The Deer Hunter (1978) Poster

Plot Keywords

vietnam russian roulette
escape pennsylvania
vietcong vietnam war
party friend
wedding bar
steel mill deer hunting
suicide blockbuster
steel worker green beret
battle pay phone
hunting trip playing pool
god bless america bride and groom
violence bullet
frenchman abroad choir
helicopter drinking
mischief crying
multiple amputee luck
face slap sundog
wedding cake shot in the head
urination controversy
toast return from war
singer waterfall
beer drug use
war crime drug addict
small town american indian
prostitute deer
special forces american flag
male frontal nudity boyfriend girlfriend relationship
bruise gun
tuxedo three word title
paraplegic graveyard
catholic photograph
fur hat corporal
tears russian orthodox
marriage proposal reference to abc news
abacus breakfast
supermarket telephone call
pool chase
machine gun reckless driving
nurse motorized wheelchair
dead deer strapped to hood of car telephone
man on fire embassy
south vietnam bicycle
polish american shower
football dancer
veterans hospital piano
catholic church psychological torture
capture north vietnamese
doctor sergeant
thermal socks cemetery
father daughter relationship reference to grace kelly
veterans of foreign wars reference to john wayne
wine water rat
drink rooftop
surprise party kiss
vfw bombing
helicopter rescue french
frenchman motorcycle
native american public nudity
gambling whorehouse
staff sergeant marriage
gay slur forest ranger
welcome home party orthodox christian
u.s. army camera
footbridge dancing
beating hunter
river hearse
filmed in mirror facial bruise
bridge vietnam veteran
cage bridal gown
rolling rock beer wedding reception
russian american falling rock
tv news song
socks bridesmaid
sweater group of friends
stock footage south vietnamese
phone booth stuffed deer head
blood flamethrower
sex scene singing
boots brutality
toy gun broken leg
sing along friendship
twinkie the pastry patriotism
priest spit in the face
prostitution drunkenness
nudity go go dancer
reflection in window death
fire southeast asia
mother son relationship pool cue
crown pool table
pig u.s. soldier
coffin polka
murder amputee
refugee gun held to head
rescue basketball
homecoming bowling alley
convertible military police
ho chi minh husband wife relationship
domestic violence punched in the face
promise falling from height
coup de ville band
deer hunter cockfight
underwear hand on butt
pittsburgh steelers forced march
cadillac nostrova
allegheny mountains rat
dance saigon vietnam
cabin bride
blue collar wheelchair
auditorium blowing out brains
hunting prisoner of war
candle rifle
hand grenade torture
mustard hospital
clairton pennsylvania loyalty
funeral aircraft carrier
piano player rooster
dead body animal in title
suicide by gunshot stretcher
burial hypodermic needle
locker room casket
shooting up cult film
motel bingo
betting taxi
1960s male nudity
mp pregnancy
mountain vietnamese
watching tv fall of saigon
bowling fear
dead deer eggs
epic army hospital
veterans administration explosion
tonka truck double amputee
gore north vietnam

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