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Alternate Versions

A Spanish Castilian TV version shown the movie cropped to 1.85:1 and only musical numbers were shown in 2.35:1.
1998 theatrical re-release featured a heavily remixed soundtrack. Reverb and, in some cases, background vocals were added to many of the songs, and new sound effects were added in certain scenes. All DVD and Blu-ray releases feature only this remix.
All pre-1998 prints of the film feature the then-current Paramount logo with an orchestral rendition of "Love is a Many Splendored Thing." Post-1998 prints plaster this with the 1986-2003 Paramount Pictures logo with the Viacom byline and the "Paramount on Parade" fanfare.
Although the movie was edited during the first couple of airings on BBC television (in the early 80s), the network now show the original 1978 cinematic version. Even still, the edits amounted to no more than three minutes. Although the BBC's editing department has done an abysmal job of deleting the song's "Grease Lightning" sexual references (the words, "tit" and "shit" - which were once 'hilariously' dubbed with the word "HIT" - and the phrase "pussy-wagon" were the only deletions amounting to a noticeable edit - a deletion of two lines from a verse), the 'TV-friendly' song number only lost 15 seconds from what was almost (?) a four-minute track.
UK Alternate (TV) Version: although the movie was rated (in the UK) as a 'PG' and usually received an early-afternoon TV screening (during the early 80's), most of the 'sexual references' featured throughout the movie (edited version) were kept in, mainly because of the cultural differences between the US and the UK. In other words, the terminolgy used by American 'teenagers' differs from their British counterparts.
Due to licensing issues, recent cable television broadcasts of 'Grease' feature a different soundtrack, with some original songs replaced by cover versions or by new tracks; this is most noticeable in the school dance-off scenes.
When shown by British network station ITV1 in November 2002, the entirety of the slumber party / 'Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee' sequence had been edited, along with Rizzo's line to the T-Birds about a "gang bang", Kenickie's line "I hear you're knocked up" and Danny's line "sloppy seconds ain't my style". The 'Greased Lightning' number was entirely uncut.
The film originally had a Coca-Cola sign in the diner behind Olivia Newton-John and Lorenzo Lamas as well as several other Coke signs around the diner. The initial VHS release in the '80s and many TV prints had the scene intact. However, during the mid-'90s VHS and TV prints distorted all Coke signs and symbols (the sign behind Newton-John and Lamas is very large and hard to be ignored). The 1998 cinematic re-release and subsequent DVD also distort all Coke signs.
The BBC television preview featured a version of the slumber party/Sandra Dee song in which the girls wore provocative lingerie and did a sexy dance routine which was from the 70mm roadshow version which has never been released on video.
All references to Doris Day in the Sandra Dee song were cut from early US video/TV versions.

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