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3 Jan. 1981
Baby, It's Cold Inside
The heat has gone out at the Flimm Building. But Johnny (Hessman) has ideas of his own on how to keep his co-workers warm.
10 Jan. 1981
The Painting
Bailey and Herb attended the auction at Mr Carlson's church. Bailey loved one painting, and Herb purchased it. Herb tries to re-sell it to Bailey but she cannot afford it. Then Herb learns it might be valuable and thinks of becoming rich.
17 Jan. 1981
Mr Carlson has to give a speech at a Broadcasters Dinner, so he rehearses his speech at work. It is boring, so everyone starts to daydream. Each of them think about the job they would rather have than working at the station.
24 Jan. 1981
Frog Story
Herb accidentally sprayed his daughter's pet frog pink, and brings it into the station in hopes someone will know how to fix it before his daughter finds out. The frog does not look healthy.
31 Jan. 1981
Venus and the Man
The station's cleaning lady asks Venus a favor. Her son wants to drop out of high school. She wants Venus to talk to her son, a gang member, about staying in school. Venus bets the boy he can make learning more interesting.
7 Feb. 1981
Dr. Fever and Mr. Tide: Part 1
Johnny will host a rock and roll dance show to earn extra money. He thinks he is going to be able to do the show his way but he finds he has to wear their outfits and play their songs. He creates a new personality, Rip Tide, to do the show.
7 Feb. 1981
Dr. Fever and Mr. Tide: Part 2
After creating a Rip Tide personality to do a dance show on TV, the new personality starts taking over Johnny Fever's life. Herb tries to take advantage of it by marketing Rip Tide, while the others help him drop the act.
14 Feb. 1981
Ask Jennifer
Herb finally comes up with a good idea; add a call in advice show to the stations line up. Against their better judgment they let Herb find the host. He promises he can get the job done in a week. Six months later he finally finds what they think is the perfect host. Just before she is supposed to go on the air they find out she's a bitter multiple divorcée who takes what she says is an aspirin while talking with Andy. As her time to go on the air comes closer she starts to act impaired and passes out while she's being introduced. Luckily Jennifer is there and steps ...
21 Feb. 1981
I Am Woman
Mr Carlson is notified the radio station building is being torn down. Bailey campaigns to have the building declared a landmark. Mr Carlson's mother promises a better station will be built, so he campaigns against the landmark status.
28 Feb. 1981
Secrets of Dayton Heights
Les is prepared to attend a presidential press conference, but finds his credentials are being questioned. The Secret Service uncovered the fact that his biological father was a communist.
14 Mar. 1981
Out to Lunch
Bailey is upset when it seems everyone else has an expense account for lunches except her. Meanwhile, Herb has been having a lot of lunches with clients and having a lot of drinks to help close a deal. His drinking gets out of hand.
21 Mar. 1981
A Simple Little Wedding
Arthur and Carmen's 25th wedding anniversary is approaching and they plan to have the wedding ceremony they never had because their marriage was an elopement. Unfortunately, Mama Carlson has her own plans for their ceremony.
28 Mar. 1981
Nothing to Fear But...
While Johnny does a night stint on the radio, the station is robbed. No one is hurt, but a lot of the expensive items are taken. Mr Carlton installs a security system and everyone starts being paranoid.
5 Apr. 1981
Til Debt Do Us Part
Johnny welcomes the chance to end his alimony payments...until he meets his ex-wife's intended.
12 Apr. 1981
Clean Up Radio Everywhere
A preacher with Clean Up Radio Everywhere wants WKRP to stop playing specific songs due to the lyrics. Mr. Carlson thinks the station should cooperate, while the rest say the songs are classics and shouldn't be subjected to censorship.
7 Oct. 1981
An Explosive Affair: Part 1
In the first of this two-part series, WKRP receives a terrorist bomb threat.
14 Oct. 1981
An Explosive Affair: Part 2
Conclusion of two-part series. WKRP receives a terrorist bomb threat.
21 Oct. 1981
The Union
When the staff plans to unionize, Carlson's mother (Bruce) threatens to sell the station.
28 Oct. 1981
Johnny's apartment is being fumigated and he needs a place to stay. Everyone turns him down except for Bailey. Rumors start at the office that they are having an affair. Johnny is also afraid the new DJ will take over his radio time slot.
4 Nov. 1981
Straight from the Heart
Les is being given an award for a news broadcast. Herb is going on vacation, but Jennifer is worried when Herb takes insurance papers with him. He checks into a hospital for heart tests and asks Les to stay with him. They go to a porn movie.
11 Nov. 1981
Who's on First?
With Herb in the hospital, Mr. Carlson must fill in for him in order to negotiate a contract. But if Mr. Carlson is Herb, who is Mr. Carlson? In the meantime, Johnny avoids settling a poker debt.
18 Nov. 1981
Three Days of the Condo
When Johnny comes into a large amount of money, everyone at the station is curious to see what he will do with it.
2 Dec. 1981
Jennifer and the Will
When an elderly gentleman friend of Jennifer's dies, the man's family blames her for stealing his fortune.
30 Dec. 1981
The Consultant
Mother Carlson hires a radio doctor to evaluate the station and Andy worries when the doctor threatens to write a poor review if the station doesn't buy his services.

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