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7 Jan. 1980
A Family Affair
Andy's sister Carol is visiting and Andy sets her up on a blind date with Johnny. But when Carol visits the radio station, she meets Venus and they set up their own date. Andy does not approve, but then he has to prove his is not a racist.
14 Jan. 1980
Herb's Dad
Herb's father visits the station to see his son. Herb Sr is a born salesman just like Herb Jr, and has run away from the retirement home where he was living. Herb Sr wants his son to give him money so he can go to California.
21 Jan. 1980
Put Up or Shut Up
Herb's wife is out of town for 10 days. And he decides this is the time to go wild and get Jennifer to finally go out with him. When Jennifer finds out she has to deal with Herb for 10 days she tells Bailey she can't do make it. Bailey's advice to Jennifer is just give and take Herb up on it and he'll chicken out. The next time Herb asks her, she accepts and her troubles begin, because Herb doesn't seem to be backing down. As the time approaches Herb does seem to be backing down, he is thinking about his family and missing them. It's around this time that Les tells ...
28 Jan. 1980
The Americanization of Ivan
A member of a group of visiting Russians informs the radio staff that they wish to defect. Despite Les's staunch position on Communism, the group works to help the Russian to defect while in Cincinati, only to be thwarted by bureaucracy at the last moment. A ray of light at this point shines through, giving the Russian a way through the "red" tape.
4 Feb. 1980
Les' Groupie
Newsman Les Nessman is surprised to learn he has a female "groupie" who loves his news show very much, but also loves him to the point of unreasonably interfering with and taking over his life at home and work.
11 Feb. 1980
In Concert
The staff find themselves consumed with guilt for promoting a Who concert at Riverfront Coliseum when its general admission policy causes a terrible tragedy.
18 Feb. 1980
The Doctor's Daughter
After being separated for 7 years, Johnny's daughter, Laurie, comes to visit her father, bringing with her a new boyfriend. Johnny immediately steps into the role of the disapproving father and learns that there's a lot he doesn't know about his daughter.
3 Mar. 1980
Filthy Pictures: Part 1
Andy and Jennifer agree do a photo shoot for a charity. While dressing after the session is done, the photographer for the photo shoot, takes nude photos of Jennifer without her knowledge and tries to blackmail her.
3 Mar. 1980
Filthy Pictures: Part 2
After the nude photos of Jennifer and the blackmail plot is revealed, the radio staff tries to recover the photos and negatives from the unscrupulous photographer.
10 Mar. 1980
Venus Rising
Venus is offered a job as Program Director at another radio station. At WREQ, he finds the programs are auto run programming and he does not have to do anything. They only want him as an affirmative action hire.
31 Mar. 1980
Most Improved Station
At an award ceremony for radio stations, Johnny is selected the most popular personality, but the station loses in the most improved station category. At work, everyone starts bickering over everything and they have to work out their issues.
1 Nov. 1980
The Airplane Show
In preparation for the upcoming Veteran's Day/ Flag Day celebration to be held in Cincinnati, the station hires a local biplane pilot to fly Les over the city's parade for a live remote. the pilot, a former veteran, takes Les hostage just before the broadcast and uses the broadcast to comment on his feelings on the level of apathy over the holiday, demanding that the city show it still cares about its veterans.
8 Nov. 1980
Jennifer Moves
Jennifer buys a large house in a quiet suburb and asks the WKRP staffers to help her move. While moving furniture into an upper room Les hears demonic voices, and a telephone installation man appears to be a lot more sinister than he should be. Mr. Carlson has problems trying to get Jennifer's piano into the house and Jennifer begins to have second thoughts about her purchase.
15 Nov. 1980
Real Families
The Tarlek family is profiled on "Real Families". Herb and people being interviewed seem rehearsed, so the producers of the show "dig deep" and expose the real Tarlek family.
22 Nov. 1980
The Baby
Mr Carlson's wife Carmen goes into labor and he is terrified at being with her in the delivery room. The radio staff goes to the hospital to support him.
29 Nov. 1980
Hotel Oceanview
WKRP books a meeting room at the Hotel Oceanview in Dayton, to entice the Vicki Von Vicki Jeans company to advertise with them. Andy has problems with the slide projector while Mr. Carlson worries about the Dayton poisoner and whether he will be the next victim. Herb is pleasantly surprised when Ms. Vicki's personal assistant comes on to him, but his happiness is short-lived when he finds out her secret.
6 Dec. 1980
A Mile in My Shoes
Andy tells Herb to collect past due bills from sales clients. But Herb is called for jury duty so Andy takes over the sales department. Andy finds out just how hard it is to deal with the clients. Venus becomes acting Programming Director.
20 Dec. 1980
Bah, Humbug
Mr Carlson eats one of Johnny's special brownies and falls asleep at the station. He has a Christmas Carol dream about being a Scrooge for not giving the radio staff a Christmas bonus.

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