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Brilliant Piece Of Hollywood Trash!John Waters eat your heart out!

Author: PeteStud from australia
12 September 2003

This is as close as Ron Howard will ever get to making a wonderful piece of trash. Set in 70s it tells the sordid Brady Bunch sentimental story of High School Rock Band COTTON CANDY and their high school war with competition bad boy rock band RAPID FIRE. When they hit the stage youve got to see how dreadful they are to believe it!!!Just like a John Water's movies nearly every scene has some one either being overactingly nasty to some one or people yelling and screaming at one another with horrible songs thrown in for good measure!!!Why no one has ever released this trash el supremo on DVD is a sheer crime! I imagine Ron Howard has had anyone who was interested in releasing it "bumped" off anyhow out of sheer embarassment. His father and crazed looking geek brother Clint also appear. I kinda like the songs now...can u get the soundtrack? essential Aaron Spelling like party tape gone wrong!!! Brilliant TV movie!! If you got a good copy taped off TV please contact me!!!

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Brief commentary of a magical film

Author: gtriest from United States
11 April 2001

I saw cotton candy when I was just a kid, and never forgot it. It may be a bit cheesy by today's standards, but I think the naivete just adds to the innocent magic of the film. Although the movie has been locked away since Disney aquired it and hasn't seen the light of day, this film will always be a special part of my youth, and just thinking about it all these years later still manages to make me smile. From the melodramatic performances of the Howards to the fully overblown character of Torbin Biqette, this film was what most movies of today just aren't anymore...FUN!

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Fabulous Made for TV Badness!

Author: fomblin from Portland, OR
17 September 1999

This is surely no piece of great cinema, but it is incredibly kooky and anyone who likes lamb-chop sideburns and bad, bad pop music will love this one. That is, if you ever see it. Seems like maybe Ron "Opie" Howard has locked this one up in a vault, because I have not seen it aired since they used to play it on the 2 O'clock Movie on WBBM in Chicago over and over and over back in the 80's. If you like bad stuff, ie the Love Boat, Robbie Benson movies and anything made by Aaron Spelling, you'll love this.

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c'mon its so bad it's brilliant!

Author: chrisnope from United States
1 August 2005

I love this film! Yes it's cheesy but it is also an accurate description if you were ever in bands while in jr. high etc. I also happen to know the brothers who were in Rapid Fire. Rapid fire was not the name of their band and the lead singer was an actor but the rest of the band was a real high school band at Dallas' lake highlands high school. The bass player is a friend of mine and he now owns/operates a famous studio in Dallas tx. A nice tid bit is that they(the band) thought their music would actually be in the film...but it didn't happen. If you haven't seen it, watch it cuz it's pretty good for us naive chees eaters.

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Typical 70s high school dramedy

Author: shannon914 ( from Dallas, Texas
10 June 2000

"Cotton Candy" is typical of most 1970s juvenile movies: bad clothes, bad hair and a typical plot. Ron Howard's first attempt at directing fared well, and this story of B.M.O.C. vs. regular Joe to get the girl is predictable. "CC" was filmed in Dallas in June, 1977 at Town East Mall and Lake Highlands High School to enormous local fanfare (remember that this is before "Dallas" and the Ewing family gave the town an identity!) Unfortunately, "CC" is not available on tape; it rarely is shown but will most likely pop up on an independent TV station's "Afternoon Movie" or the like. Great piece of history for Dallasites, but not much else there for a moviegoer seeking an intriguing story.

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When's it 'Cotton Candy's' turn to be released on DVD?

Author: Holmzb124 from United States
26 August 2005

What a great, great underdog band movie! I remember seeing this in grade school and, to this day, it still stuck with me. I would love to be able to get a copy of this Ron Howard bad boy on DVD and drift back in time to 4th grade and watch Cotton Candy rock the house and take over the senior prom! Remember Clint Howard as the bands manager after he got thrown out for starting the fight with Torbin? As Rapid Fire leaves the stage and Cotton Candy starts to win over the Rapid Fire crowd, there's Clint, looking through the door and crying at the fact that the band is becoming a hit. Chalk one up for Cotton Candy, the little band that could! STAND UP AND SHOUT!!!!!!!

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They just dont make them like this anymore.

Author: sergio g. luis from Tampa, Florida
13 August 2002

I loved this movie the first time I saw it, just great chemistry between the actors. A feel good movie for when you need a pick me up. I just wished it was on DVD. Ron and his brother just seem to click and Charles Martin Smith is just a great actor, I just dont know why they never made another one like this.

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Best*TV*Movie*Ever !!

Author: ddn32 from Weimar, Germany
2 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

They never show this anymore, but back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and independent channels showed movies rather than infomercials, I watched this about eight times in five years. It is cheesy beyond belief, but also heartwarming, compelling and realistic in how it portrayed the angst of high school losers. Charles Martin Smith is a talented actor and effectively plays the lead loser. He has slept-walk through his high school years and wants his last year to be something special. He starts a band with some fellow students and their aim is to win the "Battle of the Bands", but in their way is Rapid Fire, a hard rock band in the 70's tradition. They are blown dried studs with open shirts and tight pants. With all Ron Howard's success, I cannot believe this little gem hasn't made it to video or DVD. But then again, this was before Howard's formula was established and this demo embarrasses him.

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Revisiting my youth...

Author: Hutch from Atlanta, Ga.
30 December 2001

I can't speak for the average viewer, but if you were ever part of a neighborhood rock band that fantisized greatness while playing on drum sets obtained with S&H green stamps and guitars from the local Sears & Roebuck, then this film will reconnect you with your youth. From band managers, to battles of the bands, to playing your own original songs, to the love story we all imagined, to the popularity we all dreamed of, it's all there. The tunes are simple but catchy, and the ending is what fun movies are made of. If you never played in a neighborhood rock band, you may not relate. :+)

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Rapid Fire Band info

Author: graphicstogo from United States
10 August 2009

The guys that played the bad guy band Rapid Fire in the movie were 4 guys from MacArthur High School (Irving, TX...Morgan, John, Mark, and Tad) and the drummer was from Dallas (Oak Cliff - David J...) Marty Bongfelt was from Mac as well (always had a crush on her - there, the cat's out). While it really was/is a cheesy flick, we got out of 2 weeks of school, received A's, and were local heroes for awhile. And it's still great at a party when someone is spewing garbage, to throw out "I was in one of Ron Howard's" movies. After the wrap, Ron took us out to Campisi's for dinner (if you're from Dallas you know of where I speak)... I have LOTS of funny stories from the shoot but would have to incriminate myself as well : )

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