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Nice Cheesy Film...
vwolak7 May 2003
If you are looking for monstrous special effects (even by 1970's standards), this is not the film for you...

If you are a KISS fan, it is definitely worth a watching. Especially if you are a classic KISS fan.

Brief synopsis: KISS is about to play for an amusement park. The brains behind this park (Abner Deveraux played by Anthony Zerbe) grows resentful that a rock-n-roll band is overshadowing the technical expertise that he created at this park. He vows all-out war against the band using his creations to attack the band members. And their secret talisman which gives them powers.

BTW, Gene Simmons does most of his own stunts, probably preparing himself for a future theatrical career (which he did, in the 1980's). Peter Criss's lines are dubbed in by a voice guy from Hanna Barbera. Strange how Peter Criss sounds the same as Dirk Daring from G-Force.

Anthony Zerbe does a great job in acting as the villain in this one. His best IMHO is in North and South as General Grant.

Ok, this is not an epic adventure that got critical acclaim, yet after a few beers, it is good entertainment.
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Is it really that bad? Well, yes, but...
Erik Rupp13 June 2004
Consider this: In 1978 Wonder Woman was a fairly decent sized hit TV series. Cheese and camp were in. KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park originally was planned (and scripted) as "Star Wars meets A Hard Day's Night." Unfortunately, the network censors decided that it was too violent and too serious for all the kids that would likely be watching, so the script was toned down. After 3 or 4 re-writes the script hardly resembled that which the band and their management agreed to, but they had already signed their contracts, so...

Out came KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park to TV screens in the Fall of 1978. It was bad, unintentionally funny in spots, and yet - it was still kind of cool if you "got it." The idea of KISS as superheroes was a natural, and, in fact, it followed the two Marvel Comics KISS special issues from 1977 & 1978 - including the idea of where they got their powers. There are some ideas in the story that if fleshed out and written well could have made for a good TV movie. Unfortunately Hanna Barbera was running the show, and turned it into a live action cartoon - with the approval (and outright urging) of NBC. The band so hated the script that even Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons - the guys in the band with good work ethic and aspirations of becoming serious Hollywood actors someday - didn't bother to study their lines. They just had their lines barked out to them and repeated them for each take. Peter Criss, as has been noted many times, didn't even bother to show up for the "looping," or overdubbing of his voice to fix the spots where the audio recording wasn't up to par (and had his voice replaced by a cartoon voice actor throughout the film as a result). Ace Frehley also seems disinterested for most of the movie (and as he was, and still is, a big Science Fiction fan that shows just how unhappy he was with the script - and the film-making process in general).

Anthony Zerbe and Carmine Caridi, however, do their best to salvage something out of this mess. They give solid, fairly believable performances despite dialog that is often cheesy, and despite their characters being written as cardboard cut-outs rather than 3 dimensional people. Kudos to them, they clearly were (and still are) professionals.

The highlights of the movie end up being the music and the cheesy fight scenes - and maybe the interplay between Zerbe's Abner Deveraux and Caridi's Calvin Richards. KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park can be fun to watch IF you go into it expecting a cheesy 70's superhero camp movie. If that's all you expect, then it meets and exceeds those expectations. It's a great bit of nostalgia as well.

