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Season 1

24 Aug. 1979
Rough Housing
Cindy decides not to attend the Harvest Ball when Blair intimates that because of her tomboyishness she might be a lesbian.
31 Aug. 1979
Like Mother, Like Daughter
Blair fears she will get a reputation for being "easy" because her multiple-divorce' mother is caught flirting with another student's married father.
7 Sep. 1979
The Return of Mr. Garrett
Mrs. Garrett considers her ex-husband's proposal of remarriage, but changes her mind when she discovers he is teaching the girls how to gamble.
14 Sep. 1979
When Tootie stumbles upon elementary school IQ results ordered by their headmaster, the girls are stunned to find out that their scores don't necessarily match their current academic reputation.
12 Mar. 1980
Tootie's father thinks Mrs. Garrett's influence over his daughter is holding her back. Tootie's latest ambition? To open a beauty salon!
14 Mar. 1980
Emily Dickinson
Blair plagiarizes an Emily Dickinson poem about beauty, but gets caught when the headmaster submits it into a competition, and it wins.
21 Mar. 1980
Sue Ann goes on a crash diet after the pressure of everyone's body-consciousness, and Blairs intimating that a boy won't like her, makes her feel fat.
4 Apr. 1980
The Facts of Love
To the chagrin of the headmaster, Mrs. Garrett holds a sex education class. Meanwhile Blair gets into a compromising situation with a boy and has to make a tough decision.
11 Apr. 1980
Flash Flood
The headmaster pits two of the girls against each other in a track competition, which causes conflicts.
25 Apr. 1980
Blair noses into Natalie's business and arranges for her to talk to her birth mother by phone.
2 May 1980
The headmaster pits two of the girls against each other in a track competition, which causes conflicts.
4 Jun. 1980
Molly's Holiday
Molly's upset that her parents are getting a divorce, so the girls decide to try and get them back together. But her father shows up with "someone".
11 Jun. 1980
Blair gets Sue Ann into an exclusive group at the school. Blair reveals to Sue Ann what the group does--marijuana. They go to Sue Ann's initiation which requires for her to smoke. Tootie shows up to see what they do. Blair gets her. out of there. And they then ask Blair and Sue to smoke but Blair refuses. Sue Ann reluctantly does and it affects her school work. Tootie buys what she saw in the room and shows it to Mrs. Garrett who tells her that they're drug paraphernalia.

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