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5 Jan. 1983
A Royal Pain
An obnoxious young heiress enrolls at Eastland.
12 Jan. 1983
Magnificent Obsession
Jo is concerned by Blair's infatuation with a boy who treats her poorly.
19 Jan. 1983
Under Pressure
When Mrs. Garrett learns she has high blood pressure, the girls try to protect her from stress.
26 Jan. 1983
Teacher's Pet
Jo learns that her favorite teacher is terminally ill.
9 Feb. 1983
Let's Party
Tootie defends her brother Marshall after he drives the girls home from a party after having five beers.
16 Feb. 1983
Best Sister: Part 1
Blair's sister Meg, a nun, inspires Jo.
23 Feb. 1983
Best Sister: Part 2
Blair belittles Jo for wanting to become a nun.
9 Mar. 1983
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Mrs. Garrett's cooking instructor from Paris visits Eastland. Meanwhile, the girls try to deal with a squirrel who got into their bedroom.
30 Mar. 1983
Who's on First
When Natalie starts spending all her free time with a boy she likes, Tootie gets so jealous that when she picks up a call from him about their upcoming study date, she lies to Natalie and tells her that he canceled it.
6 Apr. 1983
Help from Home
Both Blair and Jo are accepted to the prestigious Langley College, however Jo decides she's not going because of the cost and the financial burden it would put on her mother, who is already working multiple jobs just to put Jo through Eastland. Her mother and father, however, are adamant about her attending. Their assertion is that they will somehow come up with the money because Jo's future is their most valuable asset.
27 Apr. 1983
Take My Finals, Please
The girls study for final exams together for the very last time.
4 May 1983
Graduation: Part 1
In the days leading up to graduation, Mrs. Garrett becomes overworked because Mr. Parker has put her in charge of the entire ceremony, while Tootie worries whether she'll see Blair and Jo again. Meanwhile, Jo, who has to give the class valediction, is under additional pressure because of her parents' fighting, while Blair's father is unable to come to the ceremony, making her mother angry.
4 May 1983
Graduation: Part 2
Before Jo and Blair graduate, Tootie and Natalie want to preserve as much time with them as possible, still fearing they'll never be together again. Meanwhile Jo's father tries to mend a rift with his mother.
21 Sep. 1983
Brave New World: Part 1
As Blair and Jo enter Langley college, Mrs. Garrett decides to quit her job at Eastland.
21 Sep. 1983
Brave New World: Part 2
Mrs. Garrett decides to open a gourmet delicatessen and asks the girls to assist her.
28 Sep. 1983
Gamma Gamma or Bust
Blair is nominated for a placement in the Gamma Gamma sorority at Langley.
12 Oct. 1983
Just My Bill
When Jo finds out her new boyfriend is the son of distinguished and wealthy parents, she feels uncomfortable continuing the relationship.
19 Oct. 1983
What Price Glory?
Tootie discovers that her boyfriend Jeff, a school athlete, cannot read.
26 Oct. 1983
The Halloween Show
The girls fear Mrs. Garrett ground up a missing customer into her homemade bratwurst!
2 Nov. 1983
Advance Placement
Natalie is allowed to take a course at Langley and gets so caught up in the social life of college that she begins skipping classes at Eastland and work at Edna's Edibles.
9 Nov. 1983
I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can
Blair and Jo take Mrs. Garrett to a male strip club for her birthday, where Blair discovers a shocking revelation about her boyfriend.
16 Nov. 1983
Small But Dangerous
Kelly begs for a fresh start from Mrs. Garrett and the girls when her attempt to extort money from Edna's Edibles is thwarted by Jo.
30 Nov. 1983
Store Games
Kelly informs Mrs. Garrett that Pete, the underhanded owner of Pete's Deli, is aiming to put Edna's Edibles out of business by selling gourmet food at a discount. While Mrs. Garrett gets worried, Jo gets devious and uses the store's computer to mess with the files in Pete's computer.
14 Dec. 1983
The Second Time Around
Jo thinks her father's intentions to remarry means that her parents are reconciling.
21 Dec. 1983
The Christmas Show
The girls prepare to go their separate ways for Christmas vacation.
28 Dec. 1983
The Chain Letter
All four girls are fired from Edna's Edibles by Mrs. Garrett. They hope she'll give them a second chance.

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