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Season 4

27 May 1982
A Lode of Old Bullpitt
Ted has taken up jogging and camping in the backyard. Thelma asks the doctor to call and only then does the reason come to light. Ted was left a treasure map and he is in training to find the gold. Ted and Bruno then go looking for it.
3 Jun. 1982
Briefcase Encounter
Ted is doing a course to turn himself into a positive, dynamic person and he decides to use his new personality to make a career change. He applies for a job as an executive but the interview doesn't quite go as planned.
10 Jun. 1982
Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow
Thelma tries a new recipe when Bob and Merle pay a visit, and when it doesn't work it starts a disagreement with Ted. Merle convinces Thelma to move out, and Bob moves in and livens up the place with one of his parties.
17 Jun. 1982
With Thelma's birthday coming up Ted has to decide what to get her. She wants a dishwasher but Ted thinks she needs a wall safe. He also gets her the services of a butler for a weekend. What could go wrong?
24 Jun. 1982
A Very Green Grocer
When Ted finds out that Bruno's uncle Tony is an illegal immigrant he dobs him into the government. On the day of Tony's immigration hearing, Bruno helps out by running his uncle's fruit and vegetable shop, with Ted's help.
1 Jul. 1982
A Matter of Willpower
When Thelma tells Ted that her Aunty Vi is very rich he starts scheming to get rich quick using her money. The family then schemes together to teach him a lesson.
8 Jul. 1982
Divorce Australian Style
Bob is ecstatic when he finds out that he is no longer married to Merle. That is, until he realises that all their assets are in her name. Bob then sets out to woo her back and remarry her.
15 Jul. 1982
Hair of the Blue Dog
Ted has a toothache and very reluctantly has to visit the dentist. At the same time, he is having trouble with a neighbourhood poodle that keeps biting him. So he paints it blue.
22 Jul. 1982
Wombat Madness
To get a promotion at work, Ted thinks that he has to join the Brotherhood of Wombats as his boss is a member. Unfortunately, the initiation rituals that he has to perform do him no good.
29 Jul. 1982
It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a Tile!
A heat shield tile falls off the NASA space shuttle during its reentry and falls on Ted as he is reading the paper. He temporarily suffers from amnesia and, despite his memory returning, Ted decides to sue the Americans.
5 Aug. 1982
The Ones That Didn't Get Away
Bruno is off on his annual fishing trip with a group of friends. Ted wants to go as well but, after the trouble he caused last year, nobody wants him to go. Fortunately, the weather intervenes and the trip is cancelled.
12 Aug. 1982
Licence to Thrill
Ted finds out that his driving licence is two years out of date and that he has to resit the licence test. Craig and Wendy's flat caught fire and they move back in to the Bullpitt home.
19 Aug. 1982
With a Little Bitter Luck
Ted and Bruno are approached in the pub by an advertising executive to be in a beer commercial endorsing a new beer. There is intense rivalry between them as they fight to get the job.
16 Sep. 1982
Bob & Merle & Ted & Neville
Thelma is off to Europe for six months and Ted is left to fend for himself. Things are not going well, and then Bob and Merle move in, which makes the problems worse. Bruno's mother solves Ted's difficulties by agreeing to look after him.
23 Sep. 1982
Presenting The Ted and Sparky Show
Rosa invites a neighbour, who happens to be a ventriloquist, to dinner. He brings his doll, Sparky. Sparky has a life of its own and Ted ends up with it. Ted then decides to embark on a career in show business.
30 Sep. 1982
A Dog Called Horse
Ted places a bet on a chess match and wins the contract to a boxer. Ted decides to become a boxing trainer and starts training him for a fight. However, Rosa can see that the boxer's heart is not in the fight.
7 Oct. 1982
Teapot of Gold
Ted is broke and resorts to gambling to replenish his money. However, his betting on the horses doesn't go to plan, especially when he has no money to start with.
14 Oct. 1982
Sons and Datsuns
A man arrives from Brisbane claiming to be Ted's long-lost illegitimate son. Ted is confused as he has never been to Brisbane and it only becomes clear when Bob arrives for dinner.
21 Oct. 1982
Man of the Match
Craig invites Ted to the annual doctors versus nurses cricket match and Ted is eager to come out of retirement to play. However, it soon becomes obvious that he has no idea about playing cricket.
28 Oct. 1982
Bagpipe Dreams
After reading a notice in the newspaper, Ted contacts a solicitor about whether he is the sole heir of a Scottish laird called McBullpitt. To cover the solicitor's expenses, Ted has to come up with $5000, which is not an easy thing to do.
4 Nov. 1982
A Spelling Lesson
An itinerant gypsy puts a curse on Ted when he refuses to pay her in exchange for telling his future. The curse is that he will have hiccups for seven days and nights. Craig has to find the gypsy in order to remove the curse.
11 Nov. 1982
No Bed of Rosa's
Thelma's cousin Reg is staying with Ted whilst he is in town looking for a woman to be his wife. To get rid of him as quickly as possible Ted decides to help things along.
26 Apr. 1984
Medium Rare
When Bob and Merle come round for dinner, Bob suggests that they bring out the Ouija board. They contact Black Jack, who is a pirate. He tells them that there is gold buried in Ted's front yard.

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