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highly enjoyable
dispet17 June 2004
a very, very silly film. not once will you feel horror or revulsion (unless you are the sensitive type or a nun) but you may smirk, and you may laugh and you may even find yourself cheering on dear old sister gertrude as she goes on her rampage of false teeth destruction, morphine addiction, random sex and abuse and an extreme misuse of stockings. somehow this all ties together in a film which is somewhat cohesive, quite impressively directed for the most part, beautifully scored, very well acted and just generally entertaining. certainly not for everybody though, you do have to have a slightly bent idea of entertainment or at least enjoy cinema on the edge, on the edge of what, im not quite sure. over all, an enjoyable psychodrama with a touch of taboo.
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Killer Nun Ain't Much Fun *warning: some minor spoilers*
Jenabel_Regina_del_Mundo27 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
From Ken Russell's 'The Devils' to Jesus Franco's 'Love Letters Of A Portuguese Nun,' from Sergio Grieco's 'Sinful Nuns Of St. Valentine' to Gianfranco Mingozzi's classic 'Flavia The Heretic' and everything in between, I am a self-confessed nunsploitation freak. I wanted to embrace Killer Nun uncritically. I also like to check out any film featuring Joe Dallesandro, who is always interesting. Except, maybe, in this movie. But it would be unfair to ask Joe to save a failure like Killer Nun. The basic problem with this movie is the misleading title. With a title like Killer Nun, you are compelled to either deliver the goods, or condemned to disillusioning your audience. As a viewer, I haven't felt so disillusioned since I saw 'Blow Up' and not a single cast member exploded. I actually fell asleep the first time I tried to watch this film, right after Anita Ekberg stomped on the old lady's dentures. I did not pass out from tiredness but from the surprise agony of boredom this film inflicted upon my vulnerable brain. I trustingly placed my fragile psyche in the hands of cruel and insensitive filmmakers who betrayed me! By the time I fell asleep on the initial viewing attempt, I had long wearied of chanting "Kill, Nun, Kill!" every time a nun appeared on screen. Maybe if the film had been marketed under the title "Horny Junkie Nun" or "Nun With Occasional Psychotic Episodes" I wouldn't have felt so ripped off.

The second time I settled down to inflict Killer Nun upon myself I was prepared. I sat through it with steely determination, thankful for my preternaturally high pain threshold.

There's some soft sex and nudity, but only one scene between Sister Gertrude (Ekberg) and her younger lesbian nun lover contains any hint of eroticism or interest. Sister Gertrude humiliates her submissive girlfriend, Sister Mathilde (Paola Morra, an Italian Playboy Playmate who also had a small role in the nunsploitation flick 'Sex Life In A Convent'). Ekberg forces her to dress in silk stockings to satisfy her admitted fetish, and demands that she repeat the words, "I am the worst kind of prostitute!" Unfortunately this is a case of too little too late. This scene could have been deliciously lascivious... another opportunity to deliver the prurient goods utterly wasted.

The same can be said of the gore. Yeah, people die in this movie but the first outright killing occurs nearly halfway through the film. The gore, such as it is, is almost entirely implied, and will only irritate fans of graphic violence FX. Another killing carries genuine potential for thrills and terror, as the victim is sadistically tortured with pins. Somehow the filmmakers actually succeed in making scenes like this boring. Doesn't cut it with a film called Killer Nun, babe.

As for the other half of the reason I was looking forward with some pleasurable anticipation to watching this movie. Joe Dallesandro. His role is negligible. Aside from a lame soft sex scene with Morra, he's given nothing to do at all. Dallesandro is usually more than watchable in genre films. While he never gives a bad account of himself, in this instance his presence is wasted. A significant letdown for this fan.

