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Season 1

27 Nov. 1978
Chicago Bulls forward Ken Reeve injures his knee, bringing an abrupt halt to his time as a player. His college friend is principal of Carver High School in Southern LA. Principal Jim Willis hires Reeve to teach and coach Basketball.
4 Dec. 1978
Here's Mud in Your Eye
Curtis Jackson, has an alcohol problem. Coach Reeves, hires a psychiatrist, to help Jackson put the bottle down, for good.
11 Dec. 1978
The Offer
The players are warming up to the new coach. He is earning their respect by proving his sincerity. But a major sports network offers him an announcing job and that threatens to destroy the bond that has begun with Reeves and the players.
25 Dec. 1978
Bonus Baby
A hustling agent from a low level professional basketball league attempts to sigh Coolidge. He uses fast easy money to mesmerize him knowing he comes from poverty. Reeves makes him took hard before being penny wise and pound foolish.
1 Jan. 1979
Pregnant Pause
Reese's girlfriend claims to be pregnant. If that's the case they must make plans for their future that depend on scholarships, employment and marriage. That's a heavy load for high school students, are they old enough to manage?
8 Jan. 1979
Wanna Bet?
Coach Reeves sees a kid hustling basketball on a playground. Reeves challenges him to a one on one where if Reeves wins, this kid comes to Carver to play basketball and finish his schooling. Coach soon learns not everyone can be helped.
15 Jan. 1979
That Old Gang of Mine
Basketball player, Ricky Gomez was cut from the team due to, poor grades on his academics, and he joins a gang that he once, belonged to.
27 Jan. 1979
One of the Boys
A new transfer student joins the team but when rumors start surfacing that the kid is homosexual, the coach and the team don't know how to deal with it.
3 Feb. 1979
Coach Reeves receives an invitation for his team to go to San Jose for a tournament. After finagaling the trip money Reeves must deal with players afraid to fly, who are acting wild and a mechanical problem that makes everyone nervous.
10 Feb. 1979
We're in the Money
Coach Reeves takes the team to a tournament in Las Vegas and the players, instead of resting for the games, decide to take money borrowed from schoolmates and hit the casinos.
17 Feb. 1979
Spare the Rod
Reeves is teaching gym. A kid refuses to conform and hits him. Coach returns a punch but feels being an adult he is more responsible. As the story unfolds Reeves is hit with the fact that not all kids can be helped.
24 Feb. 1979
The Great White Dope
Salami is the high school tough guy who gets the idea of club fighting for extra money. Street fighting doesn't translate to boxing as well as Salami thinks he's not exactly the next Rocky Balboa.
5 Mar. 1979
The school system attempts to interlink kids with disabilities into the mainstream. An attempt is made to place an autistic boy on the team. Tom doesn't dominate, but the players show a nice side despite their tough veneer.
26 Mar. 1979
Little Orphan Abner
Goldstein's shyness makes him the forgotten man on the team. When his grandfather takes ill, the players show him partial compassion. But only til his grandfather comes home. Goldstein must grow out of his shell and command respect.
9 Apr. 1979
LeGrande Finale
The basketball seasons ends with some promise of am improved team next year. The players had gotten in the habit of singing together as a pastime. The music teacher helps them start an a Capella band for the school dance.

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