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Season 4

8 Oct. 1981
Mrs. Daisy Hogg
Daisy is smitten by Boss Hogg's handsome, rich nephew, Jamie Lee Hogg, who has come to town to purchase his uncle's grits mill. While romance quickly blossoms and a wedding appears to be on the horizon, it isn't long before Bo and Luke confirm their initial suspicions about Jamie's criminal side as a counterfeiter.
16 Oct. 1981
Double Dukes
Double Dukes means double fun for Boss Hogg, and double trouble for Bo and Luke after two men resembling the good-natured Duke boys -- cronies that Boss had dress in wigs and the Dukes' clothing -- rob Hazzard Bank. Bo and Luke spend the rest of the episode clearing their names as they try to apprehend the crooks.
23 Oct. 1981
Diamonds in the Rough
Everyone's after a sack of diamonds that had accidentally been dropped from an armed robber's vehicle driving through Hazzard, and all roads lead to the Duke farm after Bo and Luke get to them first. While the Duke boys are trying to report their find to the state police, they are bugged by the original thief (who poses as a reporter to get at the loot) and later, by a phony FBI agent hired by a greedy Boss Hogg who wants the reward money for himself.
30 Oct. 1981
Coltrane vs. Duke
As usual, Bo and Luke outfox Rosco and cause him to crash his car. Rosco, as always, escapes without a scratch ... but this time, the frustrated sheriff decides to turn things up a notch by claiming he was seriously injured. With Boss Hogg's support and seeing an opportunity to foreclose on the Duke farm, Rosco files a $50,000 lawsuit against the Duke family. Boss -- now turned into Rosco's butler -- hires an actor to play a doctor to support Rosco's claims, leaving Bo and Luke to try to expose Rosco's injuries as fake. Will a judge buy Rosco's story, or will he see ...
3 Nov. 1981
The Fugitive
The Duke boys' beautiful girlfriend, Mindy Lou, learns that Boss Hogg is planning a heist of motorcycles, so as to gain an unfair upper hand in the upcoming Tri-County Motocross. Bo and Luke come up with a scheme of their own to beat Boss to the finish line.
6 Nov. 1981
The Great Bank Robbery
Boss Hogg, unwilling to pay longtime Hazzard County clerk Clarence Stovall a $30,000 pension, fires him one day short of retirement. Stovall gets his revenge by stealing the money from Hazzard Bank (of which Boss is president, natch). Uncle Jesse learns about this and lectures Clarence about the consequences of his actions, while Bo and Luke try to pull off a reverse-bank heist to save their friend from criminal charges.
13 Nov. 1981
Sadie Hogg Day
Daisy's one-day stint as Hazzard County treasurer on Sadie Hogg Day may earn her a trip to jail, after Boss Hogg -- hoping to avoid being arrested for embezzling county funds -- alters the county ledger to shift responsibility ... just in time for the annual audit by the state treasurer's office.
20 Nov. 1981
10 Million Dollar Sheriff Part 1
Rosco's Uncle Hosiah dies, and at the reading of his will, learns that he has inherited $10 million. Rosco, frustrated after years of being outfoxed by the Dukes, hires hard-nosed hit man Jason Steele to track down and arrest Bo and Luke. Meanwhile, Rosco goes on a power trip and schemes to win Boss' fortune in a rigged poker game.
20 Nov. 1981
10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 2
Uncle Jesse seriously injures himself as the shaken Duke patriarch learns that bounty hunter Jason Steele is a wanted criminal. Steele eventually manages to frame Bo and Luke on grand-theft auto (by having them drive away in a stolen Dodge Charger painted exactly like the General Lee). Hosiah Coltrane's attorney then informs Rosco that a mistake had been made and that the sheriff had only inherited $10 - leaving Rosco way short of the $100,000 needed to pay Steele for services rendered. Steele eventually blows his top when he learns Rosco doesn't have the money, and ...
27 Nov. 1981
Trouble at Cooter's
A beautiful fur thief named Bonnie Lane, along with her two accomplices, try to exact revenge on Boss (for his shortchanging them), and Cooter winds up in the middle of things when Bonnie tries to distract him with her charms while her two friends break into Boss' storeroom to get their payback.
4 Dec. 1981
Goodbye General Lee
When the Duke boys lose a cross country race to a better car, a discouraged Luke makes an offhanded remark about the General Lee possibly wearing out its usefulness. Boss Hogg picks up on this and hires his hypnotist friend to ensure that Luke really means what he says ... and to make sure the next road the General Lee drives is to the junkyard.
11 Dec. 1981
Cletus Falls in Love
Cletus becomes lovestruck when Daisy uses her charms to get her cousins out of a phony traffic charge. As Cletus does everything to smother Daisy with affection, he also loses his job for bungling an arrest. However, Cletus plays the hero when Bo and Luke are jailed for passing a bad check, as part of Boss Hogg's scheme to frame the Dukes, impress a probation officer and win favor from no-nonsense Chickasaw County Sheriff "Big" Ed Little. And Flash also plays a big part in saving the day for the Dukes.
18 Dec. 1981
Hughie Hogg Strikes Again
Hughie Hogg's latest scheme targets Cooter, whose garage is threatened with eminent domain so the crooked Hogg can build shoddy condominiums at an inflated price.
