Animal House (1978) Poster


Plot Keywords

dean college
parade homecoming parade
fraternity year 1962
black panties erotic 70s
camera shot of feet stockinged feet in face
female stockinged soles female stockinged legs
lust sexual desire
sexual attraction female removes her dress
girl in panties nude girl
nude breasts
scantily clad female ends with biographical notes
double secret probation female rear nudity
female frontal nudity cleavage
bare breasts fondling
female removes her clothes voyeur
panties upskirt
cheerleader uniform riding a motorcycle inside a house
beer date
student council blowtorch
black eye parade float
door shut in face deadpan humor
expulsion animal in title
pennsylvania animal feces
fat insult humiliation
director cameo social satire
crazy humor slob
stolen exam woman in underwear
pillow fight paddle stick
men in underwear man in underwear
topless female nudity slapstick comedy
older woman younger man relationship masturbation
lingerie slip devil on shoulder
angel on shoulder no panties
ephebophile toga
stuffed bra seltzer
mustard girl stripped down to panties
girl in bra and panties white panties
stockings anti hero
actor shares last name with character overweight
virginity smashing guitar
revenge racial slur
pirate costume neck brace
may december romance marijuana
lie gay slur
comic violence college student
cheating on test bully
bully comeuppance black comedy
beating bar
bra removing crosley automobile
pity sex paddle
drunkenness binge drinking
hand job extramarital affair
female nudity chainsaw
cult gross out comedy
voyeurism stupidity
shoplifting sheriff
dildo nudity
cult film college senior
college freshman killing a horse
football field concert
initiation party
marbles blockbuster
sorority supermarket
what happened to epilogue run over fire hydrant
mayor shopping cart
hazing cafeteria
vomit car accident
toga party sex
nightclub peeping tom
jukebox grocery store
food fight switchblade
professor national lampoon series
mobster 1960s
ladder spanking
horse golf
male nudity prank
disciplinary hearing stable
rotc marching band
angel and devil statutory rape
teacher breaking the fourth wall
cannabis actor shares first name with character

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