Superman (1978) Poster


Plot Keywords

planet reporter
newspaper galaxy
california criminal
mission earthquake
nuclear missile flying
love escape
train north pole
helicopter prison
superhero newspaper reporter
evil farm
orphan disguise
kansas midwest
sabotage alien
first part indoor swimming pool
desert newspaper photographer
subterranean laser beam
police surveillance golden gate bridge
super speed rescue
super strength explosion
convertible child nudity
time lapse photography fainting woman
trial guided missile
kryptonite catastrophe
school bus fainting
glowing crystal stick san francisco california
guide animal funeral
world domination cemetery
catching someone who falls 1950s
suntan pantyhose child full frontal nudity
telephone booth bare chested male
christ allegory cruise missile
sidekick bullet catching
comic relief surrogate family
lightning spacecraft
super villain phantom zone
television reporter control panel
killed by a train shootout
compassion journalism
high school product placement
test launch rural
mother son hug new york city
mugging alien contact
newspaper editor hologram
dc comics nerd
falling from height shot back to back
sequel mentioned during end credits swimming pool
crystal machine great plains
teenager subway
falling from a window blockbuster
megalomaniac foster parent
loss of father video surveillance
camera shot of feet trapped in a mirror
waterboy thunderstorm
year 1978 based on comic
year 1948 balcony
helicopter accident invulnerability
screaming woman radiation
photographer famous score
reference to george armstrong custer yacht
origin of hero time reversal
news reporter nuclear weapons
world trade center manhattan new york city disaster
cat crime fighter
san andreas fault supernova
ultrasonic airplane accident
female stockinged legs globe
secret hideout x ray vision
sunrise rooftop
loss of husband telephone box
fortress of solitude coming of age
earth viewed from space 1940s
library one word title
space travel police chase
transformation father son relationship
prologue epic
heroism police
heart attack first date
1960s governmentia
1970s character appears on front page of a newspaper
dam flat tire
villain arrested secret headquarters
exploding gasoline station telephone pole
avalanche cheerleader
rocket launching struck by lightning
good versus evil assumed identity
deus ex machina airforce one
reverse footage female stockinged feet
pantyhose flying man
super genius high school football
innocence hyper speed
high punted football female reporter
revolving door dam burst
hairy chest hero
interview alley
imprisonment toupee
reference to peter pan dual identity
barn man with glasses
convoy hoover dam
crystal fictional city
yelling for help statue of liberty new york city
family relationships jewel thief
secret identity outer space
year 1966 idealism
american football based on comic book
editorial office foundling
police officer killed exploding planet
reboot of series superhuman
hold up damsel in distress
human alien adoption
news crew army
newspaper man manhattan new york city
mugger meteorite
native american death of father
based on play character name in title
title spoken by character

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