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hard to find but well worth watching

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
28 June 2005

This was a television movie from late in Janssen's career. His character, Harry, is an unhappy man stuck in a loveless marriage. His wife is cheating on him and he is rather indifferent towards her. He does not hate her--he just wants out but she doesn't want to let him go too easily. So, Harry slowly creates a complicated plan by which he will fake his death and go to Vegas for a big score (as he's created a nearly foolproof technique that should pay off big).

Along the way, he meets and falls for Stephanie Powers and befriends the hapless Herbie Stoltz (played by Alan Garfield)--Herbie BEFORE he arranged his fake death and Stephanie AFTER. In fact, Herbie is broken up by Harry's apparent death and is sure Harry's wife did it--until he accidentally stumbles on Harry in his new life! What happens next and the tense build up until the "big score" make this an unexpectedly good film.

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A little known movie with great character study

Author: sharks58 ( from Brush, Colorado
8 December 2000

I first saw this movie as a 2 a.m. late-night feature in 1979, I then gleaned the TV guides for the next 12 years before it was re-run in my area, such was the impact that David Janssen's performance had on me.

Janssen plays Harry Adams as a we suppose Janssen to be in real life, a disenchanted loner knowing there's something better right around the corner. With just a little help...

The story is wrapped around the backdrop of President Kennedy's assassination and loss of his still-born child, a loss Harry knows but doesn't sharedwith his wife Marian, played coldly but superbly by Stefanie Powers, and her overbearing parents.

Harry has a plan he slowly and meticulously puts into action while being pursued by bumbling P.I. Herbie Stoltz (Allen Garfield). Harry and Herbie accidently become friends sharing the same "something-better-around-the-corner" feeling albeit on different levels and different reasons.

After Harry's plan is parleyed we're introduced to Linda Evans, a somewhat after-thought character, yet essential to the surprise and amusing ending.

Throughout the movie Janssen gives his usual over-the-top performance that we've come to expect and really underestimate, while changing this character from caustic to encouraging. The backdrop of Kennedy's life intermingled through and through brings a hard, yet gentle touch of realism to the story, but it is Harry's plan that sets the intrigue.

For me, it was worth the wait of 12 years to see this picture again. I hope you get the same enjoyment I did watching the character development of David Janssen's "Harry Adams".

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This Is A Top Rate David Janssen Movie

Author: ( from United States
29 April 2007

Nowhere To Run is a top rate David Janssen movie.I believe that Nowhere To Run is one of David Janssen's best movies that he ever made.I just watched this movie again and it has not lost it's punch for me.David Janssen's career was cut off way too soon as far as I am concerned.The writing was imaginative,and I wonder if the plot for the story originated from a real case.I did not take my eyes off of the movie from the beginning of the movie to the very last second of the movie.Nowhere To Run has a great cast in addition to David Janssen, for instance Stefanie Powers.All of her movies are good,just like David Janssen's movies are all good.If you want to see a very good film with a great plot,superb writing and acting,then check this little beauty out.I have this movie.

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Has to be in my 'top ten'

Author: sylkenhebden from United Kingdom
25 January 2007

I saw this film in Australia when I was working with Frankie Vaughan in the mid seventies and have not seen or heard of it since. I'm not a fan of David Jansen, I feel he takes 'taciturn' way past it's sell by date, but in my opinion he did a great job on this. I was blown away by the audacity of the plot. Frank and I and the rest of the team ALL agreed the story was superb. The twists and turns kept me / us on the edge of our collective seat. The ending was SPECTACULAR. After all the "will he - won't he" our whole crew was cheering as the credits rolled. To help with a happy retirement I need to get a copy of this film at any reasonable price. Please - can anybody help me ? ken h.

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David Janssen hatches a plan to escape his marriage to Stefanie Powers

Author: msroz from United States
19 January 2015

"Nowhere to Run" is a delightful movie that's hard to classify. To me, it comes closest to being a kind of caper movie, although no crime is really involved. It has a serious side to it throughout, but the music and the impact of Allen Garfield's part and his narration make the tone of the movie lighter.

David Janssen is unhappily married to Stefanie Powers. She's locked into the middle-class life and rather insufferable. She always wants to inflict her parents on Janssen. John Randolph is her father. Shades of his role in "Seconds", here he's a kind of Babbitt bore as is his wife, Neva Patterson. These are not evil or bad people, but Janssen wants a more adventuresome kind of life. Their differences over Kennedy and the assassination symbolize their frictions, with Powers and her parents being unmoved by it and still wrapped up in their own lives.

Janssen has a scheme to make money on the side playing blackjack that will enable him to break free by creating a false identity. There is a major hangup when Powers, thinking he's having an affair, puts a private eye, Allen Garfield, on his trail. Garfield is an amazing actor. I do not know how he does it, but he always adds zest to a movie. He always stands out.

The caper, if I can call it that, is shown to us in full, including its complications, making for an engaging story. Janssen and Garfield complement each other, each having troubles. Garfield is divorced and has gambling debts. Later in the movie, Janssen meets Linda Evans, and is compatible with her much more than with Powers. Janssen also gets into a tense poker game opposite Lance LeGault. He's an austere, severe and threatening presence in many of his roles, like this one.

This is not a "Thomas Crown" affair kind of movie, there being no crime and no woman on Janssen's side, but it has a kind of similarity of the idea of winning and escaping, in this case from a stultifying marriage.

Janssen is simply great, an actor always able to gain our complete sympathy while being believable in any role he played.

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David Janssen at his best!

Author: veggiecook from Canada
11 November 2007

I am so glad to actually own a copy of this great movie, starring the late great David Janssen. Allen Garfield and Stephanie Powers are also superb in this believable (perhaps based on truth?) adaptation of Charles Einstein's novel, The Blackjack Hijack. The movie is much better than the book,much better ending in the film version. Usually I enjoy the book better than the movie, not the case this time.I loved everything about this movie. I was always a big fan of David Janssen, this is probably my favorite movie that he starred in, shortly before his very untimely and tragic death.They don't make movies of this quality any more it seems, good from start to finish!Do take the time to view this one, should it show up on your late night TV lineup.

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Fairly plausible script

Author: lrcdmnhd72 from Planet Earth
22 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

David Janssen seems about the best choice for playing Harry Adams, a lonely, but brilliant structural engineer in a loveless marriage. It might be possible to accumulate $500,000 in high-stakes black jack playing, being able to do it in 15 years or less. In fact, a BJ card counting team went into Resorts International Casino, around 1978, in Atlantic City and won $145,000 in a period of ~8-9 days and was barred.

The only thing is, I don't think any BJ player would be allowed to bring a notepad to a BJ table. This might be construed as a form of card-counting, yet was necessary for the plot.

When Herbie, the Private Investigator, needed $10,000 to pay off his gambling debts, why didn't Harry (Janssen) simply remove the $10,000 from the nearly $500,000 in BJ winnings that he had already amassed, instead of getting involved in a rather dangerous, high-stakes, back room poker game? Much simpler. To me, $490,000 would be close enough.

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