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3 Jan. 1987
Seven Little Indians
On a dark and stormy night, the girls and their friends all meet with gruesome ends.
10 Jan. 1987
The Greek Connection
Tootie decides to pledge a sorority and clashes with Natalie when she begins to investigate rush week for a newspaper article.
17 Jan. 1987
Post-Christmas Card
Natalie goes on a spending spree when the bank approves her for a credit card.
31 Jan. 1987
A Star Is Torn
Cinnamon visits Tootie and tells her she's leaving show business after losing her Broadway role.
7 Feb. 1987
A Winter's Tale
When the girls go to a ski resort, their cabin is already occupied by a group of guys there for a bachelor party. But the groom has his eye on Blair.
14 Feb. 1987
Cupid's Revenge
A cupid statue arrives at the store right before Valentine's Day and the love lives of Beverly and the girls go a bit crazy.
21 Feb. 1987
62 Pick Up
A flashback to the early 1960s, replete with teen idols, beatniks, and girl groups.
28 Feb. 1987
Boy About the House
When Andy's parents break up, Beverly Ann decides it is time to adopt him.
7 Mar. 1987
Ex Marks the Spot
Just as things between Beverly Ann and Oliver are progressing. Her ex-husband Frank shows up. He starts to tell her something which she at first thinks is his desire to reconcile but he has a heart attack. At the hospital she learns what he was trying to tell her is that someone wants to buy their old house and that he has remarried.
21 Mar. 1987
Younger Than Springtime
When Jo's dad comes to visit and Blair finds out he was recently dumped, she tries to fix Charlie up with a friend's mother, but things go awry.
18 Apr. 1987
This Is Only a Test
Blair panics about taking the law school entrance exam when she finds out her wealth won't guarantee her admission to the Langley Law program.
2 May 1987
Rites of Passage: Part 1
College graduation has arrived for Jo and Blair, which means their families are in town, including Jo's grandfather from Poland. Blair is asked to give the graduation speech after Jo turns it down.
9 May 1987
Rites of Passage: Part 2
Tootie heads off for summer stock, Natalie quits her taco job to take a writing class, Jo gets a job offer in LA, and Blair waits for her LSAT score and law school acceptance.
26 Sep. 1987
Down and Out in Malibu: Part 1
When Jo gets a job house sitting for Richard Moll in Malibu, she tries to pass the house off as her own to the others when they come to visit.
3 Oct. 1987
Down and Out in Malibu: Part 2
Richard Moll has the girls put in prison when he sees what has happened to his house.
17 Oct. 1987
Rumor Has It
Blair starts law school. She spends a lot of time with her law professor. While the two of them are in his office talking, his wife comes in and assumes that they're "together". So word gets around about Blair and her professor. She considers dropping out.
24 Oct. 1987
Before the Fall
Natalie's been given an assignment to do an article on the ROTC. Natalie gets close to a cadet. Later when they get a new drill sergeant, they learn that they're going sky diving which makes Natalie nervous. She has to decide if she wants to stick with it or drop out when the cadet she got close to will.
7 Nov. 1987
Sweet Charity
Jo's looking for a job. She finds one at a community center but unfortunately the center is strapped financially so she's not getting paid. And she clashes with the guy who runs the center.
14 Nov. 1987
Up from Down Under
Pippa McKenna, a teenage girl from Eastland's Australian sister school, Colunga Academy, enrolls at Eastland.
21 Nov. 1987
The More the Marrier
With Tootie's boyfriend, Jeff, away she gets asked by another guy to go out on a date. At first, she doesn't want to because it might seem she's stepping out on Jeff. But Blair convinces her to. And on the night they're suppose to go out, Jeff shows up. And Natalie's boyfriend, Snake finally shows up.
28 Nov. 1987
A Rose by Any Other Age
Blair invites a third year male student over for a study date, but he's more interested in Beverly Ann than Blair.
5 Dec. 1987
Adventures in Baileysitting
Blair's baby sister Bailey gets lost while in the girls' care.
12 Dec. 1987
It's a Wonderful Christmas
Everybody has their own plans for Christmas and Beverly Ann feels unappreciated. During a visit with Santa, she tells him she wishes she'd never come to Peekskill. He shows her what it would have been like without her.

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