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Not bad but the scenes get very repetitive

Author: Hessian499 from Pittsburgh, PA
7 February 2004

As others have stated, Beyond and Back is a film that deals with the phenomena of those who have had near death experiences, and also talks some about seances and past life regression. While it deals with an interesting subject and has passable production values, the retelling of the near death experiences get to be somewhat tiring after a while. There are about eight experiences reported, and except for the last one dealing with an attempted suicide the stories are all presented the same way, so you almost want to say "here we go again" when a new case is presented. The narrator does an average job explaining everything, but he seems to be trying to imitate Raymond Burr most of the time. Not a great film, but not bad either and is worth watching for anyone interested in psychic phenomena. The video is long out of print and the best way to find it is at an online auction house, which is where I got my copy.

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A Film That Proved a Lifesaver for Me

Author: skeeter_sanders from United States
2 May 2008

I saw "Beyond and Back" only once -- in May 1978 during its initial theatrical run. But the film proved to be a lifesaver -- literally.

It saved my life. I went to see it at a time when I was very lonely and despondent and was contemplating suicide. I was 25 years old at the time and was depressed over what at that time had been an inability to find love in my life -- that is, the love of a companion, having fallen in love with someone fir the first time in my life, only for that love to go unrequited.

I won't spoil it for those who have never seen "Beyond and Back," but suffice it to say, it convinced me that suicide is not a viable option.

Ironically, I recently saw a clip of "Beyond and Back" on YouTube exactly 30 years to the day after I saw it in the theater. It's really cheeky by today's production standards, but it's still worth watching, even if only as a vintage 1970s period film.

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Life After Death Docudrama.

Author: AaronCapenBanner from North America
24 August 2013

Brad Crandall returns as presenter/host once again,(most suitable he is too, great booming voice!) this time making his entrance in an eerie cemetery, before telling us about the near death experiences of several people, shown here in re-enactments.

A Schick Sunn Films docudrama, one of many made in the 1970's, is surprisingly eerie and even moving in places, though exactly how much research was done to verify these people's claims is debatable. Some of this is undeniably hokey, even amateurish, but it has a sincerity about it that won me over, not to mention it creates a nice eerie mood.

Some reviewers even claim it prevented them from killing themselves, thus inspiring them to not give up on life, which is wonderful.

Not on DVD yet, but it deserves to be; I think it would still find an audience, even if for nostalgia value.

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I was more at peace after watching this movie

Author: ChristmasDreamin73 from United States
24 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Life after death. Is there such a thing? Nothing has ever been proved but this movie might give you some asemblance of peace knowing that there "could be". The movie is very one sided about LIFE AFTER DEATH but that is fine with me. To me the interviews that people tell about there near death experience is very inspiring. It gave me hope. The older I get the more people I wish that were still around me. This film gives me hope that I will one day see them again!

What is great is that there is more than one interview with people that have had near death experiences. They share a similar story and it can't be just a coincidence!

I highly recommend watching this movie. You will find a sort of peace of mind. . This company that has made this movie was called SUN INTERNATIONAL PICTURES. If you know who has the home video rights to this then maybe you can get them to re-issue the movie!

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Nice look at the subject (life after death)

Author: libertypatriot1791 from USA
13 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Movie posed some good questions that cannot even to this day be answered. The blind man who (saw) what was happening in the room after he died. The wife who saw her dead husband standing in the clothes he was buried in (while she was still in the hospital recovering). is this movie campy or cheesy... yes it is, but you have to realize back in 1978 this was a ground breaking subject that nobody dared to tread, but this film did. Some people say this is nothing more than oxygen deprived brains having hallucinations, conveniently and arrogantly avoided the questions posed by this film. hallucinations does not fit how a blind man watched the people work on him (While he is DEAD)and point out misplaced items at the scene does it?? Its worth watching if you are honestly interested in the subject.

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This movie really helps you relax and settle in for the evening

Author: Rod Stephens from United States
18 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love the whole thing....Brad Crandall is nails once again. This is a fantastic film. I wish these actors were in other movies, because they are great at these dramatizations. The construction guy falling off the roof is a funny scene, but I like the conversation between those two doctors in the hall after the guy comes back to life. "I don't know....I've never died and lived to tell about it." The army guy who dies has a great account of the afterlife and the 4th dimension, and I like the blind guy who looks like an old Jerry Lee Lewis...he complains "they're after me again doc." and said "Odds! I want odds!" He is a solid actor. And it's too bad that the names were changed to protect the anonymity because I'd like to google these actual accounts and read more about these people.