KISS survived this movie, but just barely. A year later they had a huge hit with their Dynasty album, but then saw Peter Criss leave the band, with Ace Frehley following suit a couple of years later. They saw their fortunes fade for a few years (despite the introduction of the late, great Eric Carr on drums in 1980) before their career revival minus the make-up with albums like Lick It Up, Animalize, Asylum, and Revenge. In 1996 the original group got back together for a wildly successful reunion that lasted for 5 years. Once again, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley proved to be too unstable and erratic to continue in the band, and they each ended up leaving KISS (or being asked to leave) for a second time. Despite a "Farewell Tour" in 2000-2001 KISS still continues today, and they still hate this movie. But like a veteran telling war stories, they still tell the tale of making this movie, and of how a great idea was turned into something profoundly stupid yet still strangely compelling.
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"What's That Humming Noise?"
MetalGeek16 January 2006
KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK... what a film! I first encountered this film as a Movie-Of-The Week on TV when I was about nine years old. I thought it was great then, of course, because back then (late '70s) ANYTHING Kiss-related was "great." When I saw it again years later on the late movie I found it hard to keep my drink from spraying out of my nose while I laughed hysterically through the entire movie. I ran out and found the movie on VHS the next day and spent many a happy Saturday night during college exposing my friends to this underrated gem. It became a surrogate "Rocky Horror" midnight movie for the metal heads in my dorm. The other posts on this movie have already beaten the "plot" (or lack thereof) to death so I don't need to berate it any further. Let's just say this: the script is hilariously bad, as are the performances, the special effects, etc., etc. But for KISS fans this is mandatory viewing at least once. In fact, I use this film as a litmus test when speaking to other KISS fans to find out how hardcore they are. I ask "Have you seen KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM?" and if they answer "Yes," I ask "How many times?" If the answer is more than five times, then I know I'm in the company of a hardcore member of the KISS Army. The band may hate this movie (I believe they even sued a DVD distributor recently for releasing the film on DVD and had it taken out of circulation) but I simply can't get enough of the Star-Child ("you're looking for someone...but it's not KISS"), Space Ace ("Insufficient data, Starchild! ACK!"), the Demon (There ARE no right hands but OURS!"), and the Cat Man ("Gene's brother was an only child!")in action. It's a bad movie to end all bad movies. I love bad movies, and I love KISS, so for me it's a match made in heaven.
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spidey0218816 April 2003
Yes, the movie is horrible, and yes it is an embarrassment. However, if you grew up with KISS in the 1970's this movie will be very near and dear to your heart. The fact that this movie was even made is a testament to the KISS phenomenon of the 70's. It isn't so much a movie as it is a magical moment in time captured.
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Uh, maybe this wasn't the best career move guys...
Mr. Pulse7 July 2001
I'm no KISS lover, nor am I a KISS hater; I suppose I'm a bit of a casual fan. I am however, a lover of movies of the genre that is sometimes called "Inexplicable." KISS Meets The Phantom (Of the Park) is such a movie. A real head-scratcher. You'll be scratching your head so damn much your scalp will start to flake. I think this movie keeps Head and Shoulders in business.

KISS star as themselves (Sort of, they are the band KISS, but they only refer to themselves as "The Demon" or "Space Ace" and so on), in a, well, really, a TV movie, but even then, that doesn't explain how poor the quality is. TV movies look better than this, heck, most after school specials have this beat. Anyway, KISS is playing 3 days of concerts at an unamed amusement park (In reality, Magic Mountain in California), and in between their 2-song concerts (That's as much as we see anyway), they fight the evil shenanigans of an evil inventor who works in a secret lab underneath the park.

Although I can't recall him ever being referred to in the film as "The Phantom" I have to assume he is the titular character. He certainly doesn't wear pink tights and fire pistols; though that probably would have pepped up the plot, which is droll and inane to say the least.

Here's the main problem. Amongst the opening credits you will prominently see displayed as Executive Producer one Joseph Barberra, famous for the Hanna Barberra cartoons. You will also notice a lot of musical cues and story elements that seem plucked right out of bad episodes of Scooby-Doo, Super Friends, Josie and the Pussycats and others. I'm not reaching here, a lot of sounds and music are exactly the same. Basically, the film is a live action Hanna Barberra cartoon, complete with terrible laser beam eye blasts and fire breath (One time you can see the physical edges of the effect, not a proud moment for Gene). This movie could have worked as a cartoon, or as a KISS movie about, I dunno, a concert. Instead its A Hard Days Scooby, and a poor one at that.

