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Season: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Year: 1979 | 1980 | 1981 | 1982

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Swiftnick

6 January 1979
Mary Smith, owner of the Black Swann inn is in debt to Sir John Glutton. Her son Nicholas tries to gather together the money by taking up the guise of the infamous highwayman Dick Turpin. Unfortunately for him, his first victim turns out to be the actual Turpin. When Nicholas is captured by Captain Spiker his mother, an old acquaintance of Dick, asks Turpin to take her son under his wing. The highwayman rescues the lad and gives him the nickname Swiftnick, after another rogue.

Season 1, Episode 2: The Capture

13 January 1979
Dick thinks Swiftnick isn't cutting it as a highwayman and bribes Tanner the gunsmith into taking the boy in as an apprentice. Glutton and Spiker have come up with a plan to use an actress called Jane Kelsey, who main claim to fame is a performance as Cleopatra, to lure Turpin into a trap.

Season 1, Episode 3: The Champion

20 January 1979
Turpin intends to find some rest in the little village of Mudbury, but Swiftnick starts bragging about Dick's skills as a prizefighter. An unsuspecting Dick soon finds himself facing the bully Hogg, the accomplice of bible thumping tax collector Father Nightingale. Dick decides to call a favor from an old friend, Tom "The Bristol Butcher" Bracewell, but he disappears shortly before the fight.
Richard O'Sullivan ... Dick Turpin
Michael Deeks ... Swiftnick
Don Henderson ... Tom Bracewell
John Grillo ... Nightingale
Robert Russell ... Hogg

Gerry Cowper ... Lucy (as Geraldine Cowper)
Nicholas McCardle ... Pollard
Roy Evans ... Fellowes
Ron Welling ... Gilbey
Billy Dean ... Tim Cook

Season 1, Episode 4: The Poacher

27 January 1979
A poacher has cut in on Dick Turpins territory. Dick and Swiftnick decide to bait the most obvious suspect, a stranger named Joshua Vizard. Meanwhile Captain Spiker is thoroughly annoyed by the Sir John Glutton's visiting nephew, the extremely foppish Willougby.

Season 1, Episode 5: The Pursuit

3 February 1979
When Dick and Swiftnick find themselves robbed, they pursue this masked highwayman, only to find the trail leading to a country house belonging to Mrs Bedingfield and her two daughters Belinda and Abigail.
Richard O'Sullivan ... Dick Turpin
Michael Deeks ... Swiftnick
Stacy Dorning ... Belinda
Stewart Bevan ... Charles Fenton
Joe Ritchie ... Grummit
Honor Shepherd ... Mrs. Bedingfield
Larry Hoodekoff ... Captain Rogers
Kate Dorning ... Abigail
Wilfred Grove ... Fenton's Servant
Billy Dean ... Tim Cook

Season 1, Episode 6: The Blacksmith

10 February 1979
Dick decides to fetch some of the loot his friend Sam Morgan the blacksmith has been keeping safe for him. Unfortunately, Morgan has just been captured by Spiker. Their first attempt at rescuing the blacksmith only results in freeing an old scoundrel called Isaac Rag. Therefor, Dick decides to take a hostage of his own, Sir John Glutton.

Season 1, Episode 7: The Impostor

17 February 1979
Glutton hires a man called Miller to pose as Turpin and discredit his name. Soon, even Swiftnick has fallen for the scam, as it appears that Dick Turpin has shot Nick's uncle Amos and stolen a pair of pistols.

Season 1, Episode 8: The Upright Man

24 February 1979
Several members of 'The Brotherhood' have fallen into the hands of the law and been hanged. Suspecting betrayal by one of their own, Dick decides to visit the Brotherhood's leader, Tyson Sarney, aka the Upright Man.
Richard O'Sullivan ... Dick Turpin
Michael Deeks ... Swiftnick

Ray McAnally ... Tyson Sarney
Bridget Brice ... Sal Hawk

Tony Haygarth ... Harry Bassett

Daniel Gerroll ... Lieutenant Ford
Billy Dean ... Tim Cook
Ralph Morse ... Blackguard