I never imagined I would be disappointed in a nunsploitation entry. The biggest shock this film delivers is what a dud it turned out to be. I've had more laughs filming myself vomiting than I had watching this movie. If you want nunsploitation then consider Killer Nun as a last resort. Instead try one of the films mentioned in my opening remarks, or maybe you'd enjoy my personal favorite, Pedro Almodovar's 'Dark Habits.'
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Killer movie!
Infofreak30 July 2001
I'm really surprised at the lack of comments for this classic piece of Nunsploitation! This movie is really, really odd! Anita Ekberg plays a cancer obsessed Nun who works as a nurse. Old people start getting killed, and she starts flipping out. She stomps on an old lady's false teeth, shoots up morphine, picks up a guy and screws him, and gets sexually involved with a fellow disturbed nun. Is she the killer? Does she even know herself? Watch 'Killer Nun' to find out.

Warhol regular Joe Dallesandro appears as a doctor but isn't very memorable. Ekberg's lesbian lover is though! One of the hottest nuns you'll ever see!
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Sleazy Video Nasty meeting of Giallo and Nunsploitation
The_Void20 June 2006
Killer Nun is a crossover between two of sleaze cinema's most popular subgenres; the graphically titled 'nunsploitation' and the more popular Italian thriller known as Giallo. I can't say I'm very experienced with the former, but I'm a big fan of the latter; and the fact that this film was a part of the Video Nasty list back in the eighties ensured that I had enough reason to see it. As a Video Nasty, this film isn't all that good and is unfortunately one of the more tame entries on the list, and to be honest; I can't see a good reason for banning it, other than the obvious implications of a nun taking it upon herself to begin killing people. As a Giallo, this film isn't all that good either - as there isn't a lot of mystery going on, and the murders aren't too imaginative. However, as a slice of sleaze; this film works a treat! The plot follows a nun who finds herself addicted to morphine after having an operation on a brain tumour. However, this isn't the most dangerous element of her psyche; as the patients at the hospital she works at believe that she is behind a series of murders!

The film clearly knows what its main strengths are, and director Giulio Berruti delights in showing things such as lesbianism and torture to his audience. The idea of one of God's disciples going around murdering people isn't the most original idea ever conceived, but it's well worked as the film always appears to be completely serious and manages to stay away from the comic book styling's of many Giallo, which would ultimately have harmed the film. Cult actress Anita Ekberg takes the lead role and delivers a strong performance, which despite not winning her any plaudits; works well in the context of the movie, and she does carry off the nun look well. Joe Dallesandro joins in the fun, and the rest of the unknown cast are good enough for this sort of film. The lesbian scenes in the movie are well done and actually rather erotic, thereby guaranteed to delight the movie's target audience. The plot is always secondary to the sleaze, and therefore isn't too interesting; but it plays out nicely, and while the ending isn't particularly strong; this is a good example of sleaze cinema and is recommended to the relevant people.
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Great title but light on nun sleaze
Dr. Gore7 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers

"Killer Nun" baby. What a title. I couldn't resist. I was helpless. A nun. Who's a killer! Had to see it.

Unfortunately "Killer Nun" was too good a title. It couldn't live up to the high sleaze bar it had set for itself. The main nun, Sister Gertrude, (Anita Ekberg), does not get naked. She wasn't a young nun but she still had it going on. She was looking good.

So Gertrude works in a hospital. She is also addicted to morphine. Patients start ending up dead. Gertrude is suspected of being a killer nun. Her young nun roommate tries to console her. She also gets naked a lot and longs to be with Gertrude. In a good scene, Gertrude says that she'll only make love to a woman if she's wearing silk stockings. But once again, the movie falls short and no nun sex scene. Rats.

All in all, not too exciting. If the point of a "nunsploitation" movie is to see women dress as nuns and be sexual, this movie falls flat.
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A mild disappointment
lastliberal31 July 2008
This is an interesting film about nuns and murder that was shocking in it's day, but suffers in three areas.

