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6 Jan. 1980
Murray's Daughter
When Murray's daughter comes to town to take possession of a family inheritance, Archie gets the two to make peace after years of estrangement. Murray's daughter in this episode is played by Martin Balsam's real-life daughter, Talia.
27 Jan. 1980
The Ambush
Archie and Murray are held captive in their own storeroom by two female robbers.
3 Feb. 1980
The Return of Sammy
Sammy Davis Jr. accepts Archie's invitation to visit the restaurant after Archie sees him on a local talk show.
10 Feb. 1980
Archie Fixes Up Fred
One of Archie's lodge brothers pays a visit to the restaurant and berates Fred the waiter. Archie then tries to "convert" Fred by fixing him up with Linda from the local laundry service. His plan backfires, but they are even more shocked when Fred confesses to them exactly what the lodge brother had against him.
17 Feb. 1980
Father and Daughter Night
Stephanie needs a father for a talent show. When Archie is unwilling Murray steps in. Archie becomes jealous of Murray and Stephanie. Archie and Murray decide they will both perform with Stephanie. They louse the contest but the gang at the bar convinces the trio to give them a personal performance.
2 Mar. 1980
Van Ranseleer's Operation
The guys read an article in the paper about an experimental operation that restores sight to blind people and thinks it may help Mr. VanRenseeler.
9 Mar. 1980
Veronica's Ex
Veronica Rooney's ex-husband returns to town trying to win her back.
23 Mar. 1980
A Small Mafia Favor
Murray's childhood friend, Vinnie Mulvaney, drops by the bar for a visit. The two share old times, but Murray is unaware that Vinnie (now a mob boss) is setting him up to initiate a gangland-style murder of a rival mobster.
2 Nov. 1980
Archie Alone: Part 1
Archie struggles to cope with the death of his beloved wife, Edith. A month earlier, Edith had suffered a fatal stroke in her sleep. A stunned Archie rebuffs efforts from his friends to help him grieve.
2 Nov. 1980
Archie Alone: Part 2
Archie's refusal to grieve over Edith's sudden death continues to take its toll on his friends and family ... until one day he happens to go into their bedroom and sees Edith's slippers.
9 Nov. 1980
Home Again
With the house full of memories of his dearly departed dingbat, Archie considers selling.
16 Nov. 1980
Hiring the Housekeeper
Archie hires Ellen Canby, sister of his next door neighbor, as his new housekeeper.
23 Nov. 1980
The Wildcat Strike
A pushy new waitress encourages everyone to go on strike until Archie agrees to unionize.
30 Nov. 1980
Veronica and the Health Inspector
Veronica begins a whirlwind romance with the local health inspector, a man young enough to be her son.
7 Dec. 1980
Murray's Wife
When Murray and his ex-wife rekindle their relationship, she plans to turn the restaurant into an English pub. Murray soon realizes why they split up in the first place.
14 Dec. 1980
The Camping Trip
Archie reluctantly agrees to chaperone Stephanie's girl's club on a camping trip.
21 Dec. 1980
The Incident
Archie slugs the president of his lodge in defense of Mrs. Canby. Barney convinces Archie to write an apology to smooth things out. Archie agrees to, until Mrs. Canby reveals a painful memory from her past, which makes Archie reevaluate his own prejudices and see what is truly the right thing to do.

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