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The High-Crime Area of the City is Much Safer!
Joe Bridge12 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I had to laugh at the review that gave this a one, but even more at the review which gave it a ten! I'll give it a two for its pure audacity!

Are there warm, tender "family moments"? Yes, enough to catch pneumonia, which mom does. Also, every single time someone is being rescued by someone else, which is required quite often. I simply can't believe that life in the wilderness would present you with so many nerve-jangling dangers. I'd move back to the city, and lock my door when that creepy Boomer shows up!

Regardless of the sudden horrifying dangers, like disease, fire, avalanches, bears, wolves, etc. the mood always seems to jump back to "everything is fine". Weeeeee! (By the way, would you like a pet bear? They are really CUTE!)

Also, no one is forcing members of a family to watch the telly or to "not be together as a family", so why "escape" from the city, when you can just live in a better part of the city (hopefully with better neighbors who say "varmint" a bit less often) and live the way you wish. With intelligence, a person should be able to live well in just about any environment, in my opinion (even if he really does prefer being chased by wolves on a daily basis). And have a look at that wacky underwear!

This movie continuously wavers between "Aw, isn't that cute?" to "Oh-my-gosh-he's-going-to-DIE-what-an-idiot!" Complete with a bit of embarrassing music here and there.

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"Let's keep the record straight, Boomer -- wolves do not attack people."
utgard1412 September 2016
Wilderness Family sequel that continues the adventures of our beloved family of irresponsible hippies who forsook the city life to live in the mountains, befriending wild animals. It's pretty much more of the same as the last one, except here the little girl's age has been accelerated to make her a teen, despite only taking place six months after the last film. Robert Logan and Susan Damante-Shaw return, as does George "Buck" Flower as the creepy wandering mountain man friend of the family's. More corny music, this time with songs from Barry "Greg Brady" Williams. The natural scenery is, of course, the highlight and the best reason to watch this. They make living in the wilderness look so appealing I was tempted to try it myself, until I remembered how much I hate bugs and snakes and how much I enjoy indoor plumbing and food that doesn't bite me.
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More of the same
Wizard-89 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I reviewed on the IMDb years earlier the first "Wilderness Family" movie, and I commented that the various dangers that the family encountered made city life look a lot more safer and inviting. This first sequel actually is an improvement in this aspect. There are various dangers the family encounters, but not quite as much. The movie is also boosted by managing to keep the fact that the members of the family (and mountain man "Boomer") are a very likable bunch. There is also some impressive footage, mostly of the spectacular wilderness, but also some animal footage (including one shot involving a cougar and a cliff that the SPCA would probably not allow today!)

But the movie still has some problems. The biggest and most obvious problem is that THERE IS NO PLOT. Up to the 5/7 mark, the movie is just a series of various vignettes involving the family. Then the mother gets sick, and the movie spends the last half hour of the movie dealing with this, in a pretty predictable fashion.

There are also some unintended laughs, like when the young son wants his father to take him hunting - when the father did this in the first film. Then there is the scene where the two children get lost in the snow (why don't they just turn around and follow their tracks back home?)

Kids may like this, but adults will probably be able to predict what the movie will be like before they actually watch it.
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re: wilderness family
a_and_p_gagnon15 February 2006
I saw this movie as a child around the age of 10 i thought it was a one of the best movies. I ever saw that family had a beautiful life . i wish we could all live the life they did because if we did this world would have more peace the Robinson's really are a true all American family that believed that they could live in this world and be a family that are not really happenings today in this world there are two many divorces to much poverty love and hate and the world isn't like what it is today as what it was along time ago. the Robinson's stuck together and they know what the true meaning of love is which this world doesn't know they had very thing an all American family . i wish this movie would come back on shelves in Canada so we can buy it . i really wish people would stop and really see the love this family had cause if they co9uld do then why cant were this world would be a better place to live in if people would stop to think that we are people with feelings thats all i have to say Ty bye for now
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Great family entertainment
weezeralfalfa10 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The 2nd of 3 episodes of The Wilderness Family. The first dealt with their adventures during their first summer in their Rocky Mountains homestead, after forsaking their L.A. life. The present episode was released 3 years later. The main actors are the same, except that teenage Heather Rattray replaced pre-teen Hollye Holmes as the daughter. The setting is the same, except it's fall and winter instead of summer. There are the expected joyous and terrifying experiences with various animals. Again, they have 2 bear cubs as pets, which look the same size as 3 years ago! They have a milk goat that their pet bears and raccoon play havoc with. A beaver gnaws a tree that almost falls on some. One night, a wolverine kills all their chickens. Eagles, a bobcat, cougar and innumerable deer are seen. Wolves threaten periodically and have at least 2 fights with the family dog, Crust(strange name!). There is a fight in the snow between a bull elk and a pack of wolves, before Skip(the father) shoots the elk for food.

The boy(Toby) and girl(Jenny) become lost in a blizzard, and dig out a "snow cave" to survive. Pat(the mother) becomes real sick with pneumonia, so Skip begins to walk out to fetch a doctor, since their radio broke. Meanwhile a mean wolf named Scarface attacks the cabin. In the confusion, the kerosene lamp is knocked to the floor and starts a fire, which miraculously is extinguished before much damage. On his trip, a small avalanche knocks Skip down, but he survives. The film ends with the beginning of spring.

Along with episodes 1 & 3, this is great family entertainment, although small kids may be frightened by the fierce fights. I can't say that one episode is better than the others.

Some reviewers call Boomer, the periodic mountain man visitor, creepy. I didn't get that impression at all. He seemed like an experienced grandfather. ..Some reviewers complain there is essentially no plot. Well, there's enough interesting things going on without a complicated plot. The same is true of some raucous comedies and some musicals.

Skip seems like a superman, who can take care of every situation and never gets significantly hurt in his various falls and fights. He doesn't seem very emotional. In contrast, his wife Pat is often very depressed after a traumatic event, and sometimes cries.

The cinematography is simply breathtaking. with frequent closeups of faces, and great shots of the animals and fights, and the spectacular terrain.
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One of the worst movies ever made
Peter White9 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
If this movie (coughs..production) was written with the intent of being a comedy, I'd rate it 10 stars!

This is a horrible movie when it comes to presenting a real life experience in the wilderness. All throughout the movie, the father behaves like a joking idiot. The mother, how she married such a dope is beyond comprehension. They have NO clue on how to live in the wilderness. They obviously didn't make any preparations to do so.

In every scenario in which the children (or family for that matter) are subjected to life and death situations, the father behaves as though his brain went on a vacation. Grizzly bears are attacking (you do know how to shoot a bear...right Dada?)...wolves are attacking family....(you guessed it, Dada just shoots in the air....and then's OK)...seriously?????????

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


"How To Make Sure Everyone Knows That Dada Is A Complete Moron And Does NOT Know How To Take Care Of And Make Sure His Family Survives"

If you want to watch a comedy .... JUMP IN!!...otherwise...don't waste your time on this one.

PS. Jesus Christ loves you more than you could EVER imagine (yes, the reader), and died on the cross for your sins and mine. Give Him Your Life While There is Still Time.
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