KISS certainly don't help their cause, Gene is really the only one who seems comfortable in his non-performance scenes, and he's hindered by a weird reverb effect on his voice that makes him almost impossible to understand. Ace and Paul are both more wooden than George Washington's teeth, and "The Cat" sounds an awful lot like Duke from GI Joe (His voice having been redubbed in post because, well, it was bad). In one scene, Ace is also clearly a stunt double, who's...well, black. In another, he's Asian. Oops.

I know I've made it sound awful but...well, okay so it's awful. But KISS Meets The Phantom often achieves that rare goofy quality of a movie that isn't so much bad, as it is completely insane and way off base. It's not as funny as a Plan 9, or a Gymkata, but it is worthy of at least one viewing with a big crowd of rowdy friends.
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Great party movie
Anchor6929 October 1998
This movie sucks so bad it is great. With the added bonus that it is also almost a "Greatest Hits" collection. When you are throwing a party, just throw this in the VCR and if you can play it several times. People will love it for several reasons, mostly the music. But you can also make fun of the acting, the special effects, and the thing I love the most the back ground music. When the flying monkeys are going around the roller coaster, I could swear that in the back ground music is someone saying, "Walk a chicken". Anyway, I highly advise anyone to pick it up.
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pure 70's Americana!
Blitz-522 January 1999
With tunes like "I Stole Your Love" and "Shout It Out Loud". This movie leaves no stone unturned for Kiss fans. It's so period, so dated, yet completely fun (especially if you're a nostalgia freak). Yet another one of those films where technically the acting stinks, the script is lame and the set is an amusement park but you just have to watch it once or twice or again and again. Choice is yours! (but I'd check it out:) As a Kiss fan I have no choice but to stick it a 10.
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The "Citizen Kane" of Generation X
pjbickel7 March 2003
I'm going to assume that you, the reader, have already been privileged enough to view this masterpiece. Most likely, like most of the world's population, you have seen it multiple times and probably own your own copy, as I do. I will also go out on a limb and assume that you are aware of Gene Simmons' acting chops. They speak for themselves. Here we see a master thespian at the peak of his craft, eliciting emotions and feelings as only one as trained and skilled as he can do. Assuming you already know these things, I will spare you intricate plot details and my hypothesis on all of the metaphors and double-entendres that exist in this cinematic celluloid achievement. What we've got here is a cultural landmark the likes of which may not be fully understood for centuries to come. Like "Riding With Death" and Steven Speilberg's "2001: A Space Odyssey" before it, "KISS Meets a Phantom in a Park (1978) (TV)" asks questions of the mind, heart, body and soul. Where Speilberg failed, George Lucas succeeds with this film, his directorial debut. And what a stellar debut it is. Originally titled "KISS in Attack of the Phantom", Lucas wisely retitled the film due to his imminent release 20 years later of the similarly titled films "Attack of the Clones" and "The Phantom Menace". Whatever title he chose, "KISS Meets the Phantom in a Park (1978) (TV)" surpasses those two films by leaps and bounds, and indeed is even vastly superior to the 1982 original "Star Wars". Though released in (1978) for (TV), the special effects and brilliant stunt work were far ahead of their time and truly belonged on the big screen. Only with `The Star Wars Holiday Special' and perhaps "Corvette Summer" would Lucas come close to the greatness he ultimately captured in "KISS in KISS Meets a Phantom in a Park Who Attacks Them (1978) (TV)". Sadly, he would never approach that level of mastery again, though some (myself included) would argue that his Executive Producer credit on "Glitter" should have earned him an Oscar. To sum up, an overall brilliant film, utterly bereft of flaws. A timeless and intriguing piece of work that to this day does not fail to frighten, educate, thrill, and provoke thought. This is the quintessential Rock and/or Roll film that writer/director/star Kevin Costner tried to bring to fruition in his half-baked, ill-fated, ill-received 1984 film `Pink Floyd: The Wall'. Costner failed, and failed miserably. Of course he would go on to make some of the best short films of all time, including `Waterworld' and `The Postman', but neither he, nor anyone else would ever attempt again to match the glory, mystique and power of the film that is `KISS Star in a Phantom Meeting In The Park (TV) (1978)'.
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A true masterpiece....
bractune3 April 2000
...or is that a "master piece"? Either way, I loved it. How all 4 members were completely ignored for "Best Actor" Oscars is beyond me.

