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4 Jan. 1981
Custody: Part 1
Stephanie's wealthy grandmother appears and sues Archie for custody.
11 Jan. 1981
Custody: Part 2
Archie fights for, and wins, legal custody of Stephanie.
1 Feb. 1981
Barney the Gambler
Barney gets carried away and in hot water when he hits a lucky streak betting on the horses.
15 Feb. 1981
Murray Klein's Place
Murray walks out when he feels he isn't given an equal say in the business.
22 Feb. 1981
Weekend Away
Archie and Murray go to a restaurant convention with hilarious results.
8 Mar. 1981
Stephanie's Science Project
Stephanie fails her school science project, despite everyone's best efforts to help her out.
15 Mar. 1981
Tough Love
When Veronica's drinking gets out of control and even interferes with her work, Archie must take drastic measures.
29 Mar. 1981
The Trashing of the Temple
Stephanie's temple is the latest in a string of vandalisms, leading a frightened Archie to withdraw her.
5 Apr. 1981
La Cage Aux Bunker
Archie reluctantly takes Stephanie's music teacher on a date in a bid to get her into the school chorus.
3 May 1981
Death of a Saint
Murray's mother dies while he is on a date with his fiance, leaving him with a guilty conscience.
10 May 1981
Goodbye, Murray
Murray and his fiance marry and move to California.
4 Oct. 1981
Archie's niece Billie shows up with a story too sad for Archie to resist.
4 Oct. 1981
The Business Manager
When the restaurant is in financial ruin due to Archie's lackluster business sense, his lawyer hires him a business manager, against Archie's strong objections.
11 Oct. 1981
The Date
Billie accepts a date with Archie's accountant to get under Archie's skin because of his overprotectiveness.
18 Oct. 1981
Norma Rae Bunker
In an effort to make a little extra money, Mrs. Canby gets a job from home folding clothes for a sweatshop. When she is cheated out of half her pay, Archie goes to bat for her.
25 Oct. 1981
Harry's Investment
Archie is angered when he finds out Harry invested his savings in McFeeney's topless bar, Archie's main competition.
8 Nov. 1981
Three's a Crowd
When Archie goes to dinner with Barney and his date, she has eyes for Archie instead. Archie feels the same way, but is hesitant so soon after loosing Edith.
15 Nov. 1981
Happy Birthday, Stephanie
Archie objects to Stephanie going to a rock concert after Billie gives her the tickets for her birthday.
29 Nov. 1981
Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Part 1
Tensions rise when Stephanie's father reappears in the days leading up to her bar mitzvah.
6 Dec. 1981
Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Part 2
Tensions reach a boiling point when Archie catches Stephanie's father stealing her bar mitzvah money.
20 Dec. 1981
Stephanie's Dance
Archie must accept the fact that Stephanie is growing up when she attends her first school dance.
27 Dec. 1981
The Photo Contest
Stephanie enters some candid photos of Archie in a photography contest.

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