First, it stars Anita Ekberg in her most skintastic role. No, you don't get to see her 40-23-38 body, just a brief flash of bun as she manages to get a quickie in town while she is stocking up on her drugs. Yes, she is a junkie nun and she also has a mental illness or brain disease. You never know which as everyone denies there is anything wrong with her. However, she is prone to fits of rage. Is she capable of murder? The murders starts when she returns from town. They are not particularly gruesome, and those looking for giallo will be disappointed.

Finally, there is a hint of lesbianism, but those looking for full blown nunsploitation should look elsewhere. Her roommate is Italian Playboy Playmate Paola Morra, in her first film. Now, Paola does swing both ways and does give full frontal. She is definitely something to see as she is incredible beautiful, but there is no action between her and Ekberg - you just have to imagine it.

The film was well directed and well written. It was an interesting work, but I feel that it will disappoint more than it will entertain.
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surreal with nuns drifting down corridors
christopher-underwood11 January 2007
Far better than I remember thinking on my first viewing but that was a while ago and now I think of it one of my first in this field. Probably not a good one to encounter first because it really is such a strange one. Pretty surreal with nuns drifting down corridors, gowns splayed out behind and the dreams, imaginings and nightmares punctuated with goring killings and lusty couplings. Ekberg is fine but so is everybody and they all play weird so that this also helps to give the film an unreal feel even though it is firmly set in a convent and supposedly based upon a true case. A stand out moment is the crushing underfoot of the poor old lady diner's false teeth, as we cut from the vicious trampling to the squirming old lady, hands to her mouth. Music is pleasant enough and effective if a little derivative and if Dallesandro seems the most normal person on the screen that just goes to show something about this true one off.
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A fantastic 'Nunsploitation' film from the 70's!!
Flowbeer25 July 2006
I loved this film, 'Killer Nun' (aka Suor Omicidi 1978). When I first found out about it, I knew I had to see it! This came out a year after 'Communion' (aka 'Alice, Sweet Alice') and both of these seem very similar in their approach by their directors. Both seemed to be from the same vein of film-making. European! The film is about a Nun (and a sexy one at that, played by Anita Ekberg!) who is addicted to morophine and who is losing her mind...or is she?! What's wild is that she can get away from the convent and stalk the streets for a casual sexual liason, which is one of the high-lights of the movie! She goes back to the convent and really bad things start to happen, people first, they seem like 'accidents' or 'suicides', but as the film goes on, you start to see what is really happening - but I won't spoil it for others here! Just see it, rent it, buy it if you find it. The DVD is excellent. There's an interview with the director at the end and it gives insights of how they filmed this movie - inside an actual convent! And how they were able to get away with filming so many sexy scenes! There's plenty of hot sexual situations and nudity in this Euro-trash nunspoiltaion film, as well as some 'tasteful' violence! A must see for ANY Euro-horror, babe-loving film fan! I give it about a 7 1/2 out of 10! *******1/2
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Say Two Hail Marys And I'll Whack You In The Morning...
ferbs5422 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Sister Gertrude, in the 1978 Italian horror film "The Killer Nun," is certainly not your typical, garden-variety nun. Addicted to mainlining morphine (Sister Morphine?!?!) as a result of a recent brain tumor operation, she also smokes cigarettes, drinks liquor in bars, hallucinates, has up-against-the-wall sex with casually picked-up men, wears makeup, steals, engages in domineering lesbian sex with her roommate, and, perhaps most shocking of all, refers to her Mother Superior as "bitch." Still...does that mean she's responsible for the wave of recent murders in the French hospital where she works? What would YOU think? As played by Miss Sweden 1951 herself, Anita Ekberg, Gertrude really is a sight to behold, both in and out of the, er, habit. Sadly, this picture, though great sounding in synopsis, is a real mixed bag, never dishes out quite enough in the sex and violence departments, and will probably leave most viewers wanting more in terms of sleaze, shocks and scares. Still, there are some pleasures to be had here. Giulio Berruti's directing is occasionally quite stylish, and the film's score, by Alessandro Alessandroni, is freaky (especially during Gertrude's "shooting sprees") and really quite excellent. Film buffs will also be happy to see Alida Valli and Joe Dallesandro in small roles, and one of the film's murders, featuring multiple hypodermic needles in an old woman's face, should satisfy all the gorehounds out there. The DVD that I just watched, from the good folks at Blue Underground, looks fine but has been poorly dubbed; subtitles would have been infinitely preferable. I had to watch the film twice to make sure I understood the ending correctly--the hushed, fast-talking dubbing doesn't always make things easy--and, if I may make a, um, confession, did appreciate it more the second time around.
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Anita Ekberg's career slips further into oblivion
Johann22 February 2006
Anita Ekberg made this film in the late 1970s, just when her career was in dire need of a boost. Well I've got some bad news for Ekberg fans, this isn't the star vehicle that any of you were looking for. In fact, it's pretty weak. There was a plot, but it wasn't that great. The directing was alright, but most of the production value on the film was merely mediocre.

