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1 Jan. 1987
The Unraveling
Mack tells Karen that the real Paige is dead and Anne is alive. Abby gets Olivia to hand over all her drugs. Karen and Mack confront Paige. Karen tells Mack she doesn't want Paige staying with them any longer as she doesn't know who she is. Olivia tells her friend how she let Abby find baking soda, knowing she wouldn't know the difference. Olivia tries to get money from refunded clothes, which fails. Jill finally tells Gary that Peter is her brother. He tells her he wants to marry her. Mack gets Mr Winston to confront Paige. Abby gets Olivia to do a urine test. Greg ...
8 Jan. 1987
No Miracle Worker
Abby sleeps in Olivia's room to stop her using drugs. She then smashes the bathroom door in when Olivia locks it. Finding Olivia has hidden drugs in the bathroom, she removes the bathroom door and tells Olivia she will no longer have any privacy at all. Olivia gets Brian to pick up some schoolwork books from her friends, but they contain drugs. Olivia takes Abby's keys but she finds out and they fight. Abby gets Olivia's room wired up by a security firm so she can't go out. When Abby finds out how Olivia is using Brian to bring her drugs, Olivia tells Abby that the ...
15 Jan. 1987
My True Love
Olivia finally attends one of Gary's AA meetings. Jean gets Ben to bug Greg's office, but Greg finds it. Mack and Anne miss their flight to L.A. Olivia apologises to Brian. Abby tells Gary the divorce settlement is not enough. Anne and Mack get back to Knots Landing, but Paige has left and turned up at Peter's. Ben hacks Greg's computer for Jean.
29 Jan. 1987
Never Trick a Trickster
Greg shows Ben the bug that he found. Paige returns. Jean follows Greg's computer. Greg discovers the hack on his investments. Abby and Gary haggle. Jean tells her brokers to buy. Laura questions Greg about their unborn baby. Paige tells Anne she isn't going back with her. She tells Mack and Karen. Peter tells Ben that he thinks it's embarrassing that Greg is paranoid about people hacking his business dealings. Ben informs Jean. Paige leaves Peter's. Anne tells Karen that she's staying in Knots Landing as long as Paige is. Jean tells Ben his assignment is to kill Greg.
5 Feb. 1987
A Plan of Action
Ben refuses to co-operate with Jean, but she implies that his family will also suffer. Val tells Ben that someone tried to run her off the road. Paige takes a job at Lotus Point. Ben lets Val know about his past as an industrial spy. Greg suggests Laura should maybe go back to the cul-de-sac. Peter and Olivia meet. Ben picks up Val, Lilimae and the kids and they prepare to leave town so they'll be out of danger, but Jean knows their every move and follows them in her car.
12 Feb. 1987
Survival of the Fittest
Ben tells Jean he wants $1 million to kill Greg. Laura moves back to Knots Landing. Greg leaves a message for Laura saying that he hopes their child will be more of her than of him. Ben gets Mack to invite him to a ball game where he tells him what's going on. Mack says he will help them. Everyone attends the opening of a club at Lotus Point. Greg agrees to meet Ben at the office to pick up some papers. Greg and Laura reconcile. Greg shows up at the office, Ben points a gun at him and explains the situation and asks him to find a way out of it. Ben tells him to write ...
19 Feb. 1987
In Mourning
Jean tells her colleague that Greg is dead, that she heard it happening and saw a body bag leaving. Val and the kids are brought home in a van and bodyguards posing as construction workers to protect them move into the house. Val tells Karen that Ben is on a business trip. Jean threatens Val. Jean leaks a story to a newspaper that Greg is dead which everybody reads. Abby tells Peter he'd better be prepared to take over Galveston Industries. Jean shows up to see Greg and sees Laura who is visited by Peter who has brought men around to make a list of who gets what. ...
5 Mar. 1987
Jean's superior tells her she needs to kill Greg. Greg tells Mack that he will handle Jean and that they should handle her buddy. Greg tells Peter that he doesn't like him trying to take his empire every time his back is turned. Greg buys Jean a drink. Val goes looking for a gun. Mack punches Jean's superior and the bodyguards drive off with him. Jean tells Greg she's sentimental about resurrections. Val finds and takes Gary's gun. Lilimae tells Gary and Karen about Jean and her clothing store. Mack tells Karen everything about what's been going on with Greg and Ben. ...
12 Mar. 1987
Neighborly Conduct
Karen asks Laura about letting Anne rent her house. Ben confronts Greg about him sending Jean out of the country rather than putting in her prison and Greg fires him. Gary tries to take Jill to get married but she's not sure because of his relationship with Val. Anne invites Al Stahler to dinner with her and Karen and Mack. Olivia becomes a spokeswoman at the Student Council. Peter changes his plans to join Abby and Olivia. Abby manipulates Peter away from Paige to stay with her, Paige stays with Olivia. Karen tells Anne that she doesn't stand a chance with Mack. ...
