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Very good flick
DJAkin11 March 2006
I saw this for my 7th birthday in 1977 and now for my 36th birthday, I watch it again. Yes, it's great in every respect. Hokey at times but fun to watch just for the wilderness scenes. The bigfoot isn't that visible for the most part and when he is, it's very scary indeed. The part that I liked most was that flashback to the miners trying to sleep in the log cabin! Sasquatch kept throwing rocks onto the cabin and this 2nd yetti terrorizes the miners as they sleep. It was a scary scene for sure!! I loved that cook - Barney. At first when I saw this, I thought it was a real documentary. I guess it's a docudrama. That's it!! Also, it makes out like Yetti's are mean and vicious. They are actually very kind.
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The best Bigfoot Movie Ever made!
jodym-312 November 2004
I was 6 years old when my parents took me to see this movie. This hands down was the scariest movie I ever saw, period. Granted I was only 6, it scared the living daylights out of me. I ended up sleeping between my parents for literally a week after I saw it. It aired again roughly 3 years later on a Saturday afternoon matinée on our local NBC affiliate. I watched it again and thought it was a masterpiece (as bigfoot movies go that is). It is by far and away the best bigfoot movie ever made and should be enjoyed by anyone who has interest in this centuries old mystery. I searched for roughly 22 years until I found a copy of this extremely hard to find movie. I watched it again for the first time with my parents and it didn't disappoint! It holds a special place in my collection and will always be a favorite whether I was 6, 16, or 60!
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Good movie for sasquatch buffs
Manetheren6 June 2002
The commercials for this movie are what sparked my interest in unexplained phenomena. I was six at the time, and one of the commercials featured a guy flying a plane over a Pacific Northwest forest. He looks down and sees a huge dark figure walking along the forest edge. The camera closes on the pilot's incredulous face, and the narrator ominously says, "What does this man see?". These commercials scared the crap out of me at the time. I only saw this movie about ten years later. It's pretty good, with dramatizations of several real sasquatch encounters, most notably the Ape Canyon incident (as told by Fred Beck in many Sasquatch books). In style, the movie is similar to Legend of Boggy Creek: low budget, creepy atmosphere, and the monsters are never directly shown. If you are into this sort of thing, and if you can find this movie to rent (good luck), I would recommend it.
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Bigfoot Memories...
SugarBugFerret2 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Wow! What a collection of opinions...totally across the board. Frankly, you are all right. My uncle was in this film. He was the wise-cracking reporter/photographer. I of course think it was, and still is a GREAT film, but I am biased. ;) It has a bit of everything...great wildlife shots, good story-telling mixing fact and fiction, personalities of all kinds, a creepy "monster", catchy music, a few heart-stopping scenes... What more could one ask for from a classic 70's flick? Yes, it is full of CHEESE...but that is part of what makes it so great!! I will always remember seeing it for the first time via reel to reel projector on a portable screen in my grandparents' living room when I was about 8. Here's to you Uncle Lou...may you forever reign as the coolest member of the cast of one of the most awesome cult classics ever created!! Cheers to Bob!!
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Strangely, one of my favorite movies
effjaysullivan113 July 2002
"Sasquatch" is phenomenal, if only for its breathtaking Pacific Northwest scenery, and the amazing job the director, Ed Ragozzino, did with capturing wildlife footage.

Best of all, though, is that this movie, while hokey in parts, really is suspenseful, earnest and credulous -- just like any movie about the paranormal ought to be.

Sadly, this thing isn't available on VHS, but I was able to get a TV dub from an airing on a Los Angeles TV station (Some of the ads -- lawyers offering to help people beat their DWIs, for instance -- are a gas, as well.). I wish the producer would come to his senses, read this site's posts, and release this puppy to VHS or DVD.
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not for everyone
Vincent25 November 2004
Apparently there were a great many folks who thought this flick was a legit documentary and were disappointed when they discovered it was not. Merely a fictitious yarn put forth by B actors, retelling old wivestales about bigfoot. For example, (the supposedly), old mountain man, looks about as comfortable sitting on a mule as a Java caveman would look sitting on a Suzuki. But there are stunning views of the Pacific Northwest wilderness and the mountain lion attack is well done considering the lack of special effects.