Ekberg plays a middle aged nun who works for a Catholic hospital somewhere in Europe. She has recently had a brain tumor removed and was told that she made a complete recovery. Ekberg has her doubts because she finds herself acting in bizarre ways. There are several murders at the hospital that Ekberg believes she was responsible due to her changing mental condition. The only person who seems to know about her problems is her roommate/lesbian lover.

The plot isn't very difficult, and the twist is predictable. Look for Joe Dallesandro of "Flesh for Frankenstein" fame (his voice is dubbed, so we don't get to hear the Jersey accent), and some mild lesbian action. Other than that, it's really not worth bothering with.
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Go twisted sister, GO!
Coventry11 January 2006
Why on earth are most comments on this "Killer Nun" so exaggeratedly harsh? It's certainly true that this film differs immensely from all the other Nunsploitation-movies made previously, with a story that doesn't involve Satan-worshiping nuns for once and a remarkably lesser amount of graphic sex, but that doesn't mean it's inferior exploitation! On the contrary, I strongly believe the story of "Killer Nun" actually works for a change, since it's loosely based on a factual Belgian serial-killer case about a mentally unstable hospital-convent nurse who turns to murder after imagining an incurable disease. Actress Anita Ekberg, who I think she resembles Kathleen Turner, plays the respected sister Gertrude but she's no longer the devoted nurse/nun she used to be. She's convinced she has cancer, gets addicted to morphine and starts to do ungodly things, like mistreating her patients and even sexually provoking men as well as her young roommate. When some patients are found dead, even Mother Superior begins to doubt sister Gertrude. "Killer Nun" is atmospheric, but often very slow and admittedly the substance might be too scant to fill a whole horror movie with. Peculiar as well is that director Giulio Berruti hints at several controversial topics (lesbianism, masochism...) but eventually evades to show anything, and this is probably the reason why so many horror fans claim "Killer Nun" is a boring and eventless film. Nevertheless, this rare Italian exploitation gem features a terrific musical score as well as a handful of gory sequences (that were largely cut in post "video-nasties" versions). The acting is far above normal 70's euro-horror standards, with Ekberg, Joe Dallesandro and beauty Paola Morra all in great roles. As far as I'm concerned, this is a good and underrated film!
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Creepy And Effective Nunsploitation-Horror
"Suor Omicidi" aka "Killer Nun" of 1978 is a stylish and pleasantly demented Nunsploitation Horror flick that is quite vastly underrated. While it is certainly not very typical for the Nunsploitation-sub-gene, this is a very atmospheric, at times mesmerizing and very well-acted psychological Horror film that lovers of Exploitation cinema should certainly miss. The great Anita Eckberg, cult-actress of the 50s, stars in the leading role of Sister Gertrude, a nun working in a Christian mental hospital. After having a tumor removed, Gertrude is convinced that she still has cancer, and, along with a proceeding morphine addiction, gradually gets more obsessed with this idea. Suddenly, people at the hospital end up dead... Unlike most other Nunsploitation films, "Suor Omicidi" is not about devil-worshiping or satanic possession. While the film does include sex and nudity, as well as a variety of perversions, the sleaze-level is maybe not quite as high as in typical Nunsploitation flicks. It is quite demented, however, and even though sometimes a bit slow, "Killer Nun" always has a tense, creepy atmosphere. The score by Alessandro Alessandroni is downright ingenious and effectively enhances the film's eeriness in a brilliant manner. Anita Eckberg is outstanding in the lead, and beautiful Paola Morra is also very good in the role of her young roommate and fellow nun Sister Mathieu. The supporting cast includes a bunch of familiar faces for fans of cult-cinema, such as Joe Dalessandro ("Blood For Dracula"), Alida Valli ("Suspiria", "Inferno"), Lou Castell ("A Bullet For The General") and Massimo Serato ("Macchie Solari", "Solamente Nero"). Over-all "Killer Nun" is a creepy, atmospheric and effective flick with a very strong lead that I highly recommend to all my fellow fans of Exploitation and Italian Horror!
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Denture Smashing Nun
CMRKeyboadist4 November 2006
Here is a rather fun and quite distasteful film about a nun (Anita Ekberg) and her spiral into insanity. I was rather surprised by this movie as I am not a big fan of nunsploitation, but, this movie was a rather hilarious attempt at being dead serious.