26 Mar. 1987
Deadly Combination
Val goes to Greg's to question him about Jean. Laura comes in and Val tries to apologize to her but Laura is angry at her over the incident with Jean and tells her to leave. Ben tells Val that they have to move. Val tells Ben she won't touch his 'blood money'. Karen questions Mac about his dinner with Anne. Val discovers Ben on the lawn when she goes out to collect the morning paper. Abby gets Peter to appoint Olivia as a drugs advisor. Peter carries on with Paige but asks her about Olivia. Val and Ben get a security alarm fitted but later panics when Lilimae sets it ...
2 Apr. 1987
Our Secret
Anne lies unconscious. Mack phones to cancel their breakfast but gets no answer. Paige tells Peter that Olivia is in love with him. Ben gets Mack to burgle his house to demonstrate a new alarm system to Lilimae and Val. Mack visits Anne and sees her unconscious through the window when she doesn't answer the door. He smashes the window and gets her to hospital. Peter has dinner with Abby, Olivia and Brian then sleeps with Abby. Ben gets furious when Lilimae turns the alarms off and doesn't reactivate them. Mack doesn't know what to do about Anne. Olivia tells Michael ...
9 Apr. 1987
Mack and Karen pick up Anne from the hospital. Olivia tells Abby about her kiss with Peter. Gary tells Peter to invite Jill to Sylvia's funeral. Paige tells Olivia that Peter's mother died and tries to get Olivia to read Sylvia's letter. Ben goes to ask Abby for his job back but changes his mind. Sylvia's funeral takes place and Abby discovers Peter kissing Olivia. She warns Greg to get Peter back in line or she will go to the press about them not being brothers. Mack hears Anne on the phone to Karen telling her she was trying to wake him up about his life. Peter ...
30 Apr. 1987
Parental Guidance
Abby asks Gary not to read the letter Olivia sent him, he agrees. Laura gives birth to a baby girl. Greg tells Mack he is not Paige's father. Peter tells Abby he wants to marry her, not Paige. Abby tells him to ditch Paige, which he does but then Abby ditches him. Ben thanks Gary for stepping aside regarding the twins. Jill intercepts Gary's mail from Olivia and burns it. Mack tells Paige that he's not her father and that Greg is. She cries and says Anne was just being vindictive, but thinks that Peter must have known, which was why he broke it off with her. Ben ...
7 May 1987
Do Not Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate
Laura and Greg name their baby Meg. Greg tells Paige that he isn't her father. Abby fires Paige but Karen rehires her. Ben phones Val and tells her that he'll keep in touch with her as he's on the move. Greg tells Peter to settle down with someone. Peter thanks Jill for burning Sylvia's letter but she throws him out. Val phones Ben's news service who have no listing of him. Olivia confronts Paige about Peter, but Paige tells her about Peter and Abby. Olivia shouts at Abby about her involvement with Peter. Now enemies, Paige and Abby have a confrontation. Paige and ...
14 May 1987
Cement the Relationship
Abby tells Olivia to go home, change clothes and act normal. Abby frantically hides Peter's body. Olivia is distraught and goes to see Gary but won't tell him anything. Val is certain Ben will never come back home. Abby buries Peter's body at Lotus Point where a children's playground is about to be built. She notices Peter's car and takes it to the airport where she leaves it. Gary questions Abby about Olivia's behaviour. Mack tells Paige that he called Anne and she admitted that he is her father but Paige remains unsure. The following day, the cement foundation gets ...
24 Sep. 1987
Missing Persons
People wonder where Peter has got to. Val is distraught when she doesn't hear from Ben but she makes amends with Laura. Greg kisses Paige to prove he isn't her father. Experts say the crack at the Lotus Point playground is a structural problem and they'll have to replace the concrete. Abby objects but is overruled by Karen and Gary. Val tells Lilimae she isn't sure Ben will be coming back. Mack and Paige discover that they are both allergic to cantaloupe so he must be her father. The cement is dug up and Peter's body is discovered.
1 Oct. 1987
The Trouble with Peter
Karen closes Lotus Point for a few days. Gary tells Jill about Peter's body being found. Mack offers Jill the chance to be involved in the investigation. Greg wants to know if Abby is going to inherit anything from Peter. A detective begins questioning everyone about their involvement with Peter. The police find Olivia's locket on Peter's body, but don't know who the initials "OC" belong to. A memorial service for Peter is held. Gary overhears Olivia telling Abby that she doesn't want to go to the service. Gary tells Abby he knows that Olivia killed Peter. She slaps ...
