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highly enjoyable
dispet17 June 2004
a very, very silly film. not once will you feel horror or revulsion (unless you are the sensitive type or a nun) but you may smirk, and you may laugh and you may even find yourself cheering on dear old sister gertrude as she goes on her rampage of false teeth destruction, morphine addiction, random sex and abuse and an extreme misuse of stockings. somehow this all ties together in a film which is somewhat cohesive, quite impressively directed for the most part, beautifully scored, very well acted and just generally entertaining. certainly not for everybody though, you do have to have a slightly bent idea of entertainment or at least enjoy cinema on the edge, on the edge of what, im not quite sure. over all, an enjoyable psychodrama with a touch of taboo.
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Killer Nun Ain't Much Fun *warning: some minor spoilers*
Jenabel_Regina_del_Mundo27 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
From Ken Russell's 'The Devils' to Jesus Franco's 'Love Letters Of A Portuguese Nun,' from Sergio Grieco's 'Sinful Nuns Of St. Valentine' to Gianfranco Mingozzi's classic 'Flavia The Heretic' and everything in between, I am a self-confessed nunsploitation freak. I wanted to embrace Killer Nun uncritically. I also like to check out any film featuring Joe Dallesandro, who is always interesting. Except, maybe, in this movie. But it would be unfair to ask Joe to save a failure like Killer Nun. The basic problem with this movie is the misleading title. With a title like Killer Nun, you are compelled to either deliver the goods, or condemned to disillusioning your audience. As a viewer, I haven't felt so disillusioned since I saw 'Blow Up' and not a single cast member exploded. I actually fell asleep the first time I tried to watch this film, right after Anita Ekberg stomped on the old lady's dentures. I did not pass out from tiredness but from the surprise agony of boredom this film inflicted upon my vulnerable brain. I trustingly placed my fragile psyche in the hands of cruel and insensitive filmmakers who betrayed me! By the time I fell asleep on the initial viewing attempt, I had long wearied of chanting "Kill, Nun, Kill!" every time a nun appeared on screen. Maybe if the film had been marketed under the title "Horny Junkie Nun" or "Nun With Occasional Psychotic Episodes" I wouldn't have felt so ripped off.

The second time I settled down to inflict Killer Nun upon myself I was prepared. I sat through it with steely determination, thankful for my preternaturally high pain threshold.

There's some soft sex and nudity, but only one scene between Sister Gertrude (Ekberg) and her younger lesbian nun lover contains any hint of eroticism or interest. Sister Gertrude humiliates her submissive girlfriend, Sister Mathilde (Paola Morra, an Italian Playboy Playmate who also had a small role in the nunsploitation flick 'Sex Life In A Convent'). Ekberg forces her to dress in silk stockings to satisfy her admitted fetish, and demands that she repeat the words, "I am the worst kind of prostitute!" Unfortunately this is a case of too little too late. This scene could have been deliciously lascivious... another opportunity to deliver the prurient goods utterly wasted.

The same can be said of the gore. Yeah, people die in this movie but the first outright killing occurs nearly halfway through the film. The gore, such as it is, is almost entirely implied, and will only irritate fans of graphic violence FX. Another killing carries genuine potential for thrills and terror, as the victim is sadistically tortured with pins. Somehow the filmmakers actually succeed in making scenes like this boring. Doesn't cut it with a film called Killer Nun, babe.

As for the other half of the reason I was looking forward with some pleasurable anticipation to watching this movie. Joe Dallesandro. His role is negligible. Aside from a lame soft sex scene with Morra, he's given nothing to do at all. Dallesandro is usually more than watchable in genre films. While he never gives a bad account of himself, in this instance his presence is wasted. A significant letdown for this fan.

I never imagined I would be disappointed in a nunsploitation entry. The biggest shock this film delivers is what a dud it turned out to be. I've had more laughs filming myself vomiting than I had watching this movie. If you want nunsploitation then consider Killer Nun as a last resort. Instead try one of the films mentioned in my opening remarks, or maybe you'd enjoy my personal favorite, Pedro Almodovar's 'Dark Habits.'
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Killer movie!
Infofreak30 July 2001
I'm really surprised at the lack of comments for this classic piece of Nunsploitation! This movie is really, really odd! Anita Ekberg plays a cancer obsessed Nun who works as a nurse. Old people start getting killed, and she starts flipping out. She stomps on an old lady's false teeth, shoots up morphine, picks up a guy and screws him, and gets sexually involved with a fellow disturbed nun. Is she the killer? Does she even know herself? Watch 'Killer Nun' to find out.

Warhol regular Joe Dallesandro appears as a doctor but isn't very memorable. Ekberg's lesbian lover is though! One of the hottest nuns you'll ever see!
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Sleazy Video Nasty meeting of Giallo and Nunsploitation
The_Void20 June 2006
Killer Nun is a crossover between two of sleaze cinema's most popular subgenres; the graphically titled 'nunsploitation' and the more popular Italian thriller known as Giallo. I can't say I'm very experienced with the former, but I'm a big fan of the latter; and the fact that this film was a part of the Video Nasty list back in the eighties ensured that I had enough reason to see it. As a Video Nasty, this film isn't all that good and is unfortunately one of the more tame entries on the list, and to be honest; I can't see a good reason for banning it, other than the obvious implications of a nun taking it upon herself to begin killing people. As a Giallo, this film isn't all that good either - as there isn't a lot of mystery going on, and the murders aren't too imaginative. However, as a slice of sleaze; this film works a treat! The plot follows a nun who finds herself addicted to morphine after having an operation on a brain tumour. However, this isn't the most dangerous element of her psyche; as the patients at the hospital she works at believe that she is behind a series of murders!