In truth, there are very few chills and thrills even with strange, compelling music that unfailingly announces the imminent appearance of the Hairy One.
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One of the Best
bigjake54921 May 2005
One of the best ( scariest ) of all of the sasquatch genre films ever. The scenery of the film's woodlands, animals...etc. is breathtaking, and makes one long for the area and serenity. The actual campiness of the actors fits the times ( 1970's ) - no "professional" crap - just dudes out looking for Bigfoot - period! The creature effects are outstanding!One of the only films of the type to portray the creature as a giant, thick, looming, bulk of a thing, as opposed to a lanky, swampy, monkey-looking biped. The story telling is great,too - re-accounts of past encounters, based on actual true reports. The creature screams in this film are actual, supposed recordings - which will raise the hair on your neck. The only other Bigfoot movie that I saw that was scarier, at times, was The Creature From Black Lake. Several folks say that Sasquatch is cheesy - I disagree emphatically. Iw was well written as a fictional documentary of an encounter with beasts that became aggressive, Also, Barney the cook was goofy - yet hilarious in a slapstick manner.
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Great docu-drama
MovieWiz6610 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Wonderful docudrama from my youth. I remember first watching this and shows like "In Search Of" back in the early to mid 70's that fueled my passion for some of lifes few remaining mysteries. Just a good film. I would love to go on a one or two month expedition like this to the mountains of BC or the northern mountains of California. I would love to know the complete story behind this film. From what I gather,this was based on an actual expedition that the producer of the film,Ron Olsen,and bigfoot legends Peter Byrne,Grover Krantz and a few other noted bigfoot researchers went on sometime in the late 60's or early 70's. I hate to see guys like Krantz get older and pass away,loads of knowledge and stories leave with them. Peter Byrne has semi-retired and not many of the 60's legends are still around. I don't know if there are any more Sasquatch alive now...I think that there was a few in the 60's and 70's,just don't know if any remain today. I think if one were to fund another expedition like this one,with the participants spending months in the wilderness of Northwest America,they could possibly find some evidence one way or another on whether or not the sasquatch still are roaming the wild.
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The Holy Grail of Bigfoot movies
prizm6322 January 2001
I finally acquired a dubbed copy of Sasquatch recently. Last distributed by VCA, the video is nearly impossible to find.

But my efforts payed off. I remembered this movie as great fun. It plays up on the scary idea of hairy giants running rampant in the woods yet it looks for all the world like a old national geographic documentary.

And despite noticing lots of obvious flaws through my considerably older eyes, I still had great fun watching it again.