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True events! I know. Been there & Back.

Author: eshelman-3 from United States
17 February 2008

On May 25th 1971, I died for about 20 minutes. I was in considerable pain, & it was just like someone had taken hold of a bedsheet at the top, & slowly pulled it up over my face & completely off my body. Suddenly, I was watching the nurses & doctors from above, as they worked to bring me back to life. I thought that it was of no use, I wasn't in that body any more. I turned my back on the hospital room & looked upward. Spread out before me was a flat oval plain that looked like a highly polished piece of wood, with 3 steps leading up to it. On either side of the steps were beautiful flowers. As I stepped up to the last step, all I could see was a reflection in the shiny surface. There was so much sunlight that all I could see was His reflection. It was Jesus, or God. Everything else was hidden by snowy white clouds. I heard his voice telling me I was ready to go, but I had a choice. I could either go to HEAVEN or go back to my life on earth. I glanced back towards the hospital room & there, instead, was my husband holding our newborn son in one arm & holding onto our daughter's hand. They all said, "Don't go". I said, "I can't leave Gene to raise our children by himself". "So be it", He said & I instantly was back in my body. I groaned as the pain hit me once again! The nurses almost fainted, as they had already called the time of death!!! I had every nurse & doctor for 2 days stopping by my room to talk to me about my "death". So all I can say is, "Be good & praise God, thanking him for everything you have while here on earth."

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Would like to see this film again.

Author: Linda ( from Salt Lake City, Utah
11 January 2002

I remember Sunn Classic Films quite well. Actually I was in Beyond and Back, and would like to know if there is any way to get a copy of it. Sunn Classic Films' documentaries were quite good for their time (the 70s). The Lincoln Conspiracy was my favorite.

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A movie that impacted me for a lifetime.

Author: dj_white_rice from California, USA
28 November 2004

Beyond and Back is one of the few movies that impacted me for years to come. I saw it with my mother back in 1978 or 1979 at a local theater. Since that time I have had an enormous desire to see it again. Unfortunately the producer of the film, Sunn Classic Pictures Inc. became defunct shortly after several of its top managers left to the expanding Tri-Star Pictures. Recently however, several of the original management members reacquired Sunn Classic Pictures Inc. and are in the process of redeveloping the company so there is a possibility that this movie will return on VHS or DVD. I recently contacted Sunn Classic Pictures Inc. to try and find out if the possibility is a real one.

It was only 14 years old the last time I saw this movie almost 25 years ago, but as I mentioned it made a bigger impact on my than any other movie I have ever seen, even to the point of encouraging me to try and obtain a copy now as an adult.

The movie as others have mentioned in their reviews was somewhat of a documentary with interviews of people who claimed to have died and then come back from the dead. The movie took the stories and then reproduced them into visual representations of what occurred and how the experience would have been observed from a first hand perspective.

One scene I can still recall is of a younger man who had died in the hospital and then while dead left his body thinking he was alive and o.k. only to look back and see his body dead on his hospital bed. After walking around the hospital out of his body he eventually ends up returning to his body at which point life returns to his body.

Some reviewers have said the movie is to long. Personally I don't recall the overall length of the film, I only that in many ways this movie helped reaffirm my beliefs in life after death regardless of whether one ultimately ends up in heaven or hell.

This movie primarily tries to take you on a journey with the question of whether life ultimately ends when the physical body dies. Those who have seen this movie or may see this movie in the future and who enjoy it may also be interested in the books by Mary K. Baxter called an "A Divine Revelation of Hell", "A Divine Revelation of Heaven", or "A Divine Revelation of the Spirit Realm".

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I too saw this as a child and have searched for it.

Author: oc_realtor ( from United States
30 August 2006

How funny that someone else had my same experience.

I too remember seeing this as a child and I have remembered this movies for years when others I have seen just recently have been long forgotten.

This was one of about 1/2 a dozen moves that really had an impact on me as a child.

I don't think of it often, but every once-in-awhile I do an internet search to see if I can find it.

It definitely made me wonder as a child. Would love to buy it or rent it again if ever it comes out on DVD or video.

I think there was a sequel as well?

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