How can you beat a movie that has an "evil KISS" out to ruin the real KISS, so they go on stage at a KISS show and change the lyrics of the classic tune "Shout it out Loud" to "Rip and Destroy", to the dismay of the packed Amusement Park, who don't know there's something amiss, so they start booing the evil KISS, thinking it's the real KISS ruining their own song by changing the lyrics (how's THAT for fan loyalty?), etc, etc....I could go on.

Let's just say...this IS A CLASSIC FILM!! Rent it!! Thank you very much.
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The road to hell paving company must be hard at work...
tusken_2004-122 February 2009
I have been a KISS fan since I was a little tyke, and back when this stinkburger came out on TV, I had to watch it. I only now realize that the world of music-related films must be pock-marked with bomb craters (no pun intended)left in the wake of such cinema gold as this poor excuse to sell cheaply-made action figures by MEGO. I mean, even Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978) makes sense compared to this.

It was a cartoon. A live-action cartoon. Joseph Barbera must have felt horrible after unleashing this poor excuse for a film on an unwitting public.

But yet, as with so many other films that are real cheese-fests, I can't help but sit mesmerized by the events on screen. I'm not following the apparent lack of plot, nor am I really caring about the equally detestable special defects, I guess it's that I just go into Zombie mode with this film. If Dr. Forrester of MST3k really wanted to rule the world so bad, he would have used THIS film to turn Joel & the 'bots into so much mental cabbage.

I am still a fan of KISS, however. This film failed to change that. All the same, I am NOT a fan of the people responsible for convincing Gene, Paul, Ace, and Peter that a TV movie of the week would be a great idea for publicity.

I think that any film aficionado worth his/her salt owes it to themselves to see this film once. after that, appropriate dosage should be determined by your physician.
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Classic Fun
Solnichka McPherson3 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, this film (and I use that word loosely) is total cheese. But it's fun. The acting is horrible, the plot is a joke, and the scenery is antiquated. Yet it still has its appeal. Why? Perhaps because it's a time capsule from an earlier era, but also because it's innocent attempt to cash in on the band's popularity without thought or reason to quality. It's a reminder of the solo albums each band member released in the late 1970s: shameless market saturation.

A few standout scenes: the band getting "interrogated" at the pool by the cops, any scene with Chopper and his gang, all the live concert performances, all scenes with the band's talisman, the "Beth" performance. I could go on, but ...
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It's so bad it is great
dlaniado-110 July 2008
This movie is so bad, that it is what makes it great. It will become a cult movie, very much like "El Santo" movies from Mexico. The apparently low-budget production makes you LOL at every instance where you see the improvisation to create pseudo-special effects.worth to see just to laugh and see Gene Simmons grins and expressions. The story is so lame it also makes you laugh. Songs aren't that well performed, but the apparently only chance you will have to see it will be on the kissology DVD, so that will provide other opportunities to watch very good performances from Kiss. if you wish to see a 60's quality movie made in the late 70's watch this one
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Definitely Cheezy, But Memorable
heekiesavin24 May 2005
I can remember in 1978 when this movie came out. It was aired on October 29th, just 2 days before Halloween. The anticipation for this movie was kind of like being a kid at Christmas time. You know on Tuesday of this week that Rudolph is on Friday of next week. The days can't go by quick enough, and you anxiously await for it to finally air. Well finally, it did. At 12 years old, and being a huge KISS fanatic, that was the best movie ever. I can remember the next day, every kid in the neighborhood talking about the movie, and for about a week, playing KISS vs their robot doubles. To the hard core KISS fan, the tunes rocked. Rock And Roll All Nite started off the opening credits. 12 years old, it was magic.