Find a copy, make some popcorn, and turn off the lights........
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The Holy Grail of Bigfoot movies!
dtucker863 November 2003
I saw this film back in Fairmont West Virginia in 1979 as a ten year old who had a typical little kid's fascination with Bigfoot. I guess I still do as a matter of fact. This film follows a fictional expedition into the woods to find this legendary creature and put a homing device on its neck so they can track its habitat (there is actually a law on the books providing a heavy fine and a jail term to anyone who kills a Sasquatch believe it or not!). The film opens with beautiful shots of the woods, the best you will ever see outside those wonderful National Geographic specials) THEN! this spooky Jaws like music starts playing and you hear HIM creeping thru the woods and the animals start to panic and run away and you hear this blood curdling call and you see the shadow of the Sasquatch. This is the Holy Grail of Bigfoot films, the best I have ever seen next to Sunn Classic's The Mysterious Monsters. The guys in this expedition are not the best actors in the world and its kind of funny watching them. I particularly remember this camp cook who was real clumsy and this old fart who was the last of the mountain men. The film is really scary in some parts. It gives you the feeling that the expedition is being followed as rocks keep raining down on them. The best parts of the film is where they go over actual historical sighting of Bigfoot. They even show the famous Roger Patterson film of the creature. There is a story in there that was written by President Teddy Roosevelt in a book he wrote about his days as a cowboy. He heard this from an old trapper named Bauman about how he and another man ran into a pretty mean Bigfoot and this other man was killed (this is the only case I have ever read where a Bigfoot showed a really mean nature, I have always wondered if maybe another person did it!). They also tell the famous Mount Saint Helens story about the miners in 1924 who were attacked in their cabin by a tribe of Bigfeet. The attack is pretty scary especially when one of the miners looks out the window and finds hes staring one of the monsters right in the face! I remember seeing this is the theatrical version of the film I saw but its not on the video version I bought. It was the part that scared me the most as a kid. It shows a little Indian brave out hunting alone and you see a Bigfoot stalking him. He comes face to face with the monster and it begins to chase him. It was horrifying to watch and maybe thats why they took it out of the film. The final scene in the film where they set up the trip wires and the Sasquatch attack is very well done even while the Bigfoot costumes look more like Chewbacca from Star Wars. This is a good film to watch on a dark night when you are all alone.
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Not sure if this is the same movie I seen around that same time.
loverboygb7 February 2003
I've seen a movie back around that same time about "Sasquatch." This was the best movie I seen concerning "Sasquatch," and very scary as I was a teenager at the time. I've read some of the comments about the movie in question and I'm not sure if this is the same movie I seen. Talk about loggers in a cabin sounds familiar. I remember within the first half hour of the movie I seen: These people on horse back with other horses packed ventured into the mountains in search of "Bigfoot." On their trek into the mountains they were attacked by a cougar, which was shot. They had rigged up an area with wire trip cords to give them an idea of where the Sasquatch were and appeared to be more than one as trip wires were being tripped suggesting there were more than one. They tried to shoot one of the "Sasquatch" with a tranquilizer but of course missed by hitting a branch or twig instead. I also remember about the log cabin, but seemed to be more of a cabin. Not a log cabin, but a cabin made of wood obviously (not sure though, may have been a log cabin). Men were sleeping in the cabin and the night was a "full moon lit night." A Sasquatch had put his hand through the window and grabbed one of the men and pounded him several times into the mattress creating chaos, then ran off. I also remember that there appeared to be more than one Sasquatch that were hurling stones and rocks at the cabin in question from a Rock Face or small hill/mountain. I just wonder if this is the same film.
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A Man called Sasquatch in the Valley of the Bigfoot
sol28 May 2006
Interesting docudrama of an expedition deep into the virgin wilderness of British Columbia beyond, what the local Indians call, the Peckatoe River into the fabled and mysterious Valley of the Bigfoot. I don't really know for sure if the movie is based on real events but what is undoubtedly the highlight of the docudrama "Sasquatch the legend of Bigfoot"has to be the showing of what is probably the most graphic and convincing piece of evidence of Bigfoots or Sasquatchs existence. The October 20, 1967 Roger Patterson 16mm home-movie of a Bigfoot walking along the heavily wooded Bluff Creek Valley in Northern California that has never been dis-proved to be anything other then what's it's said to be: an authentic flesh and blood Sasquatch.

Since Paterson's death in 1972 a man named Bob Heironimus has come forwarded saying that it was him in a gorilla suit, that Patterson supposedly paid for, not a so-called Sasquatch that's really in that famous movie, to the delight of the many skeptics who for years have been unable to disprove that the film is a fake. All we have is Heironimus' word without any proof whatsoever. Heironimus did put on a gorilla suit in his attempt to show how he faked the distinct and very difficult if not impossible walk,that even the best Hollywood stunt-men couldn't duplicate, that the Sasquacth had in the film but it doesn't faintly correspond to the Patterson movie. There's no explanation from him, as well as the vast army of anti-Bigfoot skeptics, at all in how he could have made a number of footprints that had to have been made by someone weighing at least 800 pounds which were discovered at the sight just after the Patterson movie was filmed?

The movie "Sasquatch: legend of Bigfoot" has a group of people involved in finding and if possible capturing a Bgfoot, or Sasquatch, lead by Chuck Evens and his Indian guide Techka Blackhawk. The group travels some 300 miles into Bigfoot country which takes over four months. The expedition suffers a number of near-fatal attacks by mountain lions or pumas and grizzly bears, as well as running into a number of annoying and dangerous mosquito infestations, along the way to reach what is called by the native Indians the Meadow of the Three Valleys, Bigfoot Country. It's there where they make camp setting up an electric barrier of trip wires to alert Evens' & Co. if any Bigfoot had penetrated the woods around the perimeter of their campsite.

The Bigfoots who up until then were doing everything that they could to avoid the members of the Evens' Expeditionery team suddenly came out into the open after their home grounds were violated and invaded. In the dead of night the Bigfoots attacked the campsite with rocks boulders tree branches as well as with their brute strength demolishing it and wounding a number of the campers. The Bigfoots attack on the camp was so effective that the expeditionary team that had marksmen assigned to it didn't even have a chance to bring down even one of them with either a tranquilizer gun or rifle with live ammunition.

