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Season 3

4 Jun. 1981
Sale of the Century
When the Bullpitts receive a very high petrol bill they decide that they must economise. Ted decides to sell the Kingswood but has an inflated idea of its worth.
11 Jun. 1981
We're No Angels
Bruno is having his 30th birthday party at the Bullpits but the new neighbours next door are having a better house warming party. Ted tries to outdo the neighbours with a better party.
18 Jun. 1981
The Roots of Bullpitt
Thelma has been studying the Bullpitt family history. She finds out that Ted is the direct descendant and heir to the title of Lord Bullpitt. Being a Lord causes Ted to get carried away.
18 Jun. 1981
The Love God of Wombat Crescent
Bob and Merle have broken up again and Thelma wants to get them back together. However, Bob already has a new girlfriend so Merle is advised to have an affair. It seems that the only suitable man available is Ted.
25 Jun. 1981
Not Tonight Tweety Pie
Thelma can't convince Ted to go to a masquerade ball and thinks Ted isn't interested in her any more. Thelma wants Ted to go to a marriage guidance counsellor but the problem is how to trick Ted into going.
2 Jul. 1981
Meet Sister Alibi
It's tax time and Ted finds himself being investigated by the tax office over some of his more dubious tax deductions. Ted then finds himself relying on Sister Maria from the local catholic school to get himself out of trouble.
9 Jul. 1981
The Hair of the Cat That Bit You
Thelma finds a kitten in the backyard and wants to keep it. The only problem will be Ted, who hates cats. Bruno bets Ted $200 that he can't grow a moustache in a week, and is surprised when he does.
23 Jul. 1981
Uncle Jack Gets His Own Back
Ted's Uncle Jack has died and left his belongings to the Bullpitts, particularly Ted and Bob. Ted thinks that Bob has been left a Stradivarius violin and schemes to get it from him.
23 Jul. 1981
That Old Back Magic
Ted has hurt his back and it's causing him some problems. Craig has a new girlfriend and decides to leave home and move in with her.
6 Aug. 1981
Room to Rent
Ted is not happy when he learns that Thelma wants to let out Craig's room to a quiet Asian student. However, Thelma ends up renting the room to an escaped convict.
6 Aug. 1981
Lodger Protest
Ted is not happy when Thelma offers to billet teachers from the local school, especially when he finds out that the boarder is to be his nemesis Sister Maria.
13 Aug. 1981
An Affair to Remember
Greta suspects that Bruno is having an affair and is determined to divorce him. Ted is delighted at the prospect of getting rid of Bruno. He hires Thelma's cousin Reg to follow Bruno and get the evidence that he is having an affair.
27 Aug. 1981
Wagers of Fear
Bob's performances in his advertisements on TV have led to him being asked to become a television star. Ted doesn't believe Bob can do it so he makes a bet that it won't happen. Bob and Bruno hatch up a scheme to win the bet.
3 Sep. 1981
Plaster of Paris
Thelma finally wins a competition with first prize being the exotic trip of a lifetime. Ted wins a skateboard and Bruno bets him $10 that he can't ride it. Ted breaks his leg proving that Bruno was correct.
8 Sep. 1981
Strike Me Catholic
Ted is on strike and money becomes tight. Bruno helps Ted get a job at Rose Hill racecourse, but the job is not quite what he expected. Thelma goes shopping and buys herself an engagement ring for their wedding anniversary.
15 Sep. 1981
Three Into Fur Won't Go
Bob's attempt to have a night with his girlfriend ends up with her mink coat being claimed by Thelma and Merle.
24 Sep. 1981
Trees Company
Ted rescues a champion racing pigeon that turns out to have a reward for its return. Craig wants to save the gum tree in the front nature strip threatened with cutting down by the local council but Ted wants it gone.
1 Oct. 1981
Sweet and Sour Charity
Thelma is elected to find all the entertainers at the local catholic church charity concert. Craig and Wendy offer to do a Swiss musical act. When Craig sprains his ankle, Ted is needed to fill in.
8 Oct. 1981
Smoke Out at Wombat Crescent
The Bullpitt home has a possum and the roof and Ted is determined to get rid of it. It's the Bullpitt family annual BBQ day and, predictably, the weather is wet. Bob comes up with some ill-fated schemes to get rid of the possum.
15 Oct. 1981
Every Dog Has Its Pay
Ted collects the pay packet for the workplace bully Mad-Dog Davis. Unfortunately, he loses it on the way home and Mad-Dog is not happy. The pay packet is found but both Ted and Mad-Dog end up being arrested and put in jail.

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