Season 1, Episode 9: The Whipping Boy

3 March 1979
The Duke of Hertford sends Colonel Moat to take care of Turpin after being robbed by him. Both Dick and Captain Spiker used to serve under Moat at Gibraltar. The old rivalry between the Captain and the Colonel soon rears up again, leaving Spiker demoted and Moat imposing a reign of terror.
Richard O'Sullivan ... Dick Turpin
Christopher Benjamin ... Sir John Glutton
David Daker ... Captain Nathan Spiker
Michael Deeks ... Swiftnick
John Hallam ... Colonel Tobias Moat
Bernard Archard ... Duke of Hertford
Joan Rhodes ... Big Nell
Keith James ... Davy
Natalie Ogle ... Meg

Nick Hobbs ... Courier
Lawrie Mark ... Blackmore
Stewart Harwood ... Jeffrey Benskin
Billy Dean ... Tim Cook

Season 1, Episode 10: The Hero

10 March 1979
Glutton has arranged a marriage between Spiker and the wealthy Phyllida Tranter. However, her less than impressive suitor Nigel Ffoulkes-Withers has followed her in a fit of desperation. Dick takes pity on the man and develops a plan to unite the young lovers.

Season 1, Episode 11: The Turncoat

17 March 1979
Sir John Glutton sends Spiker on an errand carrying a letter pledging his allegiance to Prince Charles, pretender to the throne, in the seams of his coat. Spiker is ambushed by Foxy and Nabber, who steal the coat. Glutton forces Dick Turpin to recover the letter by holding Big Nell of the Cock and Bull hostage.

Season 1, Episode 12: The Hostages

24 March 1979
Swiftnick wants to get his name into songs as well and goes off on his own. He soon learns Glutton is terrorizing two children, Jem and Nan, at Rookham Hall. Meanwhile their mother, Glutton's niece, is being attacked by Foxy and Nabber, but Dick Turpin comes to the rescue.
Richard O'Sullivan ... Dick Turpin
Christopher Benjamin ... Sir John Glutton
Michael Deeks ... Swiftnick
Mary Maude ... Sarah Clayton
Griffith Davies ... Nabber Pindle
Forbes Collins ... Foxy Foxwell
Denis DeMarne ... Jack Foxwell
Adam Stafford ... Jem Clayton
Julia Gambold ... Nan Clayton
Linda Robson ... Lucy
Sean Lynch ... Thompson
Billy Dean ... Tim Cook

Season 1, Episode 13: The Jail-Birds

31 March 1979
By a strange order of events, Dick and Swiftnick find themselves thrown into jail at Slough together with Glutton and Spiker. Despite numerous attempts, the four of them seem to be done for, until by chance poor old Isaac Rag joins them in their cell.

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: The Fox: Part 1

16 February 1980
A dying highwayman named Joe Cutler asks Dick Turpin to honor his last request. Unfortunately, Dick and Swiftnick are captured by the very men who were chasing Cutler. They are brought before the sadistic Lord Manderfell, who decides to hunt down Turpin as if he were a fox. Only if Dick manages to elude the hunting party until sunset, will he and Swiftnick be set free.
Richard O'Sullivan ... Dick Turpin
Michael Deeks ... Swiftnick
Donald Pickering ... Lord Manderfell
Annabelle Lee ... Poll Maggot
Garfield Morgan ... Warren
Sarah Bullen ... Lady Manderfell
Len Howe ... Old Adam
Rosanne Wickes ... Lady in Hunt
Caroline Mary Simmons ... Second Lady on Horseback
Godfrey Jackman ... Joe Cutler
Paul Tropea ... Stable Boy
Andrew Berezowski ... Stable Boy

Season 2, Episode 2: The Fox: Part 2

23 February 1980
Swiftnick manages to escape from Manderfell's dungeon on his own and speeds off to find Dick, who is still on the run and all but exhausted by now. Still, Turpin insists on honoring Joe Cutlers last request by finding his hidden loot at the so called 'Devil's Chimney' and finding out who the woman is Cutler stole it for.
Richard O'Sullivan ... Dick Turpin
Michael Deeks ... Swiftnick
Donald Pickering ... Lord Manderfell
Annabelle Lee ... Poll Maggot
Garfield Morgan ... Warren
Sarah Bullen ... Lady Manderfell
Len Howe ... Old Adam
Rosanne Wickes ... Lady in Hunt
Caroline Mary Simmons ... Second Lady on Horseback
Godfrey Jackman ... Joe Cutler (archive footage)

