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Sex & Nudity

  • 8/10
  • A man and a woman go into a bedroom and the woman strips down attempting sex. She is seen on the bed naked, her bare breasts are shown.
  • A man climbs a latter and looks into a bedroom with a bunch of women. They are shown naked, one woman strips down right in front of him and tries to masturbate.
  • A man walks into a house and finds a naked woman (we see her bare back and buttocks as she puts on her shirt).
  • A man and an older woman enter a room, he removes her coat, she undresses and we see her in lingerie (shoulders and legs are visible), he picks her up and puts her onto a bed while they continue to kiss (sex is implied)
  • A man appears shirtless with a towel wrapped around his waist, he removes the towel to get dressed and we see his bare buttocks
  • A man hands another man a phallic toy that is a huge fake penis and suggests he use it with his girlfriend
  • A man asks a woman if he wants to go on a date with him and we cut to them lying under a blanket on a football field; they talk about how neither of them have had sex and do not know what to expect, he begins to remove his shirt (we see his bare chest), she tells him that she is underage and the scene ends
  • A womans shirt is ripped off of her by another woman, we see her in her bra.
  • We see a woman in lingerie lying next to a man in bed while he talks on the phone trying to seduce him.
  • A woman on a parade float is thrown into the window of a young boy (she is wearing a one-piece bathing suit and fishnet stockings), and he appears excited (we see him reading a pornographic magazine but nothing is discernable)
  • A woman tells a man that another woman would like to meet her at a hotel (presumably for sex) We see a group of cars in which couples are presumably embracing (nothing can be discerned)
  • We see a womans bare leg and thigh while she sits on a bleacher and another man looks up her skirt from underneath
  • A female mannequin is thrown out of a window (breasts and buttocks are briefly seen)
  • Women at a party wear dresses that reveal bare shoulders and the outline of their nipples
  • We see cardboard cutout of an nude mermaid whose breasts have been substituted with fish bowls
  • A woman asks another woman if she had sex with a man and the other woman tells her that he doesn't believe in premarital sex

Violence & Gore

  • 3/10
  • At a parade people are ran into by vehicles, thrown around etc.
  • A man holds a beer bottle and it is shot by a gun.
  • Cars are occasionally shown crashing into each other.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Rated R for nudity throughout, sexual content, intensively strong language and drinking.
  • Mature 16 year olds or 17+

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