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29 Jan. 1980
The Thirty Year Itch
Thelma is unhappy with her love life and so she buys the book 'More Joy of Sex' to revive Ted's interest. It's Greta and Bruno's first wedding anniversary and Thelma has invited them to dinner, much to Ted's displeasure.
5 Feb. 1980
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Thelma is very excited as she and Greta are flying to Melbourne for the wedding of Ted's niece. Ted is dismayed when he learns that Thelma has arranged for Bruno to cook for him whilst she is away.
12 Feb. 1980
Willow Talk
Ted is upset that next door's willow tree is dropping its leaves on his driveway and its roots are also cracking the driveway. Bob decides to help out by cutting it down with his chain saw, with an unexpected result.
19 Feb. 1980
My Son the Fairy
Craig's university revue is on but Ted refuses to go as he thinks all actors are fairies. He feels that his prejudices are confirmed when he overhears Craig and Bruno rehearsing.
26 Feb. 1980
Lest We Forget the Rissoles
Thelma has finally got her driving licence and so she decides to buy a car. It's ANZAC day and the reunion of the 2nd Field Kitchen is to be at the Bullpitt's home. But it doesn't go over quite as Ted expected.
5 Mar. 1980
The Shares of the Fisherman
Thelma has saved up $5000 for her new Datsun but she is not keen to let Ted know about it. He takes the money and invests it in an oil company, which leads to a roller-coaster of emotions. Once again, Thelma shows more sense than Ted.
12 Mar. 1980
Aerial Warfare
Ted is angry when the pupils at the local Catholic school break off the aerial on the Kingswood. Bruno and Greta split up after they have an argument after she buys an expensive pair of shoes.
19 Mar. 1980
Cold Finger
Thelma goes out and buys her new Datsun. Ted refuses to employ a plumber to fix a leaking tap and decides to fix it himself, unsuccessfully.
26 Mar. 1980
Sprung Fever
Ted and Thelma are away for a weekend holiday. Craig uses the opportunity to invite his girlfriend to stay overnight. Ted and Thelma return a day early and Thelma is upset with what she finds.
2 Apr. 1980
The Importance of Big Jim
Bob and Merle have a fight and she returns home to Brisbane. Thelma flies up to Brisbane to bring her home and Bob uses the opportunity to take Ted out on the town with a couple of women.
28 May 1980
His Bach Is Worse Than His Bite
After Ted's Aunty Pearl dies, she leaves Ted and Bruno a piano. The problem is, how are they going to share it?
4 Jun. 1980
Just a Gigolo
Thelma decides to buy Ted a new carport. When Ted overhears Thelma talking to the carport salesman, he thinks that she is having an affair. He asks Bruno for some advice, which includes being nice to Thelma.
11 Jun. 1980
Car Wars
Thelma is fed up with Craig and Ted fighting at the breakfast table and decides to go out in her Datsun. Unfortunately, she is hospitalised after an accident. She is not seriously hurt but Greta and Bruno move back to look after Ted.
18 Jun. 1980
Bye Bye Budgie
It's Greta and Bruno's third wedding anniversary. Thelma gives them a toaster and Ted gives them a crow in a budgie cage. Ted has to have a medical for his insurance policy and he is upset when he finds out that the doctor is a woman.
25 Jun. 1980
The Big Sleeper
The Bullpitt house is broken into but nothing seems to have been stolen. Thelma decides that Craig must have started sleep walking again. Ted comes up with a plan to catch Craig sleep walking.
2 Jul. 1980
The Royal Visit
Thelma is entering a TV Week Celebrity Recipe competition and the family are helping her select her entry. She enters her Graham Kennedy meat loaf and it turns out that she won first prize, which is a visit by Graham Kennedy.
9 Jul. 1980
Police Release Me
Craig was arrested for throwing a can of beer at an anti-uranium demonstration but he is proved innocent. Ted then gets the idea that the Bullpitt name has been defamed and goes to the police station to sort it out.
16 Jul. 1980
Divorce Bullpitt Style
Bob and Merle come around for dinner at Ted and Thelma's. They spend the time fighting and the next day they split up. Bob moves in with Ted and Thelma. So Thelma hatches a plan to get them back together.
23 Jul. 1980
There's No Place Like Rome
Thelma wins a trip to Rome for eight days. When Ted refuses to go, she takes Rosa, Bruno's mother. Enzo, Bruno's father, moves in with Ted and there is the inevitable clash of cultures.
30 Jul. 1980
Boom Boom Bullpitt
It is the AIF 2nd field kitchen's annual reunion and Ted is to provide the entertainment. He decides to become a comedian and tell jokes. However, Ted doesn't have a sense of humour.
7 Aug. 1980
The Miracle of Wombat Crescent
Thelma makes $300 selling hand crafts. Ted finds where Thelma has hidden the money and uses it to bulk buy Whammo, the miracle detergent. He intends to sell it door-to-door for a profit. However, Whammo doesn't work as expected.
13 Aug. 1980
Guess Who's Burning the Dinner
Bob and Merle are coming around to the Bullpitt home for a BBQ. Bob and Ted end up make a huge bet. Ted has to give up eating and drinking for 24 hours or he'll lose the Kingswood, and Bob has to give up smoking.
20 Aug. 1980
The Bard of Wombat Crescent
When he finds out that there is a $5000 first prize for writing a play, Ted decides to write about his time in the second World War when he assassinated Adolf Hitler. He then puts the play on in his lounge room.
10 Sep. 1980
Bury My Heart in Wombat Crescent
Ted has the surprising news that he is applying to become an executive, the sales manager at head officer. When he receives extra money in his pay he thinks that he has the job. It goes to Ted's head and he starts acting like an executive.
17 Sep. 1980
Illegal Eagle
Ted parks the Kingswood in what he thinks is a disused bus stop and then receives a parking ticket. He refuses to pay the fine and decides to fight the case in court.
24 Sep. 1980
Till Yodelling Do Us Part
Bruno challenges Ted to break a world record and so he decides to try and break the record for yodeling. The subsequent noise causes a lot of disruption and disharmony in the family.

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