Anita Ekberg plays Sister Gertrude, a nun who apparently had brain surgery before the movie starts. She is now working in a hospital with geriatrics and crippled patients. Right away we realize that the sister is not all there in the head as she is addicted to morphine and is sleeping with men on the outside of the hospital. Only one other nun working in the hospital realizes what she is doing, but, doesn't lift a finger to stop it. When patients start mysteriously dying it looks like Sister Gertrude may have slipped completely over the edge.

Some of the positives of the movie is that it has a great soundtrack and some truly good acting from the lead characters. The story is a bit predictable, but, that is all OK as the movie is rather entertaining. We have some truly hysterical moments as well! Look for a scene in which Sister Gertrude smashes an old ladies dentures on the floor! Also, for you gorehounds out there, we have very little in this movie. We do have several disturbing kills, but, nothing gory.

I think it is funny how movies like this were made in the 70's. It was truly a great time in exploitation cinema. A movie like this wouldn't dare be made now-a-days. I would certainly check this movie out if you are a fan of exploitation. It is well worth the time. 8/10
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Really weak Italian nunsploitation film.
HumanoidOfFlesh19 February 2005
I have seen plenty of nunsploitation flicks and "Killer Nun" is among the worst of them all.This Giulio Berruti's extremely boring horror film casts Swedish former sex symbol Anita Ekberg as Sister Gertrude,a nun working in a mental institution.Gertrude is clearly insane,and takes a great deal of morphine for her self-diagnosed cancer.She goes to town and picks up men,seduces a younger nun Sister Mathieu(Paola Morra of "Behind the Convent Walls" fame)who was abused by her grandfather,and supposedly murders patients."Killer Nun" is a disappointing Italian nunsploitation film that offers only a little bit of sleaze and nudity.Another serious flaw in the film is the relationship between Sister Gertrude and Sister Mathieu which only hints at lesbianism.During these scenes Ekberg appears frigid while Paola Morra feels more relaxed doing these moments."Killer Nun" is too tame for my liking and the pace is incredibly slow.If you want to see some good nunsploitation flicks check out "Flavia the Heretic","Visions in a Convent","Convent of Sinners" or even Bruno Mattei's "The Other Hell".Avoid this one like the plague.4 out of 10 and that's being generous.
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THE KILLER NUN (Giulio Berruti, 1978) **
MARIO GAUCI21 March 2009
I first became aware of this via the Blue Underground DVD, though I was not intrigued enough by the online reviews to acquire it; however, coming my way recently while being in a "Nunsploitation" frame-of-mind, I could not very well let the opportunity pass me by (in hindsight, the English dubbing is atrocious – even if the print reverted for a couple of brief scenes to the original Italian language). I have never been a fan of voluptuous Anita Ekberg and watching her as a demented, dope-addicted and sex-starved nun promised non-stop camp; with this in mind, obscure director Berruti lent the proceedings a matching deliriousness – but, alas, the end result is considerably less than the sum of its parts. The rest of the cast is interesting but, apart from Paola Morra – who, perhaps not to give the game away too early, effectively underplays her role as Ekberg's devoted 'room-mate' (incidentally, she would don the habit again that