Were told at the end of the movie that there will be other expeditionary teams sent into the uncharted wilderness beyond the Peckatoe River in the years to come to capture and bring back, dead or alive, a Bigfoot. Now with almost 30 years having gone by since the movie was made, in 1977, there's still no news of a Bigfoot being either captured alive or shot and killed by any of the latter groups of Bigfoot hunters who traveled into the wilds of British Columbia in order to find one.

Interesting movie that has recently been re-released on DVD with a number of new and updated features, that includes the two Bigfoot-like movies "Snowbeast" and "The Snow Creature". The film will more then ever keep the controversy alive of the existence of a gigantic man-like, 10 foot tall 1,000 pound, humanoid or gorilla being on the loose in the dense and uncharted forests in the great American and Canadian North-West.
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A must for those interested
MisterZ12322 October 2004
Although I was a scant 11 years old when I saw this, it left quite an impression on me, as I was just developing my fascination for the big fella. For a lower budget attempt, this movie serves the subject well. Unlike Legend of Boggy Creek, it purports to dramatize true events rather than serve as a quasi-documentary. I remember buying all the materials sold in the lobby after the movie...the one I wish I had held on to the most was the 33 and 1/3 "soundtrack" on a disc the size of a 45 single. Again, for a lower budget attempt, the music was highly effective, and contained "actual recordings" of a Bigfoot howl....recordings which were also used in the movie itself. The movie also had several moments of levity to offset the overall mood of the picture, which was a bit heavy and serious. After all, this movie was purported to be made by actual Bigfoot investigators and enthusiasts (at least that's what they said when I bought all their goodies!) designed to raise money for future expeditions. If you're a bigfoot enthusiast, do yourself a favor and locate this video online somewhere, as there are so few quality theatrical treatments of Sasquatch (the aforementioned Boggy Creek, the spooky Creature from Black Lake, and Those Mysterious Monsters being the better ones).
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Great Movie!
marlondean22 May 2001
I saw this film at my local movie house when I was a little kid. I even had the 45 sound track. I wish I could see it again. I will never forget it! The movie really scared me. The sound track was horrifying. This was one of the greatest experiences of my childhood, and something I will treasure always.
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Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot (1977) is now on DVD !
whood124 September 2005
Finally available on DVD and in widescreen.

The print isn't great but the film always looks like it was shot on a Fisher Price camera.

Just look for this collection: Sasquatch Horror Collection Triple Feature.

Also with Snowbeast (1977) and The Snow Creature (1954).

A great collection! A must have for Bigfoot geeks.

I give this a 10 only because it's one of the best cheesy, AWFUL movies ever made on Bigfoot!

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Best bigfoot movie ever made
LJ2714 October 1999
This is the best bigfoot movie ever made. I went into it expecting the usual documentary with the usual "experts" and eyewitnesses swearing up and down that bigfoot existed. I was surprised to find this one was actually kind of scary. Bigfoot apparently isn't afraid to defend his turf in this one and terrorizes some loggers who spend the night in a cabin. I still remember scenes from it 21 years after seeing it in a theater. I wish I could find a copy on tape cause I would love to see it again.
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Late 70's Cheese!
twhiteson14 October 2003
I saw this as an 8 yr old back in 1978 as part of a double feature with the Harrison Ford/Carl Weather's WWII flick "Force 10 from Navarone." I would discover later on that "Force 10" was considered by many critics to be one of the worst movies of 1978, but after watching it in tandem with "Sasquatch" I thought it was so much better than "Sasquatch." The thing is I was really excited about seeing "Sasquatch." It was the MAIN reason why my siblings and cousins went to the movies that day. So we were all surprised by how much more we enjoyed "Force 10" over "Sasquatch."

"Sasquatch" is cheesy. Even when I was 8 yrs old I realized that. A docudrama about a group of hippie dippie scientists and backwoods guides who are determined to capture a sasquatch. They put together an expedition with all their supplies loaded onto packhorses and head out to "bigfoot country." They keep referring to "bigfoot country" as a place marked out on a map. And when they find some bent over trees, they quickly point out that these are the borders of "bigfoot territory."

