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Season 1

18 Sep. 1978
Pilot: Part 1
Andy Travis joins the crew at WKRP in Cincinatti as Program Manager from Santa Fe and decides to shake things up. First, he changes the music format from Muzak slash Swing to Rock, Punk and Top 40. DJ Johnny Caravella morphs into Dr. Johnny Fever, to dispense the perfect prescription for his "fellow babies." Next, Andy hires night-time sensation, Dr. Venus Flytrap, from New Orleans...probably away from 870 AM.
25 Sep. 1978
Pilot: Part 2
Andy looks for a way to publicize the station's new format, while elderly listeners invade the station to protest the removal of their favorite music.
2 Oct. 1978
Les on a Ledge
A fellow reporter refers to Les as a "queer duck" when Les demonstrates his usual lack of understanding about sports and one of the athletes misunderstands and gets Les banned from the locker room. When Les finds out, he reacts badly. But, at least he learns who his friends are...
9 Oct. 1978
Hoodlum Rock
WKRP promotes a concert for the well dressed and spoken, and gleefully violent, rock band, Scum of the Earth.
16 Oct. 1978
Hold Up
Herb manages to ensnare a new client, Del's Stereo Shop, by promising a live remote broadcast with the doctor, himself. The remote turns into a disaster when Bucky, the Union and Bobby Boogie all intervene.
23 Oct. 1978
Bailey's Show
Public Service Announcements (PSAs) at WKRP were all about forest fires before Bailey had her big idea: "Cincinnati Beat," where regular citizens are interviewed by the resident Doctor. Bailey is excited to be producing the show. But, when all of the prospective guests turn out to be freaks, aliens and weirdoes, Bailey has a crisis of confidence.
30 Oct. 1978
Turkeys Away
Feeling left out by all the recent changes, Mr. Carlson decides to launch his own Thanksgiving promotion. With the aid of Herb and Les, the Big Guy turns a routine turkey give-away into a comic catastrophe.
6 Nov. 1978
Love Returns
Andy's former struggling musician girlfriend, now a big country music star, shows up on tour in Cincinnati. The passion is rekindled and she wants Andy to quit WKRP and join her on tour. Can Andy turn his back on WKRP to chase love?
15 Jan. 1979
Mama's Review
Momma comes to the station for her quarterly review for the first time since WKRP changed formats. When Momma shows up, heads usually roll! Momma, Mr. Carlson, and Andy review the different events that occurred during the first 8 episodes using significant flashback footage.
22 Jan. 1979
A Date with Jennifer
Les wins the Silver Sow award! WKRP will pay for Les & a date to go to the awards banquet...but he has no date until Jennifer agrees to go with him. Herb, being jealous, convinces a memo-happy Carlson to outlaw co-worker dating. But Les, wearing a toupee, stands up to Carlson and gets him to revoke the memo.
29 Jan. 1979
The Contest Nobody Could Win
When Johnny misreads a contest prize as $5,000 instead of $50, Andy & Venus try to make the contest unwinnable by splicing a series of impossibly short song clips together. To their horror, someone still wins. Herb convinces Carlson that it is the "dungaree" generation sabotaging the "suits" generation and pushes Carlson to the brink of firing Andy, Venus & Johnny. However, it is Johnny to the rescue when Les & Herb accidentally give the prize money to the wrong person.
5 Feb. 1979
A tornado is striking Cincinnati! Les' warning system didn't work cause Herb unplugged it...and Les' disaster file is "What to do if the Communists attack Cincinnati!" Meanwhile, a group of Japanese radio executives arrive for a tour of WKRP, but a mix-up has them with a Spanish translator instead. Johnny gets drunk due to fear of tornadoes, Andy gets injured, and Mr. Carlson talks a scared child through the storm.
19 Feb. 1979
Goodbye Johnny
Johnny gets a job offer and a chance to return to the Los Angeles radio market (the place of his greatest success.) The staff of WKRP try to trick Fever into staying by showing how much they mean to him. But Johnny goes anyway.
26 Feb. 1979
Johnny Comes Back
With Johnny gone, Andy finds a replacement for the morning shift in Doug Winner. Meanwhile, Johnny returns after getting quickly fired in L.A. for saying something obscene on the radio. Johnny and Andy discover that Doug is taking Payola in the form of cocaine from a record promoter. The Doctor gets his morning shift back!
5 Mar. 1979
Never Leave Me, Lucille
Herb's wife Lucille finally kicks him out...and Johnny gets stuck taking in Herb. Herb views the break-up as an opportunity to start dating other women and enjoying single life. The gang works hard to show Herb that the single life is not all it's cracked up to be.
12 Mar. 1979
I Want to Keep My Baby
A young mother, with no money, no friends, and nowhere to turn, leaves her baby for Johnny at the station.
26 Mar. 1979
Commercial Break
The biggest account in years just signed with WKRP..."Ferryman's Funerals". The staff creates a jingle and runs commercials for the $600/day account. However, Carlson has second thoughts about selling upbeat commercial time to a company trying to sell funeral services to young rock music fans.
2 Apr. 1979
Who Is Gordon Sims?
Venus is forced to confess his real name, and the fact that he is wanted for desertion from the Army.
23 Apr. 1979
I Do, I Do... for Now
T.J. Watson, a wannabe country music star and former childhood friend of Jennifer shows up at WKRP. Jennifer is nervous that he is trying to collect on a joking pledge for her to marry him. Jennifer claims to already by married to Johnny. In reality, T.J. is hoping Jennifer can help him get his big break in the music business.
30 Apr. 1979
Young Master Carlson
Mr. Carlson's son disappears from Prussian Valley Military Academy. When he turns up at the station with Mama Carlson, he is put to work at the station and promptly gets into trouble.
28 May 1979
Fish Story
In an episode hated by creator Hugh Wilson, but loved by the fans, we see a day in the life of WKRP. Johnny and Venus are participating in a "Drinking and Response Time" on-air promotion. Mr. Carlson & Andy are being interviewed for a newspaper about the changes at the station. The lobby is being painted by a lazy and slow painter. And Herb, dressed like a Karp (WKRP) gets into a fight with a guy dressed like a Pig (WPIG) in a college bathroom and gets arrested with Bailey and Les.
4 Jun. 1979
The Rev. Little Ed Pembrook's Sunday morning religious show is creating problems with the religious community. It seems the Rev (a former wrestler) is selling all sorts of religious oriented merchandise. Even though everyone at WKRP is frightened of him, Andy & Carlson finally get him to move his show to 6AM on Sundays, shorten it, and stop selling stuff. How'd they do it? They threatened to call the IRS.

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