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For the scene where the crow attacks the reporter, food was placed in the stuntwoman's wig to attract the bird.
William Holden was the original choice to star in the first film, The Omen (1976), but turned it down as he did not want to star in a picture about the devil. Gregory Peck was selected as his replacement. "The Omen" went on to become a huge hit and Holden made sure he did not turn down the part in this sequel.
Iron Maiden's Steve Harris was inspired to make the song "The Number of the Beast" after getting a nightmare from watching Damien: Omen II.
David Seltzer was approached to write the screenplay but refused as he had no interest in writing sequels. Years later, he commented that if he had written it, he would have set it the day after the first film ended, with Damien living in the White House.
Lee Grant had been a big fan of the original film and enthusiastically jumped at the chance to appear in the sequel.
William Holden's only horror film.
The film's budget was $5.2 million, twice that of The Omen (1976).
The Thorn Mansion is the Lake Forest Academy (formerly the Armour Estate) in Lake Forest, Illinois. All exteriors had to be shot in the back garden of the academy/estate because the school had erected a very modern structure in front of the old estate.
The cadets at the military academy were real students at the Lake Geneva, Wisconsin military academy the film was shooting at.
When Harvey Bernhard had finished writing the script and was given the green light to start the production, the first person he contacted was Jerry Goldsmith because of the composer's busy schedule. Bernhard also felt that Goldsmith's music for The Omen (1976) was the highest point of that movie, and that without Goldsmith's music this sequel would never be successful.
The skating scene was filmed on Catfish Lake in Eagle River, Wisconsin using local children as the skaters. The local paramedics were standing by in case any of the children fell through the ice.
The final cinema film of Lew Ayres.
Richard Donner was supposed to return as director, but he was busy with 'Superman' (1978)
The school which Damien and his cousin Mark go to, 'Davidson Military Academy,' has the same insignia as Northwestern Military and Naval Academy in Lake Geneva, WI where it was filmed. (Merged with St. John's Military Academy in 1995 to be St. John's Northwestern Military Academy in Delafield, WI.) The academy was started by Harlan Page Davidson and the academy was sometimes referred to as Davidson Military Academy.
Don Taylor replaced director Mike Hodges as a result of creative differences. However, the few scenes Hodges directed were kept, like the scenes at the factory and at the military school, and also the dinner where Aunt Marion shows her concern about Damien.
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Film debut of Meshach Taylor
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There had been plans to film a third Omen movie starring Jonathan Scott-Taylor in 1979.
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Director Don Taylor was a former actor and had indeed acted alongside his good friend William Holden in Stalag 17 (1953).
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When the cadets are outside meeting Sergeant Neff for the first time, when the camera take a side shot of the sergeant, u see the leading drummer with the stick... there's something falling of the stick into the grass..


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Lew Ayres performed most of the stunt of his watery death himself up until the point where his character disappears under the ice. Lee Grant tried to persuade the veteran actor not to do it but he was determined to give it a shot.

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