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Low budget T & A movie
serickson-123 January 2003
Okay, so this is not the greatest movie ever made. I agree. I must say it had an interesting story line. Although this is not the type of movie that I normally watch, much less purchase, I did buy a copy. Why, you ask. My father played the judge. He died shortly after filming was completed. I was 12 years old at the time. This is the only piece of his work that I own, so I will treasure it. I am still trying to track other works down. He was a commercial actor as well as movies.

Well, I can at least say that my dad was in a movie with Dennis Quaid.
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Legitimised Bordello & Hygienic Nympho = Sophomore Hilarity
Ian Bourne29 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
What a pile of idiocy, this is obviously inspired by National Lampoon's "Animal House" but even though it is not a classic as that late-John Belushi event was, this still gets under your ribs for a few giggles! A very young Dennis Quaid railing against celibacy and comparing it to offering a placebo for a drug addict was quite original even for a film in the late 70's!

The idea of a nymphomaniac who loves to cook and clean is still so ridiculous as to offer an inadvertent guffaw especially as she has sex so many times with a college pre-grad that he kicks the bucket!

Not just that he died, it was a gradual dissipation - first he was on a walking stick, then crutches then a wheelchair and finally...

All the while Quaid and company have this Phantom Research Corporation which analyses sex and the American College Co-Ed Girl, which is really no more than glorified prostitution!

When one of the guys in the group accuses themselves of being pimps the dude with the slick voice says they're PHILOSOPHERS! Holy Cow!

They actually turn a profit and have to invest, declare taxes and so on - which was nearly their downfall, but watch the DVD to learn if they get out with their skins intact!
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Good campy fun
dochamp-221 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
It's the only movie I can think of that has both a mainframe AND boobies.

If they remade this movie today, the part where the magnetic thing lifts the car over the water would be made a lot more scarier; you'd be hanging on the edge of your seat instead of laughing at these characters who act like the 3 stooges.

And the crazy scientist was hilarious. Each time his assistant comes into the lab, he calls him something like fellow Caucasian, Anglo-Saxon friend, or North American native.

Good campy fun. Silly lines. Look for it at a truck stop near you.
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If you have to choose between watching Buy and Cell or the Seniors, pick the seniors.
Nullness28 May 2002
okay, this isn't close to the best low-budget 80's college movie, but i don't think it's all that bad- i think it's a wonderful satire on laisez faire capitalism, and, although not hilarious, it does has some snippits of clever dialogue in that bent. I don't know, compared to this s%#@ that comes out nowadays, I have to like it more.
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Not even Fred Flinstone can save this one
rwint23 June 2001
Dumb,dumb teen sex comedy about a group of college guys who open up a bogus sex clinic. The characters are so dull and stereotyped that you might as well be watching a movie of walking zombies. Does feature a great topless scene by Priscilla Barnes. Yet not her, nor a great cast of character actors, including Alan Reed voice of Fred Flinstone, can help. Has the audacity to start preaching life lessons towards the end. Director Amateau, who created the series MY MOTHER THE CAR, will never be considered a talent. Yet DRIVE-IN a similar, earlier feature he did is at least more amusing.
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A hilarious movie, as funny as it is silly
thetruthseeker4 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was absolutely hilarious. Yeah, it didn't make an overabundance of a lot of sense, but I laughed until I shot various fluids through my nose. The only bad part of the movie is when they get philosophical for about 8/10ths of a second towards the very end. Other than that, this film is pure hilarity. Dennis Quaid is brilliant in this film in ways I cannot describe in human language. For the inevitable bit of pretension, I see this movie as a wonderful mockery of the educational and corporate structures that make up our great society. To return to reality, it's a great sex comedy/satire that could only have hit screens in the late great 1970's. Go see it now!
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Boring movie about horny college kids? Yup
BrianG25 March 2000
Horny college boys setting up a phony sex clinic in order to meet girls could've been the basis for a fairly funny movie. Unfortunately, this one isn't it. It doesn't even have the saving grace that '80s movies of the same genre had--completely gratuitous nudity. Priscilla Barnes gets naked (well, topless anyway) for a moment, and a few other nameless "actresses" do, but that's about it. Has a few funny moments, but not nearly enough to make it worth sitting through. It has a better than usual cast for this type of movie, but they don't have much to do. Director Rod Amateau made a bunch of these types of movies, but he hasn't learned how to make a good one yet. Don't waste your time or your money on this dog.
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If you can get through this one, you deserve a college diploma!
mark.waltz28 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Calling Kurt Russell and Medville College!