Now enter 8 years later. The age of the VCR's, and cable TV. I had noticed in TV Guide that KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park was going to be week. Just like 1978, I had to go through the anticipation phase again. But the night finally came, and I had the VCR and brand new tape all set. My movie finally aired. I watched it.......and it was totally and completely one of the most dumbest movies I had ever seen in my life. Needless to say....the movie didn't have the same impact on me as it did 8 years prior. I had come to realize that aside from wasting my money on a blank tape, I had just wasted 2 hours of my life that I will never be able to get back. The songs were still great, and the concert footage was good, but the acting was absolutely horrible. At least Gene went on to do a couple better movies a few years down the road(Runaway, Wanted Dead or Alive).

Because of this disappointment I experienced, I had come to the decision that I would never buy this video. I have since seen it on Ebay, record stores, movie stores, etc. And for cheap money at that. But I know deep down inside I'll either never watch it, or I'll start to watch it and get bored rather quickly. I find it better to hold it as a childhood memory.

In a note to the previous posting about Peter Criss' voice being re-dubbed because it was awful.....perhaps. The real reason is (as stated by Paul Stanley of KISS in the KISS home video Extreme Closeup)...the reason for the different voice is because....after the filming of the movie, the band had to go back to the studio to do what was called looping (re-taping their voices). Peter Criss would never show up, so another person had to do his voice.
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Painful, Wonderful
Joey Michaels5 February 2004
Warning: Spoilers

It take a rare combinations of elements for a truly awful movie to achieve legendary status. Most bad movies vanish into well-deserved obscurity. Sometimes, however, one is so bad that it rises above its own failings and turns into an inadvertently entertaining nugget of, well, not gold, but something precious. "Plan Nine From Outer Space," "Showgirls," and, yes, "Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park" fall into this category.

This movie is entertaining for all of the wrong reasons. I think it was meant to be a kind of drama or thriller or at least a movie that made Kiss seem cool. It turned out to be a campy nightmare of badly dubbed voices, embarrassing acting, cheesy stunts and (best of all) some of the most marvelously wooden dialogue this side of "Josie and the Pussycats." That Kiss survived to once again be one of the great rock bands is a testament to their musical prowess.

I watch this movie at least once a year, and there is a line in it - the last line - that is one of my favorite pieces of dialogue of all time. Alas, it gives away the conclusion and hints at a major plot point, hence the spoiler warning:

"He built Kiss to destroy Kiss... and lost..."

I mean, good writers can't produce lines like that. The more the pity.

I gave the movie 1 out of 10, because it deserves it. IMO, A movie should receive a 1 if it is memorably awful, as opposed to just dull and bad.
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A Must For KISS Fans
mrmakebelieve18 October 2003
A great slice of '70's "cheese". This movie really captures the feeling of what it was like to be a KISS fan in the '70's. What makes it even more fun is that KISS hates this movie. It's just a fun film to watch. The acting is wretched but the story is a blast - a kind of Phantom of the Opera in a amusement park. Ace and Peter were bombed during the filming of the movie. It isn't even Peter's voice in the movie. Great fun for the whole family or for the background during a 70's party!!
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midnightfluff11 January 2006
One of the Greatest Movies Ever!!! Anthony Zerbe is God. Brion James is Moses. Paul Stanley is Tyne Daly. Although the "acting" done by the members of KISS is pretty suspect, the script is hysterical. I've read numerous accounts of Ace being so wasted on the set that he had to be replaced with an African American stunt double. Peter Criss' dialog was so slurred that his voice had to be re-dubbed with a cartoon actor's voice. When you view the movie knowing these tidbits, it makes it so much more enjoyable. If you know anything about KISS, you know that Ace and Peter hated the idea of the movie from the get-go. I mean, if you're in the biggest rock band of the late 70's and you are used to partying all day long, and then you have to get up every morning to shoot a kids movie, somebody is going to pay the price. five stars
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Rip! Rip! -- Rip and Destroy!
schmigrex30 March 2004
Ahh, so sang the jolly band -- after they were made evil for a while.