The film clearly knows what its main strengths are, and director Giulio Berruti delights in showing things such as lesbianism and torture to his audience. The idea of one of God's disciples going around murdering people isn't the most original idea ever conceived, but it's well worked as the film always appears to be completely serious and manages to stay away from the comic book styling's of many Giallo, which would ultimately have harmed the film. Cult actress Anita Ekberg takes the lead role and delivers a strong performance, which despite not winning her any plaudits; works well in the context of the movie, and she does carry off the nun look well. Joe Dallesandro joins in the fun, and the rest of the unknown cast are good enough for this sort of film. The lesbian scenes in the movie are well done and actually rather erotic, thereby guaranteed to delight the movie's target audience. The plot is always secondary to the sleaze, and therefore isn't too interesting; but it plays out nicely, and while the ending isn't particularly strong; this is a good example of sleaze cinema and is recommended to the relevant people.
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Great title but light on nun sleaze
Dr. Gore7 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers

"Killer Nun" baby. What a title. I couldn't resist. I was helpless. A nun. Who's a killer! Had to see it.

Unfortunately "Killer Nun" was too good a title. It couldn't live up to the high sleaze bar it had set for itself. The main nun, Sister Gertrude, (Anita Ekberg), does not get naked. She wasn't a young nun but she still had it going on. She was looking good.

So Gertrude works in a hospital. She is also addicted to morphine. Patients start ending up dead. Gertrude is suspected of being a killer nun. Her young nun roommate tries to console her. She also gets naked a lot and longs to be with Gertrude. In a good scene, Gertrude says that she'll only make love to a woman if she's wearing silk stockings. But once again, the movie falls short and no nun sex scene. Rats.

All in all, not too exciting. If the point of a "nunsploitation" movie is to see women dress as nuns and be sexual, this movie falls flat.
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A mild disappointment
lastliberal31 July 2008
This is an interesting film about nuns and murder that was shocking in it's day, but suffers in three areas.

First, it stars Anita Ekberg in her most skintastic role. No, you don't get to see her 40-23-38 body, just a brief flash of bun as she manages to get a quickie in town while she is stocking up on her drugs. Yes, she is a junkie nun and she also has a mental illness or brain disease. You never know which as everyone denies there is anything wrong with her. However, she is prone to fits of rage. Is she capable of murder? The murders starts when she returns from town. They are not particularly gruesome, and those looking for giallo will be disappointed.

Finally, there is a hint of lesbianism, but those looking for full blown nunsploitation should look elsewhere. Her roommate is Italian Playboy Playmate Paola Morra, in her first film. Now, Paola does swing both ways and does give full frontal. She is definitely something to see as she is incredible beautiful, but there is no action between her and Ekberg - you just have to imagine it.

The film was well directed and well written. It was an interesting work, but I feel that it will disappoint more than it will entertain.
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surreal with nuns drifting down corridors
christopher-underwood11 January 2007
Far better than I remember thinking on my first viewing but that was a while ago and now I think of it one of my first in this field. Probably not a good one to encounter first because it really is such a strange one. Pretty surreal with nuns drifting down corridors, gowns splayed out behind and the dreams, imaginings and nightmares punctuated with goring killings and lusty couplings. Ekberg is fine but so is everybody and they all play weird so that this also helps to give the film an unreal feel even though it is firmly set in a convent and supposedly based upon a true case. A stand out moment is the crushing underfoot of the poor old lady diner's false teeth, as we cut from the vicious trampling to the squirming old lady, hands to her mouth. Music is pleasant enough and effective if a little derivative and if Dallesandro seems the most normal person on the screen that just goes to show something about this true one off.
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A fantastic 'Nunsploitation' film from the 70's!!
Flowbeer25 July 2006
I loved this film, 'Killer Nun' (aka Suor Omicidi 1978). When I first found out about it, I knew I had to see it! This came out a year after 'Communion' (aka 'Alice, Sweet Alice') and both of these seem very similar in their approach by their directors. Both seemed to be from the same vein of film-making. European! The film is about a Nun (and a sexy one at that, played by Anita Ekberg!) who is addicted to morophine and who is losing her mind...or is she?! What's wild is that she can get away from the convent and stalk the streets for a casual sexual liason, which is one of the high-lights of the movie! She goes back to the convent and really bad things start to happen, people first, they seem like 'accidents' or 'suicides', but as the film goes on, you start to see what is really happening - but I won't spoil it for others here! Just see it, rent it, buy it if you find it. The DVD is excellent. There's an interview with the director at the end and it gives insights of how they filmed this movie - inside an actual convent! And how they were able to get away with filming so many sexy scenes! There's plenty of hot sexual situations and nudity in this Euro-trash nunspoiltaion film, as well as some 'tasteful' violence! A must see for ANY Euro-horror, babe-loving film fan! I give it about a 7 1/2 out of 10! *******1/2
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