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Season 2

28 Sep. 1979
Feudin' and Fussin': Part 2
Larry's daughter Ruthie is upset about the possibility of having to leave Portland.
12 Oct. 1979
Hello Marion: Part 1
Larry's ex-wife Marion pays a visit.
19 Oct. 1979
Hello Marion: Part 2
Larry's ex-wife Marion pays a visit.
26 Oct. 1979
Goodbye, Marion
Larry and Marion run into problems after they announce they're getting remarried.
5 Oct. 1979
Ruthie Grows Up: Part 1
At the school dance, Ruthie falls for a 17-year-old who intends to make her his next romantic conquest.
5 Oct. 1979
Ruthie Grows Up: Part 2
Ruthie must learn to deal with Cubby's grown-up intentions towards her.
28 Nov. 1979
Thanksgiving Crossover: Part 2
Mr. Drummond and Mr. Alder try to figure out how to get past their differences to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.
7 Nov. 1979
The Nude Emcee
Larry looking for extra work gets an offer to host a nude beauty pageant. But the catch is that he has to be nude too.
14 Nov. 1979
Morgan, the Boss
Morgan is promoted above Larry.
21 Nov. 1979
Marion's Fiance
Marion and her fiance visit Larry.
5 Dec. 1979
Diane Drinks
Diane develops a drinking problem.
12 Dec. 1979
Tommy the Houseguest
Tommy stays with the Alders while his mother is away.
23 Jan. 1980
The Blind Friend
Ruthie befriends Morgan's blind nephew.
30 Jan. 1980
Love Around the Corner
Larry finds love with a female tenant.
16 Jan. 1980
The Neighbor Dies
Ruthie feels guilty after her neighbor dies during an argument.
9 Jan. 1980
Money from Home
Larry's ex-wife sends him a check to help buy a house for his daughters.
13 Feb. 1980
Larry's Mid Life Crisis: Part 1
Larry ends up in jail and fired after using his radio show to protest the destruction of a local hotel that's housing senior citizens.
27 Feb. 1980
Larry's Mid Life Crisis: Part 3
With Morgan also out of a job, Larry goes to confront the son of his ex-boss.
5 Mar. 1980
The Rock Star: Part 1
Diane runs away from home to see a rock star.
12 Mar. 1980
The Rock Star: Part 2
Diane must choose between her family and her relationship with rock star Curt Stone.
2 Apr. 1980
The Protege
Larry gives Tommy advice on women.
30 Apr. 1980
Morgan's new secretary dates Larry's father.

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