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Bad, but not that bad

Author: mstomaso from Vulcan
25 April 2006

War of the Robots is a much better film than its sickly half-sister Cosmos War of the Planets. Both feature likable actress Yanti Sommer and the same Italian directing and production team, and some of the scenes could have been freely interchanged between the two films. Both films attempted to cash in on the brief resurgence of action / sci-fi ushered in by Star Wars: A New Hope, and probably did not do particularly well. I would imagine that seeing them as a double feature at a drive-in might have made for a very entertaining though somewhat grueling night.

the plot of WOTR is much more interesting than what passes for a plot in Cosmos War. Both involve a multinational crew of earthlings attempting to combat somewhat inept, impolite and amazingly technologically underdeveloped intergalactic travelers who, of course, don't really look or behave very differently from bad humans. In this case, however, the aliens are mostly robotic, bleach-blond 20-25 year old young Italian men who all look as if they just auditioned to replace Brian Jones in the rolling stones. Jones died in the late sixties, just like the fashion sense this movie espouses. Everybody wears psychedelic clothing, despite the very uncomfortable form-fitting plastic leotards donned by the space ship crew. The ship itself is one of the more realistic ships I have seen in a space adventure. It is an awkward, odd-looking thing, resembling neither an F-15 nor a winged space-Corvette.

The war begins when the Brian Joneses kidnap a slightly megalomaniacal college professor who seems to have a singular genius for mechanical and electrical engineering, nuclear physics and genetics. One or all of these specialties have allowed the professor to create a device which now threatens to destroy a fairly large city back on earth, and the professor and his really annoying though apparently brilliant research assistant are charged with the task of creating artificial life for the Brian Joneses' masters, an aging race of paraplegic immortals. The captain of the earth ship, who has a personality which hybridizes Captain James T. kirk and Han Solo, is in love with the annoying research assistant and on a mission to save the earth from the professor's machine by bringing him back to earth to disarm it. Along the way, they free a slave race of cave-dwellers and take their leader, played by Aldo Canti (easily the most likable character in the film), as a new crew member. The plot takes a few twists before it devolves into the usual race against time. Had it been more carefully executed, and had the special effects budget equaled that of Ms. Sommer's salary, the film may have earned a rating of 6 or so from me.

The cinematography, directing and editing are all OK. The script is pretty silly most of the time (especially with the overdubbing) and the acting is all over the map. The weakest moments are, unfortunately, the ludicrous action scenes. None of the actors, with the possible exception of Ms. Sommer and Mr. Canti, are physical actors, and the fight scenes are poorly choreographed to say the least. Oh! and the much maligned soundtrack??? I LOVED IT!!!

this is a fun little film for B sci fi buffs, with little merit for anybody else.

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War of the Cheese!

Author: colaboy7 ( from Greece
5 December 2005

After reading the reviews of the film on this site I must admit that I really don't understand some people.

When you rent/buy an Italian film, made in the seventies, called "War of the Robots", do you really expect to see Orcar winner material??

Of course not, you know from the beginning that is going to be a badly acted/directed/dubbed piece of junk. But what an entertaining piece of junk!

I've never seen so many men dressed in blue mini skirts in my life! And let's not forget the blue tights as well. it's like watching an episode of the Smurfs in Space!

I've never seen so many terribly crafted MDF settings/furniture since the last time i watched a home improvement show on British TV.

I've never seen so many stupid wigs since Cher's last world tour! And imagine the results when you use them together with silver space suits and silver body paint! Wow!

As you can understand I never even bothered to notice the plot or even the fact that the person who translated the script from Italian, probably didn't speak English.

But what really surprised me about this film is that even though we are surrounded by all this space hi-end technology, it seems that none of the female space crew even know what a push-up bra is, and the wonders it can do for your figure....

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up there as one of the finest B-Movies of all time (star wars in a petri dish)

Author: donie1798 from United Kingdom
29 November 2005

I must admit, it was until October 2004 that I actually got into watching B-movies. Say what you will, but when watched with friends, and a sack load of alcohol, films such as "Reactor", (War of the Robot, Guerra dei robot), can be absolutely hilarious. A friend of mine, namely Bob, a protégé of the all-knowing Shep, introduced me to a film called "The Intruder", in September of last year. I'm not sure was it the company, the strong beer, or the faint scent of German sausage in the air, but that film brought tears of joy and laughter to my eyes. Since that day, I have taken great pleasure in watching any B-Movie that comes my way. Although Rambu-The Intruder, has yet to be topped, "Reactor" is not without its charm. One of the funniest aspects of the film for me, was the English cover picture. It shows some sort of Star Wars-esquire Stormtrooper, who NEVER actually appears in the film!!! blend this with the hapless love story of Julie and John, mindless tales of a "translating device", sound effects and acting that boggle the mind, and a 20 minute space battle that insists space ships can only move in straight lines and at exactly the same speed, whilst resembling something being viewed under a microscope, AND a plot that forgets itself, (the once imminent Reactor explosion becomes long forgotten nostalgia) and you have REACTOR. A fun frolic for all the family. sure, your kids will say its crap. but tell them to shut up, call round your friends who have a sense of humour, get the beers and krabbenchips in, and enjoy the show.

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Enjoyably Cheesy

Author: alansmithee04 ( from St. Cloud, Minnesota
9 January 2004

Bad movie fans will appreciate this Italian attempt to make a quick buck on the popularity of "Star Wars." Everyone else should avoid it as they would a rabid weasel. Even Italian children, no doubt the film's target audience, must have felt insulted after the first couple reels of this low budget non-epic.

