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4 Jan. 1984
Next Door
Mrs. Garrett and the girls befriend a little boy whose single mother doesn't have time to take care of him.
11 Jan. 1984
Crossing the Line
Natalie and Tootie's relationship is strained when Tootie questions Natalie's reasons for refusing and then accepting a date with Tootie's cousin Michael.
18 Jan. 1984
All or Nothing
Jo faces a harsh political reality when she's elected to the Langley College Board of Regents and then battles with them.
1 Feb. 1984
A Death in the Family
Natalie's father dies from a sudden heart attack.
8 Feb. 1984
Big Fish/Little Fish
Blair is confused as to why she isn't as popular at Langley as she was at Eastland and needs Jo's help to turn things around. Natalie has stopped having fun since the death of her father so Tootie and Mrs. Garrett try to help her get over it.
15 Feb. 1984
Star at Langley
Blair encourages Cliff to have a more open and less demanding relationship with her. But she quickly changes her mind when the first person Cliff starts seeing is Heather Hunt, a Hollywood movie star who is visiting Langley.
22 Feb. 1984
Dream Marriage
Blair dreams of what her life might be like in the year 2000.
29 Feb. 1984
Mother and Daughter
Tootie's mother is visiting her in Peekskill and feels compelled to confront her on why she doesn't confide in her about anything.
14 Mar. 1984
All by Herself
Blair's cousin Geri asks for her help with a charity function for disabled children.
21 Mar. 1984
Seems Like Old Times
Eddie, Jo's old flame, returns to rekindle their romance, even though he's married to another woman.
2 May 1984
Joint Custody
If Mrs. Garrett doesn't save her son's troubled marriage, Edna's Edibles might be sold off in the divorce.
9 May 1984
The Way We Were: Part 1
As the girls prepare for their summer vacations, they look back on the past, as seen in clips from previous episodes.
9 May 1984
The Way We Were: Part 2
The girls continue their reminiscences of their friendship.
26 Sep. 1984
The Summer of '84
Mrs. Garrett and the girls return home to tell each other about their respective summer vacations.
3 Oct. 1984
A Slice of Life
Jo begins a pizza business, but when a demand begins running Jo and her assistants, Natalie and Tootie, ragged, Jo must a business decision on how to make pizzas faster and more cheaply.
17 Oct. 1984
Love at First Byte
Natalie secretly signs Blair and Jo up in a computer dating service, hoping to get information she can use in a term paper.
24 Oct. 1984
My Boyfriend's Back
Tootie's boyfriend, Jeff, comes to visit her after several months and she learns that things between them have changed.
31 Oct. 1984
On a dateless Saturday night, the girls cruise downtown Peekskill in hopes of finding Mr. Right. However, a string of bizarre events leads the girls to hide out in their car at closed gas station.
7 Nov. 1984
Taking a Chance on Love: Part 1
Jo meets a guy named Sam Hall she dates him and when they have dated for a while he revails to her that he has a seven year old son named robbie that will now live with him robbie asks Jo to come to parents night at his school she says yes they become close she watches him when his dad has lots of work to do and has meetings basicaly robbie really likes Jo a lot and she likes Sam and Robbie a lot also.
7 Nov. 1984
Taking a Chance on Love: Part 2
Jo continues dating Sam and becomes more involved in the life of his son Robbie. Blair warns Jo the effects on a child if she doesn't see herself as part of their futures.
14 Nov. 1984
E.G.O.C. (Edna Garrett on Campus)
Mrs. Garrett enrolled in a Shakespeare class, but worries that she might neglect her business and have trouble fitting in with the college crowd.
21 Nov. 1984
Dear Apple
When Jo and Blair have been a each other's throats because of a misunderstanding. Jo who's working on the computer activates it to converse with her. So she talks about what happened between her and Blair and what should she do.
28 Nov. 1984
Talk, Talk, Talk
The girls fill in as disk jockeys at the Langley College radio station.
5 Dec. 1984
Natalie is nervous after an interview for a job with the town newspaper. However, after she learns she didn't get the job, her strange behavior threatens her relationship with her boyfriend.
12 Dec. 1984
The Rich Aren't Different
Blair takes Jo to small claims court over a broken wristwatch.
19 Dec. 1984
Christmas in the Big House
Blair plans a charity event at what she believes is an orphanage but is really a prison.

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