Or were those the evil KISS robots? I can't remember. And why

not? Because I haven't actually seen this since it aired in 1978.

Now, this was my first term in college, and -- hey, that's a BEER!

As I recall, the film is a delightful masterpiece. But then again, my

roommates and I then went to a Halloween party, where I ended

up face-down in my own..... well, you get the idea. So my

memories of that night are not exactly crisp. For example, until I

read the credits here on IMDB, I thought Paul Williams was in it.

Must have been a fungus-induced nightmare. Ah, college days!

That's my memory of KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park. Thanks

for listening.
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Happy days........
allanmallison29 October 2006
I'm giving this movie 10 out of 10. Not because it is a masterpiece...It isn't!....Not because the acting is spectacular and believable...It isn't!....but because it is an innocent comic book adventure from the worlds greatest rock band at a time where they were riding the crest of a mighty wave. Granted, it's not the best flick you'll ever see, but if you are a kiss fan of 35+ years, you'll love it.

I saw this movie on the afternoon that kiss were playing their first Glasgow (Scotland) gig in 1983. As my heroes of the time and having idolised them, to see them in the movie eas fun all the way, and knowing that I was about to see them 4 hours later in the flesh was incredible.

Sure, Peter never spoke and contrary to the other guys comment, Ace was in the entire film. He was not played personally by a stand in black actor, that actor played the evil ace in the final sequence. Each Kiss member had an evil counterpart and none of them looked at all like the band themselves. Still.....a fun movie. Worth a big bag of popcorn and a night in. Just for nostalgia if nothing else. KIS FANS WILL LOVE IT!.....NON KISS FANS WON'T....and sure, KISS made a bad decision in doing it, but you don't just stop supporting your favourite football team because they lose one match do you?.....KISS ARE STILL THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD!.............
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It's A "Rocket Ride" ... but Not A "Love Gun".
happipuppi1313 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Well,I originally wasn't going to review this but with all that i read here,I had too. Just to many negative ones for my taste.

Okay,1st thing about this movie to know before you view it,it's made by Hanna-Barbera,you know,the folks who brought you "Yogi Bear" & The Flintstones"? Once you know that,you know not to expect a masterpiece in the vein of the "Star Wars" series. Also,take into account that it's a TV movie and it's from the 70s (when special effects were "just beginning" to improve! This is from 1978 and only 5 good movies before this had good effects,"THX 1138","War Of The Worlds" (1950s),"Logan's Run", "Star Wars" and "Close Encounters O.T.Third Kind"

It's no secret now,that the band was driving their career as well a blindfolded student driver at this time,so making this movie was just something "someone else" said yes to. Plotwise,yes,it's much like a Scooby-Doo plot on Saturday morning. It's purely campy and goofy and kind of fun,just like Scooby. It's a bit darker than that though.

These guys (KISS) are not meant to be actors (depite Simmons' later efforts). They're musicians and this was supposed to be a Halloween "treat" for their fans. If you don't take this movie so seriously,you can have fun with it. Otherwise,you just end up feeling worse about it than you should. It also aired on NBC during it's darkest days in the late 70's.

Despite the pitfalls of it's era,it's dumb fun. Voice overs,somewhat stiff actors,bad costumes (not the band) and all. 5 stars as I said,it's good for a laugh...intentional or not. (end)
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Only for KISS fans and little kids
stevenfallonnyc19 July 2003
...and that's not an insult, I am a huge KISS fan so I love the movie, and sure, it sucks. But since it is KISS, it must be watched!

KISS fans love any mention of KISS, and this horrible film satisfies in that respect. Even the guy on the park PA system can't help repeating, "...KISS tonight...KISS...KISS!" Even when KISS shows up it's a lot of fun after, because they are all so terrible at acting, you love every second.

The incredible thing is, KISS knew how bad this film was before it even aired in 1978 when they were embarrassed at a screening. So imagine how dated this film must be nowa days. This isn't just a bad movie - it's a bad SEVENTIES movie, because watching it, you can guess right away it was made in either 1977 or '78.