The thing I remember the most about this movie was that it was boring. The vast majority of this movie is like a poorly funded National Geographic special- lots of pretty shots of the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. In the end, the expedition sets up camp in some meadow in the heart of "bigfoot land" and then devise all sorts of outposts with tripwires to capture a bigfoot. Of course, the big hairy guy and a bunch of his friends are not so obliging. They attack the scientists by throwing paper mache boulders at them. These scenes are so phoney looking that even the most gullible child will be rolling his eyes at them.

The ONLY good thing about this movie are the retellings of the legends of bigfoot. The hippie scientists and guides sit around the campfire and tell stories and the film then recreates the story. An American Indian legend of the creature is portrayed by an Indian boy being chased by a bigfoot. The famous attack on a miners' cabin in Ape Canyon by several bigfoots is also recreated. And the best story- the eerie story of two trappers who unfortunately entered the valley of a particularly nasty bigfoot. In one scene a trapper is kneeling down examining strange footprints and all of a sudden a huge shadow looms over him. That actually was pretty creepy! However, these brief moments do not make up for what is mostly a pretty dull, cheesy movie.
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Stunning wilderness visuals a must see
enviro2 January 1999
Most reviews immediately pan this flick apparently based on its premise of documenting a search for Bigfoot (Sasquatch), and for making out Bigfoot to be a violent defender of its home range. -- Unfair.

This movie features stunning wilderness photography from in and around the Three Sisters Wilderness in Oregon. You don't have to accept the existence of Bigfoot to greatly enjoy this film solely based on the incredible cinematography. The story works too.
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Reading about it as a kid, been fascinated as a kid, the legendary creature known as the Sasquatch aka "Bigfoot" has been on my mind for the longest of times. My mother gave me a book about this creature. I would have seen this movie as well. It was kid friendly. In some parts. The moaning sounds of Bigfoot didn't quite scare me back then. But the presence of it made me wonder, will it strike here? King Kong hit New York. This creature lives in the deep woods of the Northwest. His stench could be smelled a mile away. Speaking of New York, there's a photographer who is the biggest skeptic of the bunch. His negativity, and hatred of the outdoor living has been crutch. But after the incident of the cougar and other wildlife, he got to respect the outdoors more. It is very intriguing when they got a shot of Bigfoot in action. It appears that the men aren't here to hunt it, but to understand it. The creature can tear down trees like if they're cardboard figures. A bear doesn't have that strength. It wouldn't last against the Sasquatch! Nowadays, there are these "Bigfoot Hunters" who do anything for money. That's not right. Watch this movie, you be the judge! 4.5 out of 5 stars.
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Sasquatch - The legend of Bigfoot
tinpot9018 February 2007
I can remember my brother and I getting up early on a Sunday morning every six month's or so for a few years just to catch this movie on t.v. on the Sunday morning cinema on WLBZ Bangor station way back in the late 70's and early 80's. I live in Canada and getting American t.v., (cable) as we like to call it, was a real treat. I remember watching it from beginning to end...even the credits at the end... it was that song "high in the mountains" that used to make me believe that a Bigfoot really exists. I lived near a lot of deep woods so right after the movie I'd go into the wilderness to try and find a Bigfoot..... but I started thinking about when the miners were in their cabin in the woods and how these "bigfeet" attacked them (especially when one of the miners looked out the window and came face to face with one) I would get super scared and run my butt off to get home. This movie is the best documentary in the entire world. After I ordered this movie online I watched it in the exact house I grew up in (my parents house) in the exact room and the television is in the exact part of the room as it was back then (different t.v. though)and I had the experience of real time travel... I had the biggest nostalgic moment ever. All I can say is .... as an adult who never saw this movie as a child you might not find it to be your "thing" as an adult...but to those of us saw it during childhood is a priceless collection. It was shot almost Disney style and is very 70's "ish" quality. I like the fact that you can still see the grains in the film even though it is on DVD....that was the best part to me...seeing it exactly as you saw it as a child. I found this movie to be parallel to another movie I saw as a child around the same time "the legend of boggy creek" .... not the second boggy creek.... that was too goofy...but the first one was absolutely cool and yet another land mark on my childhood. I now own both movies and plan on showing my children in years to come so they can develop a love for the wilderness and it's mysteries like I did. Long live the mysteries of the wild.