Riding around in a van reminiscent of the one from Scooby Doo, a group of unambitious senior college students start a sex survey group to help them get laid and live life they want to in order to avoid responsibility. It becomes more successful than their wildest dreams, so they must find men willing to pay to help them out, and that's the whole plot in a nutshell.

It's not difficult to imagine what kind of movie venue this played in 1978, and it wasn't the kiddie matinée of Disney's college romps that while mediocre at best are still a massive improvement over this. Any film that starts its credits with a list of "A" actors not in the film is heading for desperation, and while the cast is filled with mostly likable unknowns, they certainly are not in the caliber of Newman, Redford, McQueen, Pacino, etc. Edward Andrews, a veteran of the Disney comedys, has a small role, but his presence simply points out the rip-off of the Disney films with lots of T&A included. Alan Reed, as the eccentric scientist whose study is the sexual prowess of the young, does nothing to add any humor to this. "Three's Company" fans will recognize Priscilla Barnes (the last of the roommates) and savvy soap fans will recognize Jeffrey Byron as one of the college kids who gets wheeled in from the van while still in bed with a young woman into their dorm. Hey Hey We're the Monkeys!
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Cheap American Sex Comedy
Jason Daniel Baker11 August 2012
Four randy college clods looking to raise money for life after school decide to pose as sex researchers and open a phoney clinic. They get federal funding and use it to pay college girls for sex under the pretense of producing a study on their sexuality (which supposedly makes it respectable). When they can no longer keep up with the volume of sex they must engage in they become pimps charging other men money to have sex with the girls. It balloons into a million dollar business with bankers, local politicians and corrupt police also profiting. The four clods run afoul of these various powerful elements when they finally decide that the scheme is immoral.

This 1978 Dennis Quaid movie is pretty lewd. It also has one of Priscilla Barnes' first screen appearances making it another entry in that infamous series known as "Before-they-were stars" but other than that this movie mostly falls flat. At least it has better young actors in the main cast and solid veteran actors (like Alan Reed) in the supporting cast than most sexploitation flicks (which this pretty openly and unapologetically is) and is thus less of an ordeal to sit through.

Stanley Shapiro who wrote the script for the Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie PILLOW TALK also penned this one.

From a producers point of view a movie like this is a glowing success in that it performed well as an investment. From an auteur's perspective it is not a complete failure either in that what we see on screen is not completely unwatchable but I can't recommend it and very few critics have.

It is remnant of a time when some sexploitation and soft-core porn movies were disguised as scientific university case study or instructional films. Other such films like DAUGHTER OF THE SUN, MYSTERIES OF THE ORGANISM, THE NAKED APE and THE HARRAD EXPERIMENT proved lucrative through niche marketing in their time even though they purportedly played like high school social studies movies. This one seems to spoof the mentality of those and of what federal money can sometimes end up subsidizing.
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WARNING: PG version exists on video!!!
allen-dohner8 May 2009
I first saw this film in 1978 as part of a double feature and again in 1981 as part of another double feature. It was a lot of fun seeing the young actors (Dennis Quaid, Priscilla Barnes, Lou Richards, etc.) working with the older actors (Edward Andrews, Robert Emhardt, Alan Reed, etc.) plus all the young womanhood that paraded before the camera. The older lady (Lynn Cartwright) was also very nice looking. I found this a few weeks ago in VHS form in a thrift store and settled down to watch only to find out it had been edited to delete ALL the nudity (which was the best part of the film). Enough of the plot still remained to keep the film entertaining but be warned there's a PG version out there with an R rating on the package! I gave this an 9 rating for the original version and a 7 for the edited version.
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