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Not A good movie!

Author: Ida Rather NotSay from Texas, U.S.A
12 August 2002

The movie stinks!! I love the book. All of the books as a matter of fact! But this movie is nothin' like the book! The scenes are all out of order and it looks like it was shot on a home video camera!! If ya like the book don't watch the movie!

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Not a good movie!

Author: fuzzysoxfan from United States
5 March 2006

I really did not like this movie. I saw it in school in 6th grade in English class, and my teacher warned us that it wasn't much like the book. I wanted to see it just so I could relax. I would have rather just worked! It was a bit like the book, but they changed so many things. I did like however, that it gave you the same feeling of what it was like to grow up in the 1930's with that many troubles. I wish that the director could've read the book, because it seems like he sure didn't! It seemed like a good movie went you first started it, but then you got a cheesy "Hallmark Movie" feel. Lillian Jean and Jeremy were not supposed to be Wallaces! They were supposed to be Simms! I cannot stress this enough, don't see this movie!

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This was not on my top list for movies although the book was great

Author: jmocharnuk from United States
21 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm downright disappointed at the quality to this movie which terribly portrays the book and is out of order. I want to give whoever made this movie a piece of my mind. First of all they made the Simms into the Wallaces. The storyline is weird because one moment T.J. is friends with R.W. and Melvin and then the story goes to the beginning where Stacey and T.J. are still friends. I don't know what these people did to this movie but it is definitely not what I visualized it to be. If the scenes weren't as out of order I may have given it a 4 but it tended to make me confused and disorientated as though it was some sort of jigsaw puzzle that was still in the development waiting to finally be solved. The book was very sad since this it was a very frightening period in which it took place. It's almost as if Mildred Taylor is insinuating that we learn from the past so as not to repeat the horrible things that have occurred in history. It is a very moving book and I have yet to read its sequel. I never got the chance to see T.J. break into the mercantile,although I would not be surprised to see that the scene was not in their and it returned back to the the beginning instead of showing how the problem was resolved.

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How to make sense of this VHS

Author: Indyaero1 from United States
21 January 2007

This film is a very faithful adaptation of Mildred Taylor's adolescent novel. The problem with this VHS is that it is out of sequence from its original three-part miniseries format. Probably because they wanted to profit from Morgan Freeman's fame, and to attain a 95 minute run time, they took part of the second episode and put it in the middle (!) of the third episode. Plot lines from the first episode are unresolved, and one of the most dramatic sequences is only seen as a recap that starts the third episode. Needless to say, with the sequence so far out of whack, it is difficult to watch and make any sense of it.

But if you have the VHS and you want to watch it in sequence, start it about 25:00 in, with the headlights in the dark and Cassie crawling out of her bed to see what's going on. Watch until Cassie "befriends" Lillian Jean (about 1:12:00 in). After that, watch the first 25:00 and then skip back to where you left off around 1:12:00 and watch to the end.

One day, they'll remake this film or at least release it in its original form. There are many classrooms that would love to have it!

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Don't waste your time!

Author: ktchenwitch from United States
7 August 2006

It's a disgrace that a novel that is so beautifully written and rich was turned into this sorry movie adaptation. This is a core novel used at my school and my students and I were eager to see the movie and compare it to the book we so enjoyed reading. Instead, the movie is told totally out of sequence, has gaping holes in the plot, and for some inexplicable reason, makes Lillian Jean the daughter of Mr. Wallace! It was such a disappointment that we didn't even bother to finish watching it. I really hope that someday "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry" is given better treatment and made into the fine film it deserves to be.

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Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry is a great film

Author: csb_32 from United States
25 November 2006

I remember seeing this film as a kid and thinking that it was a great film. The film was very entertaining to me.I have also read the book and I feel that the film is just as great as the book.I cannot understand how people do not like this film. I feel that the film gives a great account of just how hard it was for African-Americans to live in the early 1900's.I felt that the actors and actresses did a wonderful job as well.There are wonderful actors in this film like Larry B.Scott. Oscar Award winning actor Morgan Freeman is also in this film.It has been such a long since I have seen this film. In fact, I am looking for a copy of this film. That's how much I like it. It is most definitely a classic.

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Horrible, Horrible, Horrible

Author: sms2213 from United States
18 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a horrible movie. I liked the book but the movie was so out of order. The festival was at the beginning. Then Lillan Jean and Jeremy became a Wallace. The rest of their family didn't exist. Another thing, Mr. Morrison never was told by Little Man that Stacey went up to the Wallace store in the book. Why did Papa get injured at the beginning of the movie? He wasn't supposed to get hurt until the last part of the book. If i hadn't read the book i wouldn't know what happened. What a load of junk, i mean really. The producers must have been drunk, on crack, or not read the stupid book. BSS rules!.....GO CARDINALS! Cubs stink.

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The most out of order film ever created

Author: impulse589 from United States
4 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all, I liked the book. When my teacher showed us the movie, I thought I was gonna like it. But I didn't!!! This movie is friknn horrible!!!!!!! Nothing like the book!!!!!

1.First of all, the part when Papa gets shot isn't until later on. In this, it's at the beginning!

2. Jeremy,Lillian Jean,R.W. and Melvin are not Wallaces, their Simmes!!!

3.My favorite part in the book is when Cassie gets her revenge on Lillian Jean. The actress who played out Lillian Jean did a great job playing her and made me want to see the fight so badly. I was very disappointed to see that the fight wasn't in the movie. They just showed a scene of Cassie pulling Lillian Jean's hair at the end of the movie!

4. Where in the world is T.J.'s little brother Claude in all of this?!

The only thing good about this movie is it's acting. If you loved the book, don't see this movie!!

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Good as the book!

Author: Bryan Floyd from Cades, South Carolina
28 October 2003

This was a very good movie. it followed along with the book because I thought it was funny when Mr. Morrison moved Kaleb Wallace's truck out the way. and T.J. got a lot meaner at the end of the movie. R.W. and Melvin injured him, and Kaleb Wallace and Harlan Granger beat the mess out of him. Christopher-John was not as plump as he was in the book. the movie left off after Papa was injured. but I hope they do a movie for Let The Circle Be Unbroken.

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