1 Jan. 1982
Dukescam Scam
When Boss Hogg is arrested for robbing his own bank, Uncle Jesse bails out his own enemy by using his farm's mortgage. But did Boss Hogg really rob the bank ... or after years of failing to obtain the farm, is he looking for an easy foreclosure?
8 Jan. 1982
The Sound of Music - Hazzard Style
The Hazzard hills are alive -- with the sound of Mickey Gilley's music. So is Boss Hogg's pirate recording studio, after Boss and his latest associates plan to record Gilley's Hazzard concert and sell the resulting albums on the black market. The FBI is already onto the scheme, so the crooks steal the General Lee. While hiding out at the Duke farm, the crooks name Bo and Luke as the head of the pirating scheme. However, Gilley knows the truth and works with the Duke boys to put a halt to Boss' recording dreams.
15 Jan. 1982
Shine on Hazzard Moon
A determined Boss Hogg, desperately wanting Uncle Jesse's moonshine recipe, makes a demand: give over the recipe, or have Bo and Luke charged with felony theft in the disappearance of funds from the Hazzard County Orphanage.
22 Jan. 1982
Pin the Tail on the Dukes
Bo and Luke have their hands full with Boss Hogg, as they try to thwart a lawsuit for destroying county property (a hair dryer made up to look like a speed radar gun), and saving him from a disgruntled former landowner, who was swindled out of his property and is now returning to Hazzard to exact revenge.
29 Jan. 1982
Miz Tisdale on the Lam
Hazzard County Postmistress Emma Tisdale hides out at the Duke farm after learning she is being investigated for mail fraud. The pending charges stemmed from Boss Hogg's decision to shift responsibility for selling non-existent properties. As Bo and Luke investigate, Miz Tisdale does all she can to try to cozy up to longtime crush Uncle Jesse.
5 Feb. 1982
Nothin' But the Truth
When Boss Hogg learns that a state investigator is on his way to Hazzard to check out a claim of an illegal casino, he shifts the blame to the Duke family. But just as the Dukes are being formally charged, Boss sits on a syringe filled with truth serum. Boss lets slip the truth, and his cronies are none too pleased, forcing Bo and Luke to ride to Boss' rescue.
12 Feb. 1982
Dear Diary
Rosco has kept a diary detailing Boss Hogg's illegal schemes carried out over the years. Two of Boss' former (and now disgruntled) associates become aware of this and swipe the diary, demanding a huge ransom or else they tip off the authorities. This leaves Bo and Luke with a moral dilemma: Defeat the crooks, as their criminal activities are more serious than Boss'; or see their longtime enemy brought to justice once and for all.
19 Feb. 1981
New Deputy in Town
When an efficient -- and awesomely beautiful -- patrol officer effortlessly arrests Bo and Luke on traffic charges, an impressed Boss Hogg and Rosco immediately hire her as a new deputy. However, Boss is so distracted by the new deputy's charms that he forgets to check out her background ... or that she is associated with a murder and robbery suspect that is scheduled to spend the night at the Hazzard County Jail.
26 Feb. 1982
Birds Gotta Fly
Daisy's longtime friend Molly Hargrove offers her a spot on the NASCAR women's racing circuit. But Molly knows a lot more about the job than she's willing to tell Daisy.
5 Mar. 1982
Bad Day in Hazzard
The Dukes are forced to bond with their sworn enemies -- Boss Hogg and Rosco -- after they are held at gunpoint by a gang of robbers at the Boar's Nest. The lead robber, posing as a law enforcement officer, then orders an emergency evacuation of Hazzard ... thereby eliminating any witnesses to his plans to rob an armored truck making a delivery to Hazzard Bank.
12 Mar. 1982
Miss Tri-Counties
Corruption runs amok in the Miss Tri-Counties pageant when Boss Hogg accepts a $10,000 payoff to rig the contest in favor of Hatchapee County entrant Melanie Dubois. Bo and Luke foil Boss and the other county bosses at every turn as the contests are unfairly tilted against pageant favorite Daisy, but those efforts are easy compared to saving Daisy from a brutal fate when two thugs kidnap her before the final swimsuit competition.
19 Mar. 1982
Share and Share Alike
In a nod to the ongoing Equal Rights Amendment debate, Lulu and Daisy co-form the Hazzard County Equal Rights Society to decry overbearing treatment from men. Lulu gets her way when she demands 50-percent control of husband Boss' used car lot. Unknown to both Lulu and Daisy, Boss has stashed stolen credit cards inside the door panels of one of the cars ... and that car so happens to be the one that Chickasaw County Sheriff "Big" Ed Little decides to buy as as a personal daily driver.
26 Mar. 1982
The Law and Jesse Duke
When Rosco and Cletus go on strike after Boss refuses to give them a pay raise, Uncle Jesse is named the sheriff. Bo and Luke are subsequently deputized to help capture a pair of thieves who have stolen a cache of electronics items in Boss' latest effort to frame the Duke boys.
2 Apr. 1982
Dukes in Danger
Friends and enemies are once again forced to band after a pair of escaped convicts take refuge at the Duke farm and, at gunpoint, force the Duke family to cooperate with their escape plans. The criminals burst into the Duke household just as Uncle Jesse was about to drive into town to make his mortgage payment. When Uncle Jesse fails to show, Boss Hogg and Rosco drive out to the Duke farm to foreclose, only for them to be taken hostage as well. With all the communication devices disabled and everyone's car keys confiscated, the Dukes are left to improvise and signal ...

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