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The characters in the Galactica universe are all supposed to say "yahrens" instead of "years". However, when Cassiopeia tells Starbuck about the Geminese Sunstorm, she says it "happens only once every seven years", not once every seven yahrens. The President of the Colonies makes a similar error when saying that this is the "first peace mankind has known in a thousand years."
In various scenes where "radar" displays are seen, the same "readout" is reused numerous times.
When Apollo and Zac go on patrol together, when Apollo fires his turbo, the pilot's hand is shown on the joystick, but the hand shown is a black man's hand when both pilots are white.
Just after Apollo and Zac are attacked by Cylon fighters, Apollo asks Zac how many fighters he can make out. Zac looks at his scanner and says, "Four." The scanner shows five even though there are actually only four fighters behind them.

Revealing mistakes 

When Athena is trying to help Starbuck fix his fighter remotely, her monitor clearly shows "MADE IN USA" on one of the schematics she views.
Right before Zac shoots down his first Cylon, they show his joystick. Instead of the normal "Fire/Turbo/IM" labels, it says "Stores/Camera Audio/Camera Pulse".
After Zac's Viper is hit by Cylon fire, the camera shows the left side of Zac's cockpit missing in a few scenes. The first time is shortly after Zac says, "Come on, baby. Not much farther." This happens again after he says, "Patrol to fleet. I need help."
Shortly after Apollo and Zac launch, as they make a turn there is a very brief moment when a Cylon Raider is visible in the lower left hand of the screen (only on the New Box set, Saga Of a Star World)
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