Season 2, Episode 3: Blood Money

1 March 1980
Wanted for High Treason against King George, Sir John Glutton returns to his desolated Rookham house to find letters containing the names of his fellow traitors. Glutton plans to buy his own freedom by turning in his fellow betrayers. Dick Turpin and Swiftnick are interested both getting their own back on Sir John, as well as the reward of 100 guineas.
Richard O'Sullivan ... Dick Turpin
Michael Deeks ... Swiftnick
Christopher Benjamin ... Sir John Glutton
Alfie Bass ... Isaac Rag
Michael Culver ... Colonel De Courcey
Howard Bell ... Countryman
Sandy Sinclair ... Dragoon sergeant
Ian Hurley ... First Dragoon

Season 2, Episode 4: Deadlier Than the Male

8 March 1980
Dick Turpin has saved a young serving wench from the clutches of scrupulous nobleman Edward Faversham and his two friends. Shortly thereafter he helps the Catherine Langford and her serving girl Wimple, who's carriage has overturned. Dick is distressed to learn the beautiful Catherine is engaged to be married to Faversham. When Wimple returns to the forest requesting Dicks help, little does he suspect he is walking into a trap.
Richard O'Sullivan ... Dick Turpin
Michael Deeks ... Swiftnick
Simon Rouse ... Edward Faversham

Lindsay Duncan ... Catherine Langford
Julia Swift ... Wimple
Tony Boncza ... Gill Crabtree

Marc Sinden ... Joss Melford
Evan Ross ... Mr. Williams
Nicola Wright ... Mary

Season 2, Episode 5: The Elixir of Life

15 March 1980
Dick and Swiftnick are waiting for their accomplice Harry Sims at The Fox Inn when the Dr. Mandragola, a sight seer and alchemist arrives. He is soon followed by Captain Venables who has captured Sims. Dick poses as the Doctor and is ordered by Venables to use his powers of foresight to locate Turpin.
Richard O'Sullivan ... Dick Turpin
Michael Deeks ... Swiftnick
John Junkin ... Dr. Mandragola
Michael Robbins ... Sgt.Bullock
Hilda Braid ... Abby
Anthony May ... Captain Venables
Nigel Humphreys ... Soldier
Peter Hill ... Harry Sims

Season 2, Episode 6: The Thief-Taker

22 March 1980
Lord Fordingham has put a bounty on Dick Turpin's head. Realizing they can get even more money out of the Lord, Turpin and Swiftnick pose as a pair of thief-takers, Jeremiah Snare and Jonathon Hardy and fool Fordingham into believing Captain Spiker is actually Dick Turpin.

Season 2, Episode 7: The Judge

29 March 1980
Turpin intercepts judge Lambsfoot and takes his place in order to help local landowner Johh Radstock and Swiftnick escape their sentences.

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Dick Turpin's Greatest Adventure: Part 1

16 May 1981
Young American Jane Harding of the Providence of Maryland travels to England with evidence to discredit the tyrannical Governor Appleyard. Her lover, Noll Bridger, travels ahead of her with his champion prizefighter. Meanwhile, Dick Turpin is having an affair with Lady Melford and almost gets caught in her bedroom by her husband, the lord.

Season 3, Episode 2: Dick Turpin's Greatest Adventure: Part 2

23 May 1981
Jane Harding has escaped from her kidnappers and tries to steal Swiftnick's horse, Ceasar. Refusing to explain herself to Dick or Swiftnick, She eventually manages to get away on Turpin's nag, Bess. When Turpin finally catches up with her, she has fallen into the hands of the traitorous Noll Bridger, who quickly becomes an enemy to Dick.

Mary Crosby ... Jane Harding
Richard O'Sullivan ... Dick Turpin
Michael Deeks ... Swiftnick
Oliver Tobias ... Noll Bridger
George Innes ... Smith

Peter Diamond ... 1st Prize Fighter
Terry Paris ... 2nd Prize Fighter

Roy Kinnear ... Clanton
Frank Lee ... Referee
Billy Dean ... Tom Cook
Clive Curtis ... Saul
John Rogan ... Inn Keeper (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 3: Dick Turpin's Greatest Adventure: Part 3

30 May 1981
Dick Turpin beats Noll Bridger in a duel, but is thrown into jail by Fytton, along with Swiftnick. Bridger's slave, Saul, manages to break them out, and Turpin and Swiftnick in turn rescue Kate and their horses.

