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My first crush

Author: anzalone36 from Florida
3 July 2005

I remember this show. I was six when it came out and it was the first show I always looked forward to watching weekly. Probably drove my folks nuts asking when it was coming on the tube again. I remember three kids being friends and one of them being black. I also remember an episode where Jill Whelan's character was in the hospital. Can't remember why though. Unfortunately, it was canceled after only a few episodes. Only back in 1979 I didn't understand what "canceled" meant. I remember waiting for it to come back on and my parents not giving me a logical explanation why it didn't. What disappointment. Especially with my strange crush in Jill Whelan. It's funny now looking at the history of the show, only running from Feb 1979 through April 1979. As a six year old it seemed to me that that show was on forever. Anyways, I always wondered what happened with this show. Now I can sleep easier at night!

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Little Rascals for the 70's

Author: Brian Washington ( from Los Angeles, California
7 October 2003

This was a very cute kids comedy/drama that I'm surprised it isn't mentioned much. This show was about three kids from different backgrounds and how we get to see the world through their eyes. Also, this show is interesting due to the fact that immediately following this show Jill Whelan would go on to a lengthy run playing Vicki Stubing on "The Love Boat". This show had a good concept and its just too bad that it couldn't find an audience.

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I also remember this show....

Author: eagle_17331 from United States
16 April 2007

At the time I was 11 years old and I also had a kiddie crush on Jill.And the same thing happened with me I looked forward to it every week and then it was just gone canceled off the air??I never understood why now I realize that its rating were probably very low at the time.And for whatever reason the show couldn't drum up enough fans.And now years later I still remember it.I do remember Jill's character had a crush on Pete Richards. And that it revolved around the three friends.The other thing I do remember still very clearly from 1979 was The Iran hostage crisis and the extremely long lines waiting for gas at the gas stations.My favorite 70s TV show was the Six Million Dollar Man.

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Intended to be groundbreaking

Author: webbrl from Minnesota, USA
17 March 2009

The three friends were a white girl, a white boy, and a black boy, not the most common grouping at the time. I remember a particularly poignant episode where the white boy has lied to his athletic father, claiming to be the star pitcher on his little league team. The old man will never know - he works 6 days a week running his dry cleaning business. Then the dad announces he will make a major sacrifice and take Saturday off just to see the kid play. Horrified, the boy seeks advice from his older sister:

Sister: Just tell him. You can talk to your father. He's not going to hit you.

Boy (with a whine that makes it clear how much worse this is): He'll LOOK at me!

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I remember this show too.

Author: jkraar2532 from United States
6 June 2006

I'm not crazy. This show really did exist. I remember watching it while I was at my grandmother's house in Florida. I was ten. I remember liking the show so much that I never really forgot it. How could you say that about any show you saw when you were ten? There are the classics like Incredible Hulk or even White Shadow or Greatest American Hero, but here was a show on NBC, with stories about kids my age. When NBC put Friends on the air years later, I always remembered this show, that still is in the back of my mind. I had no idea it was on just for two months. I remembered it disappeared, but it was a good memory from my childhood. It would be nice if they put it on DVD so we could relive those five episodes, that I remembered liking.

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Totally Retro !

Author: truckml from United States
28 July 2010

I remember this show too and I was around 12 or 13 when it came out. I was barely in high school. Not into boys yet either but the one thing I know I remembered was the "Love Boat" girl was on it. It was such a cute show and although I can't remember the episodes too well, I do remember the title and that 3 kids were hanging out together. I think this came out right after the "James at 15" series. The 70s had such great kid's shows especially the "ABC Afterschool Specials". Another thing is they had great kid's shows on the weekends like "Banana Splits" and "H.R. PuffNStuff". Too bad they don't make kid's shows the way they used to. They are not as innocent and family friendly. Totally retro, loved it!

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Thank goodness it existed! I thought I had hallucinated this show!

Author: musesx9
8 July 2010

I always ask people about this show, and people look at me like I am crazy. Finally, redemption! Anyway, this was an original premise for a show, I remember enjoying it and my mother actually watching it with me. This was not a common occurrence, believe me. It centered around three friends and their lives. Kind of soap opera meets "Family" meets an "ABC Afterschool Special." One particular storyline centered around the crush of Jill's character of Pete Richards. It was very realistic and not written from an adult perspective, as most of these usually are. I think this would have been a good example of shows that can work for kids today. Not sure why they haven't thought about modernizing it for today...goth/"emo" kid, rock/surfer kid, prep/clique kid and athlete/sports junkie and theater/dance kid have been friends since elementary school--their parents were best friends growing up (maybe even the original "cast" characters). Now, even though they are all different, they are friends and go through trials and tribulations together. An intelligent "Saved By The Bell." All of my friends were buzzing, but I guess the time slot wasn't conducive. :( I wish I could see some of these episodes now (you tube, anyone)?

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