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Season 1

3 Feb. 1979
Totsugeki!! Kyûjô e Hashire
A series of murders of high officials forces the Battle Fever squadron into action, increasing their arsenal as well as accept in new member Diane Martin.
10 Feb. 1979
Egosu Kaijin Seizô Hô
Battle Fever discovers a plot by Egos to assassinate people instructed by others at a cost of the requester's willpower.
17 Mar. 1979
Supai o Sagase!
Masao appears to sell out his team to Egos when he sells off plans for their secret weapon.
24 Feb. 1979
Chôriki no Wana da!
Shiraishi desperately tries to save a researcher friend as Egos recruits a psychic to discover the truth of Battle Fever's secret weapon.
3 Mar. 1979
Robotto Dai Kûchûsen
A kidnapping forces a crew member to choose sides in the final countdown between the initial launch of either Battle Fever or Egos' giant robot.
10 Mar. 1979
Bannô Senkan Hasshin Seyo
Commander Hedder takes over a radar station to cause problems in the deployment of the Battle Shark when Egos releases another robot.
17 Mar. 1979
O-ie ga Moeru!!
Shiraishi bonds with a boy who is obsessed with a wave of arson attacks committed in association with Egos.
24 Mar. 1979
Tetsuwan Êsu no Nazo
While helping a young pitcher get through a slump, Masao investigates a fellow pitcher who has suddenly become a genius due to Egos' manipulations.
30 Mar. 1979
Kôri no Kuni no Onna
Battle Fever pursues a group of robbers using their name, made personal when Masao discovers a friend who is part of the scheme.
7 Apr. 1979
Nauman-zô o Mita
Akebono protects a researcher excavating the fossils of an ancient elephant that an Egos Monster desires for it's own usage.
14 Apr. 1979
Petto Yûkai Dai Jiken
When Egos begins an animal abduction operation, Battle Fever uses three animal-loving kids and their own avian spy to root them out.
21 Apr. 1979
Noroi Satsu Hô Bara Fubuki
Masaru and Shida become suspicious of a new female teacher who they believe is an Egos Monster brainwashing children to defy their parents.
28 Apr. 1979
Kin no Tamago to Medamayaki
Shiraishi tries to stop the scheme of an Egos Monster who lays golden eggs that brainwash anyone who eats them.
5 May 1979
Bijo to Yajû no Kekkon
Shida intervenes when an Egos Monster makes it's moves on a female customer intent on marrying her.
12 May 1979
Egosu no Jigoku Ryôri
When Shida discovers children becoming sick after eating escargot from a French food demonstration, he tries to discover the reason behind it.
19 May 1979
Kakutôgi Joô no Higeki
Masao becomes the bodyguard of a boxer targeted by Egos who has a connection with their powerful female martial arts recruit.
26 Mar. 1979
Kaibutsu Mashin o Ubae
Egos abducts the idiot twin brother of a scientist behind a car whose technology they wish to utilize to improve their robots.
2 Jun. 1979
Hato yo Aku no Su e Isoge
A scientist father tries to escape from the clutches of Egos as a carrier pigeon becomes the connection between him and his son.
9 Jun. 1979
Sekai Saidai Kyô no Bijo
Salomé, an American ally of Hedder, fights to prove her worth and value to Egos, including face down Battle Fever.
26 Jun. 1979
Kiken na Yûrei Kari
Akebono decides to help a girl's dormitory invaded by a supernatural phenomenon connected to the death of a fellow student and one of her possessions.
23 Jun. 1979
Kyôryû Hantô e Totsugeki
A sword with mysterious instructions leads Battle Fever to the Noto Peninsula, where they search to find pirate treasure before Egos' female spy duo.
30 Jun. 1979
Onna Supai Dan no Gyakushû
Battle Fever and Egos continues to confront each other over the location of the Noto treasure, with the key remaining in the mind of their amnesiac benefactor.
7 Jul. 1979
Kessen!! Kaijin Sô Tôjô
After a humiliating defeat against an Egos Monster, Tetsuzan reminds Battle Fever of their past accomplishments to push them forwards.
14 Jul. 1979
Namida! Daian Taoru
The arrival of Diane's sister from America forces Miss America into her greatest crisis, where she ultimately must switch with another to save her team and her family.
21 Jul. 1979
Satsueijo wa Kaiki Makyû
When children vanish during a car race at a movie studio, Shida, Maria and Keiko search for them while being manipulated by the illusions of an Egos Monster.
28 Jul. 1979
Hôtai Otoko no Kamen Hôkoku
An Egos Monster studies to discover Battle Fever's true identities, while Maria tries to help a blind boy to make up for a mistake in her past.