Season 3, Episode 4: Dick Turpin's Greatest Adventure: Part 4

6 June 1981
Turpin, Swiftnick and Jane run afoul of the religious maniac Ignatius Slake and his followers. Slake promptly puts Turpin on trial and sentences him to a 'running'. This means he is to be tied to a burning cartwheel.
Richard O'Sullivan ... Dick Turpin

Mary Crosby ... Jane Harding
Michael Deeks ... Swiftnick

Donald Pleasence ... Ignatius Slake
Peter Burroughs ... Choir Boy

Patrick Ryecart ... Fytton
Oliver Tobias ... Noll Bridger
Alfie Bass ... Isaac Rag
John Rogan ... Inn Keeper

Diana Dors ... Mrs. Buskin
Linda Hayden ... Sal
George Innes ... Smith
Ronnie Grainge ... Highwayman (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 5: Dick Turpin's Greatest Adventure: Part 5

13 June 1981
Jane had finally recovered the the proof against Governor Appleyard and needs to get it to Lord Melford. So, Turpin and Swiftnick help her to sneak into Melford's estate during a costume party. Unfortunately, Appleyard himself is in attendance, as well as Noll Bridger and Fytton.

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: Sentence of Death: Part 1

20 September 1980
After serving six years imprisonment in Jamaica, Barnaby Husk wants his revenge on Dick Turpin. He turns to an old acquaintance, Poll Maggot. Meanwhile, King George's young cousin is wandering the woods after an attack on his guardian's carriage. Old Isaac Rag bumps into the boy and, calling him 'Todd', takes him under his wing.
Richard O'Sullivan ... Dick Turpin
Michael Deeks ... Swiftnick
Alfie Bass ... Isaac Rag
Bryan Marshall ... Barnaby Husk
Annabelle Lee ... Poll Maggot
Joan Rhodes ... Big Nell
Aaron Burchell ... Boy (as Arron Burchell)

Season 4, Episode 2: Sentence of Death: Part 2

27 September 1980
Barnaby Husk has collapsed with sickness and Dick surmises it is the yellow plague. Isaac Rag ignores Dick's warnings and flees the Fox, while Husk recovers just in time to try and kidnap the German aristocratic boy.
Richard O'Sullivan ... Dick Turpin
Michael Deeks ... Swiftnick
Alfie Bass ... Isaac Rag
Bryan Marshall ... Barnaby Husk
Annabelle Lee ... Poll Maggot
David de Keyser ... Duke Of Hesse
Aaron Burchell ... Boy (as Arron Burchell)
Joan Rhodes ... Big Nell

Season 4, Episode 3: The Godmother

7 June 1980
Glutton's Godmother, the Dutches of Durham is coming for a visit. Since his letters have let her to believe Glutton is married, his accomplice Simon Gooch proposes his sister could pose as Lady Glutton. By an unfortunate order of events, Turpin and Swiftnick are robbing the Gooches just when Glutton's men come to fetch his pretend wife, and Dick ends up in drag.
Richard O'Sullivan ... Dick Turpin
Christopher Benjamin ... Sir John Glutton
Michael Deeks ... Swiftnick
Joan Sims ... Countess of Durham
John Bird ... Gooch
Wendy Morgan ... Tabitha
Dorothea Phillips ... Sophonisba
Denis DeMarne ... Foxwell (as Dennis De Marne)
Frank Forsyth ... Briggs
Duncan Woodcock ... Toby Weston

Season 4, Episode 4: The Secret Folk

20 February 1982
Swiftnick frees Aphrina, a gypsy girl from a forester's trap. In order to prove to her tribe he has not shamed the girl, Swiftnick must face three ordeals chosen by fate. As Swiftnick is already wounded, Turpin steps in to face the tasks instead.

Season 4, Episode 5: The King's Shilling

17 May 1980
Swiftnick comes to the aid of a pair of young lads who have been tricked into joining the King's army. The recruiting officers, Captain Willard and his posh accomplish Newell, double back "The Bell" inn to get their revenge on the young highwayman.
Richard O'Sullivan ... Dick Turpin
Michael Deeks ... Swiftnick
Paul Angelis ... Willard
Ken Wynne ... Newell
Jane West ... Sally
Richard Speight ... Jack

Pete Lee-Wilson ... Youth (as Pete Wilson)

Season 4, Episode 6: The Hanging

14 June 1980
Turpin and Swiftnick come to the aid of a woman calling herself 'Mrs Brownlow', who is being blackmailed by Captain Spiker. Unfortunately, Turpin gets caught and is sentenced to death by hanging.

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