The Killer Nun (1979) Poster

Plot Keywords

psychotic madness
hospital addiction
lesbianism torture
nun death
mercilessness catholic hospital
wrath white dress
wheelchair weird behavior
violence veil
unknown killer trauma
traumatic experience trap
telephone call syringe
suffering strong sexual content
street strange person
stormy night stairs
stabbing sleep
silent short hair
sexuality sexual violence
sexual perversion sexual obsession
sexual desire sexual attraction
sadist room
rape raining
rage psycho thriller
psycho killer praying
perversion panic
pain old woman
old man nurse
nipples night
needle mystery killer
mysterious woman mysterious death
multiple murder moral corruption
mistreatment mass murder
male frontal nudity lust
love love interest
long hair licking
lesbian interest knife murder
kiss kissing
kill jacket
italian horror interrogation
injection injected to death
hypodermic needle humiliation
house hospital room
hospital bed hallucination
gore gloves
glasses giallo
fondling female rear nudity
female frontal nudity falling from height
exploitation evil woman
entrails drug use
drug addiction desire
degradation dead body
dance cut
crutches cruelty
corruption caress
car driving brutality
brunette bound and gagged
blood stain bloodbath
blonde bed
beating bathroom
bare breasts bandage
attraction anger
alone affection
evil nun nursing home
mother superior physical abuse
female nudity male full frontal nudity
female full frontal nudity nunsploitation
nudity mental institution
murder lesbian
blood psychopath
video nasty adultery
terror revenge
seduction moral
rampage monastery
doctor belgium
drugs sadism
mental illness sex
erotica needles

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