The lack of effort is astounding. No one in pre-production could have fixed up that awful wrong chord in "I Stole Your Love?" Especially since every KISS "live" album is nothing BUT pre-pro? When the park manager is walking with the security guards, the cameraman couldn't film their heads, just the bodies? And did KISS play so badly at the real concerts in that park, that most of the "live" music scenes by KISS are just studio album tracks lip-synced?

Well hey, one plus is, it's still better than the Star Wars Holiday Special that came out a month later. Maybe KISS can pull a "Lucas" and fix a few hings up for a DVD release - get Peter to add his real voice in, change most of the "incidental" music from 70's crap to something more exciting and classy, and get KISS to re-record some of the live music scenes! Now, I don't agree with anything Lucas has done to the Star Wars films, but THIS movie, I wouldn't mind seeing some changes (as long as we can also have the original crappy version too!).

Too bad "Detroit Rock City" (1999) was laced with so much juvenile profanity - that could have been a great KISS movie and totally made up for this.
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So bad, it's nearly good.
LittleDrummerGirl11 July 2003
I'll tell you right now... this movie is not a cinematic masterpiece. It doesn't even get past the "ci" part of that phrase.

No, KMTPOTP (as I shall abbreviate it), is not a movie for movie lovers. It is, however, a movie for BAD movie lovers.

I remain a KISS fan, and even admit that I have watched this more than once. KISS's music is good in this, but I must ask... What was with Ace Frehley's occasional squawk? Was there a purpose? Was there a point? I must know!

4 out of 10.
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A total waste of celluloid
flashbck3 June 2000
I've just read the previous reviews and I have to say that I have serious concerns about humanity now. How anybody can give this movie a 10 is well beyond me (unless it's on a scale of 10,000). It's's embarrassing....thank goodness it didn't ruin Gene Simmons taste for acting (he really has done some good stuff....but not here). The acting is atrocious, the special effects are cheesy, the script is amateurish. How Mystery Science Theater 3000 missed this one is beyond me. The only high point is the music....and I'd rather play the album.
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kisschick32717 December 2001
This movie is perfect just the way it is. From Peter's line, " Gene's brother was an only child" to Ace's teleporting skills, to Gene roaring at the security guys. The final scene is so fun, seeing KISS attack KISS is pure brilliance. The action scenes are so awesome and it must be difficult to do the fights with the boots. Phantom of the Park is cheesy but a must.
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This is a live-action Scooby Doo episode
mikey196925 July 2000
This movie is Bad.

This movie has bad special effects.

This movie makes KISS look like a bunch of clowns.

Now that that's off my chest I have to say this movie is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Just like 'Howard The Duck' and 'Sgt. Peppers', this movie was never meant to win an Oscar, or be the dinner table conversation across America. It was fun, the music was great, and the plot was corny. This basic theme of this movie was that it was a live action Scooby Doo episode, it had ALL the requisites. It was even done by Hanna-Barberra, for God's sake. I got a copy of this from a friend of mine, and wouldn't lose the tape for anything. All I can say is, life's too short to watch the movies that other people tell you to.
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An unbearable piece of crap.
Aaron Taylor16 August 2014
This "film" is an embarrassment to cinema, it makes the fourth Jaws film seem like an Oscar worthy picture. This movie represents everything that the band "Kiss" represent, which is mindless stupidity in a vain attempt to swindle money from their fan base. Much like the way Michael Bay treats the viewers of "Transformers" as mindless fools who will pay in as long as the CGI robots fight for 2 hours of the movie, Kiss knows all they had to do was show up on a film set and their fans would go crazy, name one thing Kiss has put their faces on which didn't sell, hell the Kiss Coffin sells, there are a lot of really Dumb people alive and Kiss takes advantage of these people. If you feel that you have respect for anyone in this hunk of crap band, please watch this movie, and then listen to their song "Great Expectations" because Kiss is absolutely the worst thing to grace entertainment.
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