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18 Sep. 1978
Pilot: Part 1
Arthur Carlson, general manager of the moribund beautiful-music station WKRP in Cincinnati, hires young hotshot program director Andy Travis to turn the station around. When Andy changes the format of the station to rock n' roll, he faces the wrath of the station's owner, who happens to be Mr. Carlson's mother.
25 Sep. 1978
Pilot: Part 2
Andy looks for a way to publicize the station's new format, while elderly listeners invade the station to protest the removal of their favorite music.
2 Oct. 1978
Les on a Ledge
When a local athlete overhears other reporters refer to Les as a "Queer Little Guy", Les gets banned from the locker room at the stadium for being gay. Whether true or not, the rumors prompt Les to contemplate suicide by jumping off the building. Meanwhile, Jennifer asks Johnny to get Herb off her back. Johnny does it by telling Herb that Jennifer used to be a man!
9 Oct. 1978
Hoodlum Rock
WKRP promotes a concert for the well dressed and spoken, and gleefully violent, rock band, Scum of the Earth.
16 Oct. 1978
Hold Up
Things are slowly starting to pick up when Herb sells his new client, Del's Stereo Shop, on a remote. Things go bad when Johnny broadcasts from the stereo shop, no customers show up, Bucky (the engineer) breaks tons of equipment, and an out-of-work deejay holds the store up.
23 Oct. 1978
Bailey's Show
Bailey convinces WKRP to institute a one-hour public affairs show, but getting sane guests for the Johnny-hosted show proves tough. Bailey finally finds child-psychologist Dr. Hyman Monroe for the first show. Unfortunately Dr. Monroe's credentials and theories on juvenile delinquents prove to be less than reliable on-the-air.
30 Oct. 1978
Turkeys Away
Mr. Carlson is beginning to feel useless at the new formatted rock station so he decides to create a big Thanksgiving Day promotion. His idea? Get a helicopter, with a banner attached to it saying "Happy Thanksgiving From WKRP", and drop live turkeys from the helicopter.
6 Nov. 1978
Love Returns
Andy's former struggling musician girlfriend, now a big country music star, shows up on tour in Cincinnati. The passion is rekindled and she wants Andy to quit WKRP and join her on tour. Can Andy turn his back on WKRP to chase love?

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