8 Oct. 1987
Under Pressure
The police decide to talk to Olivia. Greg tells Abby he will see that she's convicted for Peter's murder rather than have her inherit what's his. Olivia turns up at Val's avoiding the police. Karen tells Val to phone Gary but she gets no answer when she does. Mack is suspicious of Paige's phone calls to Peter the day he died. Olivia talks to the police. Mack lets an elderly man named Al use his office but he invites loads of homeless people to stay in it. The police get fibres from Olivia's jumper and arrest her, but Abby tells the police that she killed Peter, not ...
15 Oct. 1987
Abby tells the police that Peter's death was an accident. The police take both Abby and Olivia in for questioning. Olivia and Brian stay with Karen. Abby gets out on bail. Paige is having nightmares. Gary finally gets Olivia to admit that she thinks Abby killed Peter. Gary talks to Abby and then Mack. Abby and Olivia talk and realise that they both thought each other had killed Peter. Mack suspects Paige. He asks her to tell him what really happened the day Peter died.
22 Oct. 1987
There Are Smiles
Paige is revealed as Peter's killer. She tells Mack that his death was an accident. Abby retracts her confession. Jill tells Gary she can't handle his relationships with his ex-wives any more. Val buys a sports car. The police decide not to prosecute Paige. Val argues with Gary about the twins. Abby tells Greg that he'll need to pay her what Peter owed her. Mack wants Paige to apologise to everyone for what she put them through over Peter's death. Greg tells Paige she's lucky Mack is her father and not him. Laura tells Karen she is resigning from Lotus Point. Paige ...
29 Oct. 1987
The Gift of Life
Laura tells Greg she has an inoperable brain tumour. He takes her from doctor to doctor looking for a different diagnosis. Laura tells him she's not seeing any more specialists. Greg says he's not going to Meg's christening because he's seen his last church. People hold a farewell party for Laura at Lotus Point. Greg visits a doctor Laura refused to see. His car gets towed away and he wanders the streets. Meg gets christened while Greg sits in his car. He eventually goes into the church. Laura decides to go to a clinic alone, Greg says she's going there to die without...
5 Nov. 1987
Say Uncle
Gary is upset when he discovers Val is holding a birthday party for the twins and didn't tell him. Gary tells Val that the twins can call him "uncle" as long as he can see them, but she refuses. Greg interviews prospective nannies for Meg but tells them the position is temporary until Meg's mother gets back. Gary tells Lilimae that he is the twins father. Val tells Lilimae that Gary is unreliable and she doesn't need any help to raise them. Michael rescues a drowning girl at the beach. Lilimae takes the twins to see Gary in the park. Al and Lilimae become friends. She...
12 Nov. 1987
Love In
Abby's first love Charles Scott shows up to book a convention at Lotus Point. Karen and Abby have recollections of Charles. Michael takes Jody (who he saved at the beach) home to meet Karen and Mack. Eric returns with his new wife, Linda. Val lets Gary see the kids. They kiss afterwards. Abby has dinner with Charles. They tell each other what they've been up to since they were together.
19 Nov. 1987
Flight of the Sunbirds
Al asks Lilimae to marry him. Lilimae says that they should live together but not get married. They eventually drive off together. Greg receives word that Laura has died.
3 Dec. 1987
Noises Everywhere: Part 1
Everyone gathers at Greg's after Laura's death including Richard Avery. When Richard discovers that nobody went to the clinic with Laura when she was dying, he takes his anger out on the others. Gary tells Val that he respected how Laura turned her life around. Val argues with Karen about how Karen didn't tell her Laura was dying. Richard wants to know why Greg keeps Peter's ashes on the coffee table. Greg says he always wanted to be the centre of attention. Laura's remains are sent to the wrong mortuary. Mack says Laura is determined not to come back. Everybody ...
10 Dec. 1987
Noises Everywhere: Part 2
Everyone is gathered at Greg's after Laura's funeral. Jill finds out from Richard that Peter's ashes are on Greg's coffee table and she steals them. Jill asks Paige how she can sleep at night after Peter's death and then whacks her in the back with her bag which contains the urn of Peter's ashes. Mack takes his frustrations out on Karen, Michael and Paige. Jill scatters Peter's ashes off a mountainside. Laura's close friends watch video messages she left and Val and Karen cry watching them. Greg watches the rest of the tape by himself and cries.
17 Dec. 1987
Weak Moment
Gary and Val sleep together. Greg discovers Paige is the assistant at the art gallery. Gary tells Jill that he doesn't love her. Jill blames Val and tells her that she's leaving Gary. Charles and Abby avoid phoning each other, then he shows up at Abby's home with a gift when she is out and Olivia invites him to stay for dinner. Val throws Gary out. Abby tells Charles that she can't accept a gift from him, but he asks for a second chance. Jill leaves Gary but later returns. Mack and Karen plan a trip to Tahiti until Greg turns up looking for a babysitter for Meg. ...

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