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Final theatrical feature film of actress Ingrid Bergman.
The film struck very close to home for Ingrid Bergman to the extent that she was quite shocked when she read the screenplay for the first time. It deals with a self-centered artist who leaves her children in their formative years to go off and pursue her career. During the late 40s, Bergman herself became a cause celebre by abandoning her family to run off with Italian film director, Roberto Rossellini.
Ingrid Bergman's first film in her native tongue in 11 years.
Ingrid Bergman had just been diagnosed with the cancer that would kill her when filming began.
Shot in Norway, during Ingmar Bergman's exile from Sweden due to an accusation of tax evasion.
The film was notable for the teaming of the two famous but unrelated film Bergmans, actress Ingrid Bergman and director Ingmar Bergman.
In both her first American film (Intermezzo: A Love Story (1939)) and her last feature film, (Autumn Sonata (1978)), Ingrid Bergman played a concert pianist.
Ingmar Bergman later stated that when they first started shooting, Ingrid Bergman played her part horribly. But after they discussed it, she was "Brilliant, incredibly difficult, but brilliant".
While Ingrid Bergman portrays Charlotte the pianist, the person we really see and hear playing is Ingmar Bergman's ex-wife Käbi Laretei, an acclaimed concert pianist. She even acted as Ingrid's body double at the keyboard.
As Ingmar Bergman was essentially exiled from his native Sweden because of an ongoing battle with the tax authorities, the film was financed by his West German company, Personafilm GmbH, and Lew Grade's ITC Film, and shot in an old film studio outside Oslo in Norway.
The "drivel" novel (by Adam Kretzinsky) that Charlotte reads has a picture of Ingmar Bergman on the back.
The only time Ingrid Bergman acted in a film directed by Ingmar Bergman.

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