same year for Walerian Borowczyk's BEHIND CONVENT WALLS), clearly operating below-par: Joe Dallessandro (completely out of his element as a young doctor whom Morra effortlessly manages to keep in check at the climax – if you get my drift), Alida Valli (literally phoning in her performance as the Mother Superior), Lou Castel (as a nosy crippled patient) and Massimo Serato (as the irascible elder doctor who, however, continually cuts Ekberg's clumsiness some slack because she was the most valuable assistant he ever had!). Mildly interesting is the fact that THE KILLER NUN is book-ended by two confessional scenes (the second of which abruptly terminates the film without a proper resolution!) in which each of the protagonists spit out their hatred of the male species; for what it is worth, though clearly unbalanced and given to foul-mouthed outbursts, Ekberg is not the homicidal sister of the title but a victim of circumstance and rejected affection. Noted for its blending the "Nunsploitation" genre with the typical Giallo formula, these elements ought in fact to have made for a doubly enticing proposition; yet the two styles never properly jell, so that the film is too often ludicrous as opposed to gripping (much less scathing). In its favor, we do get Alessandro Alessandroni's score – which has an agreeable 'hard rock' vibe to it particularly redolent of Led Zeppelin's music! Unsurprisingly, the film is most memorable when it goes over-the-top – such as the irate Ekberg crushing an old patient's dentures under her feet (with the latter expiring soon after!), all the murder set-pieces but especially the one where a nurse has needles painfully stuck in her face (years before Takashi Miike!), and its two risible sex scenes (an old wheelchair-bound patient being serviced out in the rain by a young nurse and Ekberg herself picking up a man at a café and then making love in the corridor of his apartment-building).
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I've seen some stinkers in my time but...
vaughan.birbeck26 March 2001
I have long wanted to see Killer Nun. The basic premise of a psychotic nun, plus the promise of some naughty goings-on in the convent, appealed to my baser instincts. I'd also heard it had some kind of 'cult' status. This isn't always a sign of quality, but usually means a film with an interesting style.

I regret to say this film isn't even bad enough to be good or funny, it's just a mess. What could have been suspenseful or thrilling is simply thrown away by poor character development and wooden acting (although the crude English dubbing doesn't help). Some situations are frankly unbelievable, such as Sister Gertrude having a 'day out' as a hard-drinking swinger before returning to her cell with an illicit stock of morphine. As for eroticism, I would have expected rather more than some very brief nudity, even in 1978.

To cap it all the ending is unforgivably confused - who *was* the killer nun? Unfortunately I can't bear to sit through this again to find out.
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Killer Lesbian Nun Rampage - A True Schlock B-Movie Classic.
stephenabell27 March 2017
How could this film not be entertaining... Anita Ekberg plays a nun with a morphine addiction who likes to command her roommate Sister Mathieu and taunt her into a lesbian affair. As the morphine builds in her body and takes her mind into madness she starts to bully the patients in the Hospital, where she works as the head nurse. Then bodies start to pile up... and not from natural causes...

And moreover, the story comes from the Secret Files of the Vatican!

