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1 Jan. 1980
Feeling No Pain
When Salami hurts his knee in a pickup basketball game he is prescribed some painkillers. Word gets out to a school drug distributor that he has then he becomes pressured to sell some. When busted, he blames Salami.
8 Jan. 1980
Thorpe is forced to consider that his high school basketball dominance isn't likely to reach a large college and even less so to reach the NBA. The art teacher suggests his future may be in painting.
15 Jan. 1980
Salami's Affair
Salami is struggling in history and that's threatening to get him suspended from the team. His teacher, an attractive lady of about 30, tutors him but the tutorial session leads to an unexpected and inappropriate affair.
22 Jan. 1980
Coach Reeves is invited to golf at a country club. He sees it as a chance to show a few members of the team not only golf, but also refinement. Unbeknownst to Reeves the exclusive country club is racial. An unexpected lesson is learned.
29 Jan. 1980
The Stripper
Reeves begins dating a highly respected teacher. It turns out she moonlights an an exotic dancer. Reeves and the administration are fearful that her second job will damage her integrity as a teacher.
5 Feb. 1980
Gonna Fly Now
During a party a drug pusher slips PCP in Jeffers' drink. Coach Reeves and a woman who is a narcotics cop work together to figure out who is behind this ring.
19 Feb. 1980
Out at Home
Coach urges players with the basketball season winding down, joining the baseball team is a good way to keep fit. A few guys agree particularly 'New York' but the baseball manager is burned out with the job and only remains for a paycheck.
26 Feb. 1980
The Russians Are Coming
A high school team from the Soviet Union decides to make a stop and Carver and play the team in an exhibition game. There is some tension, but the two teams warm up to one another and establish a friendship, especially Hayward and one of the Soviets. However, when that player decides to defect and Hayward decides to help him it almost causes an international incident.
4 Mar. 1980
The Hitter
Reeves finds himself in a difficult position when he suspects that Gomez is being physically abused by his father but cannot prove it.
11 Mar. 1980
The Death of Me Yet?
After experiencing the joy of getting to the city championship game, Reeves and the players are blindsided by a major tragedy.
18 Mar. 1980
Coolidge Goes Hollywood
Coolidge is offered a role on a television series about life on an inner-city high school campus. His character becomes a hit and soon all the adulation goes to his head and causes him to forget where he came from.
1 Apr. 1980
A Few Good Men
As graduation approaches, Hayward begins the process of applying for various scholarships with little success. In the meantime, Goldstein gets awarded a scholarship but for some reason refuses it. Goldstein then makes a very important decision that will change his life for a few years even without going to college. Also, Ken is invited to go on a tour of Europe with several of his fellow teachers, but when he finds out that the first week of the tour coincides with the US Open golf tournament he cancels out even though it means he might mess up his relationship with ...
16 Oct. 1980
Reunion: Part 1
Coach returns home to spend some time with his father. While they maintain father to son love their relationship is strained. The tough and fearless Mr. Reeves is terminally ill and Ken knows its time to mend fences before its too late.
23 Oct. 1980
Reunion: Part 2
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30 Oct. 1980
Georgia on My Mind
Coolidge ego grows regarding his basketball skills, ignoring academics and planning a pro career. Buchanan and Reeves warn him with Reeves arranging an introduction that teaches Coolidge a valuable lesson.
16 Dec. 1980
If Your Number's Up, Get It Down
Reeves is asked to use his former-NBA-player connections to raise funds for a mobile care unit to treat patients with high blood pressure. As punishment for wrecking the driver's ed car, he makes the team do the collecting. However, they decide to publicize that Reeves is dead to entice celebrities to attend the benefit and contribute.
23 Dec. 1980
Christmas Story
Reeves and the team put on a basketball clinic. The players soon learn that although they live in poverty, there are children much more needy. Meanwhile Stone attempts a get rich scheme but as usual it blows up.
30 Dec. 1980
No Blood, No Foul
Shortly after Salami's 18th birthday, he breaks a player's jaw during an on court brawl. That incident, landed Salami in jail and the other player's parents filed a lawsuit against him so, Reeves assisted Salami to avoid further consequences.

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