobo is challenged with working out the differences between a brusque, middle-aged, curmudgeonly farmer and a prudish woman who are soon to be wed.
28 Jan. 1982
The Clown
Hobo matches a retired clown--who can only dream of the glory days--with a fair that has a pressing need for talent.
4 Feb. 1982
Once Upon a Tyme
The Hobo tries to stop the owner of a theatre troupe from burning down his production to collect on insurance.
25 Feb. 1982
A Special Friend
The Hobo makes a 'special friend' when he tries to find a lost locket in the locker room at a local school.
4 Mar. 1982
Forget Me Not
A woman with amnesia, and nearing diabetic shock, wanders around an empty amusement park.
11 Mar. 1982
Rex Badger P.I.
Hobo fills in for a goofy detective where his competency fails.

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