This is indeed an enjoyable mystery thriller, though you can easily figure out, or guess, the twist in the tale. Ekberg as Sister Gertrude does a passable, not great, portrayal of a morphine addict, and the rest of the cast is above average. It's the story, written by the director and Alberto Tarallo, along with the pace and style of the film, thanks to Director Giulio Berruti, which makes this so watchable.

There's so much happening and for most of the time, it verges on the ridiculous but somehow manages not to fall over that line. It's this which makes the film work for me. Not once did I even think about turning it off! In truth, I was so entertained I was glued to the screen and didn't notice or think of the runtime.

This is a wonderful waste of time. A true Schlock B-movie classic. I would recommend the film to all, especially if you're feeling down or having a bad day.
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Stylish, but hurt by a lack of incident
Leofwine_draca13 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of those Italian "nunsploitation" films (others include FLAVIA THE HERETIC and THE OTHER HELL), made in the decade after THE DEVILS and made to cash in on the same religious frenzy and sadistic depravity that seem to fill the minds of the holy in the movies. Sadly, THE KILLER NUN is a disappointing film due to the lack of violence on display, and moreover the lack of real power in the film. Due to this it's completely unmemorable, although not without its moments.

The film follows a strict, repetitive plot; a murder occurs, which is then followed by investigation and much suspicion, then another murder, and so on up until the twist finale (which isn't really that surprising, seeing as you never really see Ekberg commit the crimes she is accused of). As this is an Italian movie, there's a certain style to it which makes it watchable, and the crisp photography is nice to look at too, along with an expressive score.

The acting is pretty good as well, especially from Ekberg as the confused, tormented nun. The supporting cast may be full of unrecognisable Italians, but they all act professionally with the exception of a few over-the-top hysterical nuns. Sadly it is the lack of incident which results in this film's downfall, that and the ending which makes you think "is that it?". It simply looks like they ran out of budget and had to draw the film to a premature close.

The murders, when they occur, are pretty good; they include death by suffocation, a bludgeoning followed by a fall from a window, and in the film's grisliest scene, a woman has pins pushed into her face - ouch! There are also individual scenes like when Ekberg stamps on an old woman's dentures which stick out as being quite absurd and entertaining. Although the sex was quite hyped up before the film, it's actually not that explicit, and instead kept to a sizzling undercurrent of lust and passion. THE KILLER NUN may be a pretty forgettable movie, but thanks to the Italian influence it's quite watchable as these things go.
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Boring, with an over-the-hill starlet
jadavix20 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Killer Nun" has one thing going for it: its title. Aside from that it's an exercise in tedium, relieved by very scant nudity and a couple of nasty, violent moments.

The nun played by an over-the-hill Anita Ekberg is crazy due to a brain tumour she's just had removed. She forces her geriatric charges to do grueling calisthenics, stomps on their dentures, reads them gruesome tales of saintly martyrdom, has sex with random men in bars, shoots up heroin and may well be a murderer.

The movie has aspirations to the erotic in a few scenes, I guess, but Ekberg was way past her use-by date. The younger nun who tries to seduce her was much better looking, even with a massive bush, but we don't see enough of her. It's all about Ekberg, and who cares about her? Pretty hard to believe she was ever a sex symbol.

The movie has one horrible torture scene where someone has needles pushed through the skin of their bandaged face.

The ending may have had a twist, or it may not have had. I didn't care at all and was just waiting for the movie to end.
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Killer Some
chuckchuck2113 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This show gets great hype from its being banned when it was released & it does cover murder, drugs, self-flagellation & lesbian sex. Since it's based on actual events the ban had more to do with "leave the church alone". This is way pre-altar boy trouble.

Anita Ekberg & Paola Morra are the attractions here & the story line is just strong enough to carry the show when they are not on screen. A somewhat eerie feeling to this show. If a hint of blasphemy upsets you avoid this like the plague.