That being said, "La Guerra Dei Robot" does have a sort of cheesy charm. It's plot attempts to parallel the first "Star Wars" movie with truly hilarious results. Also the faux "Star Trek" make up of it's crew is funny in a painfully dumb sort of way.

In sum, unless you're a fan of crummy sci-fi movies, keep away from this one.

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Camp classic

Author: steveh46 from United States
26 July 2006

Poor dubbing, special effects, and acting- oh my! This is truly one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Clearly made in Italy and then dubbed over in America to hopefully make more more money, this is a horribly done copy of Star Wars. The "story" is as follows: A "Brilliant" professor and his "Brilliant" assistant are kidnapped by some guys with Blonde wigs on. Some space station attempts to save them. Hilarity ensues. Every once in a while, a bunch of colors will flash across the screen for half a minute. This movies is probably best to avoid if you experience seizures. Actually, this movie is probably best to avoid no matter what.

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Boring rubbish

Author: joelgriggs from United Kingdom
30 July 2007

"If we maintain this velocity we'll catch up to them quite soon." "Have you notified the base?" "No, I haven't yet. Because I have a sort of strange presentment." "Is there something worrying you?" "Hmmm. I don't know, but I feel that my hands are tied." "In what way? How do you mean?" "As long as Lois is in their power, there's nothing I can do about it." "Obviously these damned aliens will take advantage of holding hostages to dictate terms." "If I were you, I wouldn't worry about that." "Let's just catch the spaceship and stop them."

Repeat these lines slowly for about 90mins with a sci-fi throbbing sound effect in the background and you'll have saved yourself time, 36p and a bit of bother...

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Dork-Star Wars

Author: Jonny_Numb from Hellfudge, Pennsylvania
1 July 2007

Call me crazy, but I found "War of the Robots" to be a campy charmer. While the plot--involving a crazy professor and an "empress" (who looks like Zora Kerowa's evil twin), a league of blind alien beings, and a league of Aryan robots--is negligible, the film possesses a low-budget spirit that carries it quite a ways. Sure, it feels like a rip-off of "Star Wars," "Star Trek," "Dark Star," and even "Cave Dwellers" (which came a few years later), but it's low-budget fun in the same way that playing with "A-Team" action figures was fun when I was 5. That, and the atrocious special effects, lousy dubbing, chintzier sets, and sci-fi tropes (ray-guns that are really nothing but souped-up flashlights) makes "War of the Robots" especially juicy for a MST3K-style skewering with a group of friends (one wonders how this avoided the Satellite of Love).

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Terrible picture, but wonderful music

27 December 2006

I agree with the previous reviewer regarding how poorly made this picture was. Even the excellent BBC's Dr. Who Series of the same time period still was able to produce far superior, high quality, amazingly wonderful programs, even with all the limitations of that time. So as far as the picture itself goes, I too feel a rating of 2 or 3 is it. However, aside from all the many glaring flaws of the picture itself, is an incredible soundtrack by the composer Marcello Giombini, listed as Marcus Griffin in the very grossly dubbed U.S. version. There are two pieces which I think are so wonderful! If the music can be found, one should get the music, but not the movie.

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They Could Do Better!

Author: Hitchcoc from United States
8 January 2007

Have you noticed that about half of these Italian sci fi movies have people sitting at their panels on the space ship, wearing helmets, and talking with their backs to us. Then there are the silly costumes and antics of the aliens. This film goes to some really low levels. It's about an intervention to save one space culture from another. There are two female leads competing for the attentions of the space hunk. There are a group of silly aliens who keep getting recycled (I'm sure there were only about five actors) and shot. There's a shirtless leader who doesn't dress the way the rest do (he looks like he may have just escaped from the gay pride parade in New York). I don't know. Do things like this make money for their producers. There is nothing here to maintain interest other than the cheese. I've seen so many of them that they don't entertain much anymore. Skip this one.

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A hilariously horrendous Italian sci-fi schlockfest

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
10 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Professor Carr (stolid Jacques Herlin) and his assistant Lois (the luscious Malisa Longo) are kidnapped by an army of evil robots. It's up to stalwart Captain John Boyd (the hopelessly wooden Antonio Sabato) and his intrepid crew of space rangers to save them. Totally all-thumbs director Alfonso Brescia allows the pace to plod along at a sluggish pace and stages the action scenes with an alarming lack of skill and finesse. The tacky (far from) special effects, Silvio Fraschetti's cruddy, grainy cinematography, the rusty tin-eared dialogue (choice line: "So, you have a plan; perhaps you're planning on murdering everybody"), Marcello Giombini's goofy synthesizer score, the uniformly terrible acting from a dreadful cast, the bland, talky cookie cutter script, and the lousy dubbing all add immensely to the overall deliciously cheesy fun. Sabato makes for a singularly colorless and underwhelming lead. Giacomo Rossi-Stuart as the stoic Roger, Aldo Canti as the bald, benign Kuba the Alien, and Dino Scandiuzzi as the eager young Jack are all likewise pretty bad. At least the cute Yanti Somer as the gutsy Julie and the ravishing Longo as the treacherous Lois supply some tasty eye candy. Campy highlights include a couple of sub-"2001" spacewalk scenes, two uproariously pathetic "Star Wars"-inspired laser swordfight sequences, and the spectacularly shoddy protracted spacefighter battle sequence which serves as the film's less-than-thrilling climax. Moreover, the evil robot army is quite funny: they're a bunch of guys wearing silver lame outfits and sporting retro 60's British invasion band moptop wigs. An amusingly awful gut-buster.

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