Rob Francis
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Quasi-documentary about a fake Bigfoot expedition
Wuchak13 March 2014
"Sasquatch, the Legend of Bigoot" (1978) is a quasi-documentary about a fake Bigfoot expedition deep in the wilderness of British Columbia, although it was filmed entirely in Oregon (Deshutes National Forest and Willamette National Forest). I've heard it referred to as 'the Holy Grail of Bigfoot films' and I can see why since most of the notables of the Bigfoot mythos are detailed, including the Roger Patterson footage and the 1924 Ape Canyon, WA, incident where a handful of miners were harassed most of the night by Bigfeet throwing rocks at their cabin and pounding on the walls. Regardless, it's more of a nature flick than anything else, featuring some great footage of North American wildlife highlighted by a fight between two grizzlies. It's worthwhile for Bigfoot aficionados but laid back and kinda boring, so brace yourself and remember it's from the 70s.

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Did I see the Same Movie?
BaronBl00d23 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Well, here I get to comment on another film where the critical opinion on here(at the very least) seems to strongly favor the film, and my own sensibilities and EYES cannot do anything but justly denigrate it(yes, and here I get lots of negative voting, but hey life is too short to lie about such things as a cheaply-made piece of garbage from the 70s). This really is not a film but rather an exercise in seeing just how long the viewer can sit there watching a group of men travel by foot, horse, pack horse, etc... through the North Canadian forests in search of Sasquatch or rather a race of them. The film is documentary-style and the narrator of the film speaks roughly 90% of the movie - the remaining 10% we get the "characters" using inane dialog like "have you ever seen anything as beautiful" or "We could feel the presence of something not quite right." This, of course, was interspersed with frolicking music whilst an otter slid down a snowy hill or a mama wolf played with her pup or other things you would see in a badly made nature show. There really are no actors here. There really is no story other than the wilderness trek to find the land of the Big Foot(is it FEET if there is more than one?). The first hour and ten minutes or so is nothing more than what I mentioned. In the final twenty minutes they get a "sense" of the creatures - a foul smell, a scream in the night, and then the camp is attacked. They see figures in the night, but they obtain nothing more than a resin casing of a footprint and some bodily aches and pains. I was SOOOOO bored watching this movie. I pressed the button to see how much movie was left at least ten times. Nothing- again let me strongly say this once more - NOTHING happens in this movie. The best the film has to offer is some hokey music that grows on you after awhile, but the rest is one big snooze. And there are people calling this the greatest Bigfoot movie ever made? Really? Really? Did I miss something? Did I see the same movie?
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I wouldn't call this a documentary
dbborroughs7 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Fiction film (it lists as based on a story though it does have a "documented by" credit) about a group of scientists going into the wilds of Canada to try and find a Bigfoot.(They want to capture one and then attach a tracking device). Its lots of scientific mumbo jumbo mixed in what is really a dull film of a bunch of people wandering around in the wilderness. There are some attempts at creating tension and scares, but to be perfectly honest there is nothing here worth seeing outside of some great looking shots of the wilds. This is a perfect definition of an exploitation film, it promises you so much, a look at Bigfoot, but in reality it delivers very little. Recommended for insomniacs only
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One of the better movies
Tabitha Lenox26 February 2003
I have this hard to find movie. It is a great pseudo documentary of the Bigfoot mystery. A group of researchers, along with an old mountain man, an Indian and a reporter trek deep into the wilderness of Great Britain beyond the Peckatoe river in search of a legend. Though fiction, the movie has several real factual accounts of bigfoot encounters. A must have movie for anyone interested in the world's greatest mystery.
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Bigfoot exploitation flick
Leofwine_draca15 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
SASQUATCH is one of many Bigfoot exploitation movies that were made to cash-in on a mini-trend in the 1970s. This one, like many of the others, features a group of hunters who decide to go and capture - or preferably shoot - themselves a real-life Sasquatch, thus proving its existence once and for all. This one was shot in Eugene, Oregon and has lots of great landscape shots as the characters find themselves knee-deep in a rugged and hostile landscape. It's mildly eerie to a degree, although there are one too many scenes of animal violence for my liking. As with a lot of these supposed documentaries, in order to spice things up a bit, a guy in a tatty suit shows up in the last reel to provide a few extra scares.
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