If you like Anita Ekberg unclothed this is for you. PS: Paola is better looking than Anita but there is less flesh than you might think. Blasphemy was the reason for the ban. Joe Dallesandro stars here too. Check him out in Blood for Dracula & also in Flesh for Frankenstein along with a cast of nude cuties.
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Entertainingly sordid.
Scott LeBrun6 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Swedish sex symbol Anita Ekberg plays Sister Gertrude, a veteran nun / nurse who is starting to lose her grip on reality. After she herself has been the subject of an operation, she has become a morphine addict, and she also goes about experiencing sexual satisfaction with a stranger. She even begins to take delight in being cruel to the patients in her care, with one memorable scene of dentures smashing. And to top it all off, the patients are now either having "accidents" or getting killed. Could Sister Gertrude be the one responsible?

Full of striking imagery, director Giulio Berruti's sleazy and sexy combination of the Giallo and Nunsploitation genres is deliberately paced and very well acted by some of its cast. The co- stars include Paola Morra as the enticing young Sister Mathieu; the delectable Ms. Morra delivers a fine performance and does some full frontal nudity. Alida Valli ("Suspiria") plays the Mother Superior, Massimo Serato ("Don't Look Now") is the dedicated Dr. Poirret, Lou Castel ("The American Friend") is the cynical Peter, and Andy Warhol film graduate Joe Dallesandro, wooden as always, is Patrick Rowlands, the young man who replaces Poirret as the doctor.

It's not exactly hard to figure out where all of this is going, but getting there is still reasonably fun. Supposedly "based on actual events that occurred in a central European country not that long ago", it works on the level of good trash, with a fair bit of gore, the aforementioned nudity, and an overall sense of surrealism. Standout sequences include the torture of one poor patient (it's guaranteed to make some viewers wince) and the struggle of the crippled Peter to make it up some stairs without the use of his crutches.

People who enjoy Italian sleaze pictures will likely have a good enough time with this one.

Seven out of 10.
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Killer Nun in a Not-So-Killer Film
Ralphus28 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
While no devotee of the nunsploitation sub-genre, I am a fan of Italian horror and have also watched as many of the "Video Nasties" as I can find.

"Killer Nun" was ultimately a fairly disappointing experience. As a video nasty, one wonders why it was put on the list. The killings are hardly graphic and while there is nudity and sex scenes, they're not that frequent, extended, or graphic. We see boobs, a couple of shots of verdant 70s bush, and the flaccid penis of a morgue slab cadaver, but not much more. I suspect the name itself was enough to raise the ire of video store raiding bobbies; combined, perhaps, with the notion of a drug-addled, homicidal, lesbian nun! (Having typed all of that out, it almost seems like plenty of reasons to bother the censors! But really, the scenes are brief, not especially graphic or gratuitous, and few-and- far-between.)

Highlights are an occasionally entertaining score by Alessandro Alessandroni, the presence of a curvaceous former Italian Playmate, Paola Morra, and some pleasantly surreal morphine hallucination scenes. Other than that, it's a pretty forgettable hour and a half; probably worth watching only by completists or die-hard fans of Italian B cinema. I've certainly seen plenty worse, but there are also many better...mind you, if lesbian drug-addicted psychotic nuns are your thing, maybe this is the one-stop film for you!
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Campy nun story
billcr121 April 2012
A note of full disclosure. I cannot be unbiased in my review of killer nun because I truly believe that she was my third grade teacher at St. Anne's School of my glorious youth. Oh the lessons of phonics and penmanship remain to this day. Anita Eckberg would have been a welcome relief in those classrooms. Here she is Sister Gertrude, still recovering from brain surgery when she becomes hooked on morphine and heroin and has a lesbian affair with a fellow nun. This is not going my way with Bing Crosby, that's for sure.

The highlight is Gertie going into a bar and picking up a stranger, taking him to a building's hallway, lifting her skirt and doing something against all the rules of Catholicism that are written in the guidelines regarding proper and decent behavior. Killer Nun is grade b camp, but I found it mildly amusing.
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