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The producers were sued by George Lucas, who claimed that some of his ideas from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) had been used.
In the beginning of this film, the Galactica is not the only Battlestar. The others - identified in background radio chatter - are Atlantia, Pacifica, Triton, Acropolis, and (offscreen) the Columbia.
There are numerous references to ancient Earth civilizations. The helmets worn by Colonial Viper pilots are based on headdresses work by ancient Egyptian kings. Baltar's name is a merger of the Norse god Baldur and the Summarian god Baal. The Cylon force structure is based on Roman legions.
The twelve human colonies have the same names as the signs of the Zodiac.
John Dykstra, who worked on Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) used much of the technology developed for ILM in this movie, including his motion control camera, the so-called "Dykstraflex".
The name of the ruling council, Qurorum of the Twelve, is taken from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) which has a Quorum of the Twelve in its governing structure.
The numbers in the Ovian elevator are Mayan - a combination of dots and bars, with the rows of dots representing 1-4 and a bar representing 5.
Set decorator Mickey S. Michaels contacted computer hardware giant Tektronix, Inc. and got them to donate some three million dollars worth of hardware, as well as a large number of television monitors worth about $35.000 at the time, to be used on the Galactica bridge and other sets, in return for a prominent screen credit.
In 1979, was released theatrically in "Sensurround". This was the fourth film to be presented in this short-lived process, a special low-frequency bass speaker setup consisting of four huge speakers loaned by distributors to select theaters showing the film. This system was employed only during certain sequences, and was so powerful that it actually cracked plaster at some movie theaters. "Sensurround" was used in only three other films released by Universal: Earthquake (1974), Midway (1976) and Rollercoaster (1977).
Footage of the 'Agroships' is from the film Silent Running (1972).
Although Cassiopea was a prostitute in the pilot movie, she was never identified as such. The euphemism "socialator" was used (in the Battlestar Gallactica universe, a socialator is defined as a female who is proficient in the arts of music, dance and entertainment, and trained to engage in conversation on a variety of subjects).
Don Johnson was originally offered the role of Starbuck.
The Colonial military rank system is never explained in detail in this (the original) version of the show. The official website for the 2003 Sci-Fi Channel remake does give a detailed run-down of the Galactica ranks. They are: Ensign, Lieutenant j.g., Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, Commander, Admiral.
Sophia Loren served as a model for a "likeness" (i.e. picture) of Adama's wife Ila, which can be seen during the scene where Adama sifts through the ruins of his family's home on Caprica after the Cylons' attack on Peace.
None of the writers had a scientific background.
Almost all of the outdoors shooting was done at night.
To construct the 'rag tag fleet' that follows the Galactica on its lonely quest, the model makers were given a free hand to let their imaginations run wild. Ken Swenson constructed the livery ship (that was supposed to carry all the livestock) out of three film cans, one behind the other.
As part of the settlement with George Lucas, they were not allowed to show laser trails when they use their blasters. All you see is the weapon lighting and then whatever damage was caused. The only time you see a laser or light trail is when they're in space, the Colonial Vipers and Cylon fighters.
The original shooting model, restored for a display at Universal Studios several years after Galactica 1980 (1980) wrapped production, went missing when the display was removed. The model, viewed as stolen property by Universal, has yet to be recovered.
Muffit, the robotic daggit (dog), was actually played by a chimpanzee named Evie.
In addition to playing Starbuck, Dirk Benedict also served as a stunt double for one of the Capricans being killed (falling to his death as the result of the Cylons attack) in the "Destruction Of Peace" sequence.
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The insignia on the collars of the leather pilot jackets is actually the pin on insignia for a commissioned U.S. Army Military Intelligence Officer.
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Was originally conceived as a script titled "Adam's Ark," where Earth is destroyed and the survivors must go find a new home out among the stars.
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Terry Carter was initially cast as Lt. Boomer but broke his ankle while skating at Venice Beach with his daughter. Unable to play the more physical part of Boomer with a cast on his leg, Glen A. Larson cast Carter as Col. Tigh instead. All during the film/pilot, Colonel Tigh has his left leg in a cast.
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