4 Aug. 1979
Hatsukoi Dorobô ni Goyô Kokoro
Egos uses the feelings of Tomoko's little sister as a means to try to discover and destroy Battle Fever's secret base.
11 Aug. 1979
Nazo no Bôto o Oe
While on vacation in Kamakura, Akebono helps a boy whose father has been abducted by Egos to help them find Battle Fever's underwater base.
18 Aug. 1979
Mita ka!? Kuchisake Onna
Maria tries to decipher the appearance of a Kuchisake-Onna that has appeared in town and it's connection to a female radio broadcaster.
25 Aug. 1979
Akkan Zasshoku no Ryôrichô
Akebono tries to coax Masaru into spending more time outdoors as a gourmet starfish Egos Monster prepares to eat Battle Kenya.
1 Sep. 1979
Gekisô Torakku Kyôdai
A ruffian truck driver and his little sister are put in danger when Shiraishi bring him in to help Battle Fever on a gold transport operation.
8 Sep. 1979
Furusato Satsujin Mura
Returning home for a rare festival, Masao becomes captured by Egos and tortured into doing their bidding.
15 Sep. 1979
Kosakku Ai ni Shisu
A promise made to a scientist to protect his daughter leads Shiraishi to a bond which ultimately leads to a tragic conclusion.
22 Sep. 1979
Jigoku de Warau Yami Shôgun
Jin's new membership in Battle Fever becomes suspect when he goes after a personal vendetta against an old enemy.
29 Sep. 1979
Harapeko daipanikku
Battle Fever work to stop an Egos plot to reduce fish catches in order to monopolize on rising food costs.
6 Oct. 1979
Bakuhasareta Kekkonshiki
Maria is set up by Salome to take the fall for attempting to blow up her cousin's wedding ceremony.
13 Oct. 1979
Denkôken Tai Kazegurumaken
When a statue is stolen by Egos for it's contents, a boy recruits Akebono to get it back without having it destroyed.
20 Oct. 1979
Kaiki Pâtî no Wana
While pursuing a thieving Egos Monster, Battle Fever are forced to join into a costume party in the woods which also houses Egos' lab.
27 Oct. 1979
Akuma ni Natta Tomo
A sickly doctor friend of Jin becomes an Egos Monster in hopes of gaining eternal life, even at the cost of his humanity.
3 Nov. 1979
Bijin sensei kikiippatsu
Maria disguises herself as a tutor to protect the supposed genius son of a powerful family from an Egos Monster abducting idiot boys who don't study.
10 Nov. 1979
Bakuha Sunzen no Dai Gyakushû
Masaru befriends a giant mechanical doll being utilized by Egos to deceive and infiltrate Battle Fever's headquarters.
17 Nov. 1979
Denki Ningen-Ai no Hanabi
Shida is electrified by an Egos Monster to estrange him, making problems worse after he accidentally electrocutes a girl's younger brother.
24 Nov. 1979
Ansatsusha Jakkaru
Egos hires an assassin to kill Battle Fever, unaware of his long history with his former friend Akebono.
1 Dec. 1979
Jigoku tani no getsuei ichizoku
Battle Fever find themselves under attack by a ninja clan after a member turned Egos Monster frames them for the murder of another member.
8 Dec. 1979
Shinzô Teishi Gofun Mae
Akebono and Jin protect a heart surgeon used by Egos to empower a monster so he can save a child's life.
15 Dec. 1979
Noroi no Wara Ningyô
A boy gains control of a cursed doll Egos Monster that allows him to inflict punishment on anyone he wants.
29 Dec. 1979
Kai! Bôryaku no Kusayakyû
Maria investigates left-handed sports players who suddenly become superhuman as part of Egos' manipulations.
29 Dec. 1979
Dai Tôzoku to Dorobô Shônen
Shida tries to save a boy trapped into working as a thief for an Egos Monster controlling a massive wave of robberies.
5 Jan. 1980
Ninen Gokumi no Hanrangun
Masaru and his class are brainwashed by a flytrap Egos Monster into becoming reckless rebels who do as they please and work for their evil cause.
12 Jan. 1980
Shôgun o Nerau Fukumen Oni
Hedder rampages against Tetsuzan's allies in order to force Battle Fever's general into a showdown for his elimination.
19 Jan. 1980
Egosu Fukkatsu no Kishiki
Satan Egos brings Hedder back as a monster in a scheme to allow him to finally gain access to Battle Fever's base for one final shot at Tetsuzan.
26 Jan. 1980
Eiyûtachi no Kôkyôkyoku
A series of bizarre occurrences leads Battle Fever on an investigation where they finally come face to face with Satan Egos, leading to an ultimate showdown of the world heroes and the secret society.

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