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Humor at its best
malvujic12 October 2006
The cast just seem to click with all their political UN correctness,the one liners are absolutely magic how they all follow one another ,Ted's denseness when he comes home from work everyday inquiring about his paper and to its whereabouts, and how his comment,"Money on the fridge" is still used to this day. Ted Bullpit made the Kingswood and the commodore are household name name by always polishing the 'the dipstick' and forever giving his garden Gnome? Neville, I would say a much loved feature of Wombat Cresent, always plenty of airtime with his admiration of him. I think that it would have to be placed in the 'Classic' area of Australian humor.
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Simply the best Australian comedy
Edward Burgess13 December 2005
Kingswood Country is the best comedy ever produced in Australia. Higgins (Ted) is an absolute Australian character. His comments and in your face comedy is similar to Till Death We do Part. Being Australian, I can relate more to Kingswood Country. If you are not Australian, you will probably not understand it. Well worth watching again and again and again. The characters, Ted (husband), Thelma(wife), the children and the son in law (Bruno) are your non typical Australian family. Throw into this, Bob the oversexed and unfaithful used car dealer, his wife Merle and Neville the concrete Aboriginal in the front yard and you have a recipe for side splitting humour. If you ever watch one episode of this, make it the one with Graham Kennedy (Australian television legend). Unfortunately a show like this would could not be produced in Australia anymore because of the obvious racist and sexist overtones.
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Strike me Catholic !
TimBo5914 July 2004
Pickle me Grandmother ! Strike Me Catholic ! just two of Ted's classic expressions. As a long time fan & studio audience regular I've lost count of the number of times I've heard that.

Kingswood Country is without a doubt my favourite Aussie Sit-Com of all time.!The cast of the show were great & the writing superb & typically Australian. Who could forget Neville the concrete garden Aboriginal ? or Gay Akubra & Repco Lad the laziest greyhounds in the world. Yes, Ted's behaviour in the early 80's is not too PC these days(nor is Eddie Booth's or Alf Garnet's) The supporting cast were great too ! Bobby Bullpitt (Ted's brother)Sister Maria (from St Josephs) Merle (Ted's sister in law. Without a doubt the funniest show I've seen.
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Tim Kerr-Thomson3 January 2018
A humorous look at the life of an Australian family. Ted Bullpitt, the father and central character, being unintelligent and politically incorrect. Uniquely Australian humour, which overseas viewers may find impossible to enjoy. Brilliant in its day, however, as of 2018 it would probably be considered racist, and its style of humour has not aged well.
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Probably my favourite Australian sitcom
WakenPayne12 November 2013
So here is an Australian television show. Most of the time they produce soap operas and stuff mainly targeted towards children. This is an exception to that and it actually works more than most sitcoms being made today. It is very Australian humour so if you're from somewhere else then this show might not translate well to other countries.

The show revolves around Ted Bullpitt. He is the epitome of unlikeable characters. He's racist, angry, stupid, politically incorrect and passionate about his car. The show involves Ted getting victimized (by himself, his Italian Son-in-law or something else - take your pick) and his family either being the voice of reason or watching from the sidelines.

The plot that I said above should tell you why I like this show. Ted is probably one of the most unlikeable characters written for TV (at least deliberately). So seeing him being the constant victim, to see him get angry at something is just golden to see. So if you want to see a character that features the traits described above getting victimized then this is certainly a show for you to watch.

The acting is great for a show of it's kind. All of them are surprisingly convincing in their roles. The stand out is Ross Higgins as Ted. He was just born to play a character like this. Everyone else however is average.

If there is anything that gets tiring, it's the usual stuff that 80's sitcoms fall under. Some of the ongoing gags are tiresome. Most of them are repeated over and over and they're not that funny.

So if you can watch an Australian humoured sitcom with ongoing gags which features an unlikeable character being victimized, then this is certainly for you. If you don't want to see something like that then that's fine too. I can see why people might not like this show but I still enjoy it.
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Popular in it's day
tishco26 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The first couple of seasons are very cringe worthy funny. Rude, irreverent, over the top, bad acting, vaudeville at it's worst. The sad thing is there are people like this family, I personally know a few. This, however, doesn't mean it is funny. Once main performers left the show, it declined down the toilet. Not funny, painful at times. Thank goodness Australian TV has improved out of sight since this and the other show Hey Dad dominated our TV's. Turns out the production team on these two shows allowed all sorts of terrible things to go on behind the scenes. They were only interested in one thing. Ratings. While many of the sayings from this show were adopted at the time, it is a show that is dated and no one should bother watching it.
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